Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System In One Piece Chapter 170


However, the most embarrassing thing was his own pocket, which was only 5,600 Belly now. Compared with the previous tens of millions of Belly, this money was very small.

“It seems that we must find a way to get money.” Leiyin couldn’t help mumbling to himself.

Unknowingly, the warship had reached the G-5 branch of the New World.


At the port of G-5 Branch, a man wearing a plaid coat and sunglasses with a small piece of pudding stuck on his face put his hand behind his back. He led many navies and lined up to welcome Leiyin and others.

“Lieutenant General Leiyin, we have been waiting for you here for a long time,” Vergo said with a serious face. Still, the food residue stuck on his face was out of place with his expression. Leiyin couldn’t help laughing inside.

“Major General Vergo, it’s really hard for you.”

After a few words of greeting, everyone returned to their jobs.

In the original work several years later, Vergo became the lieutenant-general of the G-5 branch. Later, Smoker joined the G-5 branch with the rank of lieutenant general to cooperate with Vergo to rectify the G-5 branch. —In fact, it was said to be a rectification. But, in fact, Naval Headquarters still saw some clues because Vergo always described children’s disappearance as a shipwreck accident, which made people suspicious.

In fact, the appearance of Leiyin in this world had changed history to a great extent. For example, he defeated [World Destroyer] Bundy Wald in Advance City, making Wald unable to fight back. Since that time, he had not escaped from prison, and he had not met Luffy again and spent the rest of his life in prison.

There is also Diamanti. The unit was defeated and imprisoned by Leiyin early, making the Donquixote family no longer had the highest cadre of family.

When Moria was killed, there was one of the weakest Seven Warlords in history. Crocodile and Mr.1 were also put in prison early, and Luffy did not meet him later in Arabasta.

After Eustace Kidd and Capone Becky were killed, there were no later 11 supernovas. After The Dikarban brothers were killed, there was no scene where they would go to war against Lieutenant General Dalmation.

And so on and so on. 

All of these by Leiyin. His appearance, in a sense, had changed the direction of the world.

Let’s talk about the G-5 branch of the Marine, which was the main force to maintain the order of the sea. It was the most dangerous place in the world to maintain the public order of the new world. It was the only branch known in the new world in the original work. —Here, the forces of the Four Emperors, the Marine, the Seven Warlord, and the major pirate groups were complicated.

Especially the Four Emperors.

If they make trouble, it must be earth-shattering. Therefore, the combat effectiveness of the G-5 branch army could definitely be called elite.

However, it may be that they thought that they have strong fighting power, so they were like different people in the Marine. But, unfortunately, what they did was not like a Marine, but more like a vicious pirate. They generally didn’t obey the orders of the Ministry, and they had all kinds of destructive behaviors, even in many cases, they would kill pirates.

What Leiyin was commanding now was such an army. However, his most important task was not as simple as rectifying military discipline, but Vergo!

Leiyin actually knew Vergo’s identity and some things he did. However, to solve him, he couldn’t fight him directly, even if he wants to. He must collect his criminal evidence and prove that he has illegal acts and true identity before starting work.

Leiyin’s first thought was his subordinate, Sweet. This guy climbed high and low and was as light as a swallow. He was just like the fleas on the drums in the water margin and even better than the fleas because people had the ability to bear fruit.

Major Craven and Captain Sweet were now two of Leiyin’s most loyal and capable subordinates. One was responsible for making suggestions and interrogating prisoners, and the other was spying on military intelligence and obtaining intelligence.

Not only that, but these two people made a lot of contributions to Leiyin later.


Leiyin called Sweet to his desk and explained some things to him. Sweet said he understood and went to do it.

After Sweet left, Craven said to Leiyin, “Lieutenant General, although Sweet is quick, that Vergo is by no means an idle person. Moreover, Sweet’s fighting ability is very average. If they find out, not only will the secrets sent by our headquarters be leaked, but I am afraid that Sweet’s life will not be guaranteed. “

After hearing this, Leiyin hesitated for a moment, “Well, I believe in his ability. Moreover, I have my own way, and I will never let Sweet’s losing his life. “

In fact, when Sweet left, Leiyin had already thought about this problem. So when Sweet was spying, whether Leiyin would take care of Sweet’s place, and if there was any change, Leiyin would immediately go out to ensure Sweet’s safety.

Sweet was hand-picked by Leiyin….

As the saying goes, talents were rare.

Moreover, Leiyin had the grace of knowing him, so loyal and capable men naturally try their 

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