Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 18


After gathering such powerful energy, it could only be said that Anderson was exhausted.

Leiyin smiled faintly, “You won’t be able to escape from this attack, no matter what.”

Upon seeing that terrifying spinning ball, Anderson didn’t know whether to conceal his fear or what. He then shouted, “Cut the crap. I’ll tear you to pieces after this!”

Without saying any more nonsense, Leiyin held up the Rasengan and suddenly struck.


In the face of this powerful Rasengan, Anderson’s first reaction was to run away. However, before he could take two steps, the chakra in Leiyin’s hand exploded.

With Leiyin’s right hand as the center, an enormous amount of energy blasted out, and it spread out in all directions. With a tremendous roar, the [Big Ball Rasengan] formed a powerful shock wave and exploded into a hemispherical crater of more than ten meters in the ground.

Upon looking at Anderson, he had been blown to pieces. There was hardly any good flesh on his body, except for his face, which was still clearly visible.

This was a deliberate attempt by Leiyin to redeem his bounty with the marine.

In other words, Anderson was now a corpse.

Leiyin took out the second Scroll of Sealsꟷthe one he already prepared for Andersonꟷand sealed the corpse in.

The blow just now not only killed Anderson but also blasted a group of pirates. The remaining pirates scrambled to the ship amidst howls. At the same time, Leiyin rushed into the pirates, dashing around, and finished them off neatly.

Kindness to others was cruelty to oneself.

Leaving these people behind who usually liked to burn and loot was always a scourge, so it was better to finish them all off.

In response, the villagers were all stunned, and their jaws dropped to the ground in shock.

“This kid, is he really not an ordinary kid?”

“What was that ball on his right hand just now?”

“I didn’t expect his somewhat small body to contain so much energy.”

“We’ve all underestimated him before…”

Who on earth was this kid?

These words weren’t spoken but were in the back of their minds.

Meanwhile, Verdan was biting her lip, and even more so, she was full of thoughts. The first person to break the silence was the little loli, Jenny. She was excitedly jumping into Leiyin’s arms and hugging him tightly with both hands, “Brother Leiyin, you really did it. You’re so strong. You’re the worthy hero of our two villages!”

Jenny hugged Leiyin so tightly that he was almost unable to breathe.

When she saw this, for some reason, Verdan felt very uncomfortable.

Leiyin, on the other hand, said with difficulty, “Jenny … Jenny, let go first. I… I can’t breathe.”

Jenny realized that she had used too much force and let go of her arms in embarrassment. When she let go, she stood across from Leiyin. Upon seeing Leiyin’s eyes, her eyes filled with spring, and her face flushed.

As Leiyin was looking confused, the village chief, Farmer, led the crowd around. Farmer was smiling as he patted Leiyin’s shoulder, “Good boy. I sure was right about you.”

At this time, the villagers also said with a chicken’s and a duck’s mouth.

“Mr. Leiyin, you really are amazing.”

“We were blind to see the truth before.”

“Please forgive us for our previous ignorance and rudeness.”

“No matter what, you are the hero who saved us from the fire.”

“Yes, a hero!”

Leiyin was somewhat embarrassed and scratched his head at this.

Leiyin was a typical soft person. However, if others were hard on him, he would not be afraid of them, and if others were nice to him, he would not know what to do.

The villagers were delighted. They were living in terror every day when the [Bad Wolf Pirates] were around. If they fought back, they would get even more terrible retaliation.

When Leiyin killed Anderson, it was like saving the villagers from a horrible purgatory, so how could they not be excited? How could they not be grateful to the guy in front of them?

Everyone lifted Leiyin over their heads, throwing him into the air, catching him, throwing him again, and catching him. At this point, in their hearts, Leiyin had become a true guardian angel.

Upon seeing this scene, Verdan’s eyes never left Leiyin’s. She then muttered to herself, “Really, what an arrogant person…”

When the people put Leiyin down, they were still surrounding him. Some of the villagers even began to discuss his future.

One of the villagers said to the deputy village chief, “I think Mr. Leiyin and your daughter have a good match; why don’t you marry Jenny to him?

“Yeah.” Some villagers echoed.

The deputy village chief was so happy about this proposal that he couldn’t keep his mouth shut for a long time. He naturally couldn’t wait for Leiyin to become his son-in-law. As for Jenny, her pretty face was flushed, and her eyes were eagerly looking at Leiyin.

The tradition in this village was that if a man were strong, the parents would be eager to marry their daughter to him. Moreover, Leiyin was a hero who saved people from the flames.

In fact, many people also wanted to marry Leiyin. However, when they saw Leiyin and Jenny playing every day, they thought Leiyin was very interested in Jenny.

Therefore, the villagers wouldn’t ruin the couple’s marriage.

“Marry him to your daughter!”

“Deputy Village Chief, congratulations indeed.”

“What? What? Haha…”

Even more exaggeratedly, one of the village’s old lady directly asked Jenny, “Will you marry me, Mr. Leiyin?”

Jenny looked at Leiyin with eyes wide open and a face like a peach blossom. She then nodded her head, shyly.

In response to Jenny’s reaction, Leiyin only felt a cold air coming out from behind his spine, and cold sweat came down.

Leiyin had never been afraid of anything since he was a child. However, this time he felt terrified for some reason.

Immediately, the old lady turned to Leiyin, “Mr. Leiyin, will you marry Jenny?”

Leiyin’s expression directly froze, and he hesitated, swallowing, “I… I…”


A discordant voice broke the place.

When everyone looked, it was Verdan.

Verdan was also turning red toward Leiyin.

The villagers asked her, “Why not?”

Verdan looked capricious, “When I say no, it means no!”

When she finished, she ran away without looking back.

After a few seconds, everyone reacted at once. Then they all laughed loudly. They all said to Farmer in unison, “Village chief, so your daughter likes Mr. Leiyin too.

Just now, the old lady asked if Leiyin would like to marry Jenny, and Verdan’s reaction was so great. Even an idiot would know what was going on.

However, the person with the most difficult situation at this time was Leiyin. He treated Jenny as his sister, not as a woman.

If he rejected her, Leiyin was afraid he would hurt her.

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