Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 184


Indigo was the Golden Lion Pirates scientist and combatant.

So, was this the land of the Golden Lion Pirates Shiki?

At this time, the people led by Indigo had seen Leiyin.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

A soldier raised his musket at Leiyin and asked.

As soon as the soldier shouted, all eyes turned to this place, and they all aimed their muskets at him.

Puzzy Puzzy Puzzy…

“Lord Indigo….”

“Please gather your footsteps.”

Indigo did not know what kind of shoes he was wearing, and his footsteps sounded like a fart when he walked, very much making people want to spit.

“What kind of person dares to come here to die?” Indigo looked at Leiyin, his clown face showed a questioning expression.

Leiyin scratched his head, “I just want to go to Skypiea for a walk, I did not expect to meet you here. What a strange guy.”

Indigo smiled, he was very angry. His clown face looked more comical, “How dare you call me a ‘strange guy’? Come on, beat him into a sieve for me!”

When the soldiers heard this, they raised their muskets, and the bullets came towards Leiyin like a storm…

“Humph, how dare you go against me and be beaten into a leak…Huh? Where did he go?”

After a fierce shooting, Leiyin’s figure was long gone there. All the people looked around, searching for Leiyin’s trace.

“He’s in the sky!”

When several soldiers found out, Leiyin was already floating in the air.

“This guy, what exactly is his ability?”

“It looks, very unusual.”

All the soldiers turned their muskets towards the sky and looked at this enchanted young man with a stony face.

“Hey, stop pretending to be a god here, no matter who you are, this will be the place where you will be buried!”


Indigo’s words had just fallen when a huge ripple of energy suddenly came from the air. In addition to Indigo, all the soldiers had foamed at the mouth and suddenly fell to the ground.


Looking at a ground fainted soldiers, Indigo face couldn’t suppress the look of surprise. At this time, Leiyin slowly landed from the air…

“Say, where is the Golden Lion Shiki?” Leiyin asked indifferently.

Hearing Leiyin ask this, Indigo returned, “Since you know the name of our captain, how dare you do this to us?”

Leiyinn smiled coldly at that, “And what about your captain?”

“Hmph, you kid really do not know the sky is high. Our captain is equal to the Pirate King Gol D. Roger and Whitebeard Newgate. The only one who can escapee in the history of Impel Down, how dare you say what?”

“Then you call him out quickly, I have something to ask him.”

“Damn kid, what do you mean by that? Defying us? Then I’ll never let you see him!”

With that, a string of cyan colored spheres appeared in Indigo’s hand, “Chemical Juggling!”

After saying that, these spheres were launched towards Leiyin like a machine gun.

“Chemical Juggling.”

Leiyin stretched out his right hand, and a small wall of earth appeared in front of him, blocking all of Indigo’s attacks.

When the attack ended, Leiyin waved his hand and the wall of earth disappeared.

“What? It didn’t work?” At that moment, Indigo stretched out his hands and a larger cyan sphere appeared between them, “Mass Juggling!”

A burning sphere ten times larger than a soccer ball smashed towards Leiyin, directly producing a huge explosion.

“Burned to ashes, biro biro biro…”

“Hey, what are you laughing at?”

Before Indigo had finished laughing, a voice had reached his ears.


“Lightning Release – White Blade!”

The blade of energy with a golden color cut directly through the void and chopped on Indigo’s neck. Indigo was cut through the artery and fell in a pool of blood.

After defeating this nobody, Leiyin walked directly toward the palace-like hall in the center of the island.

When Leiyin came up, he was not wearing the uniform of a Vice Admiral, but in civilian clothes with an ordinary white cloak.

Inside the main hall.

A man with a full head of blond hair trailing to the ground, like a lion’s fur. In addition, his beard was also golden, and a rudder was inserted on his head.

This man sat on the chief seat in the middle of the great hall, overlooking the people below, “Ahahaha, at this rate, in less than a week’s time, we will reach the East Blue. At that time, we will implement our plan and let the world know the existence of me, Shiki, once again! Jie ha ha ha ha ha ……”


“Captain is the greatest!”

The man shouted from above, and the pirates below responded with a shout.


A loud breaking sound came from the door, causing the crowd to look toward the door.

“Golden Lion, you are a little too early to be happy.”

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