Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 185


When Leiyin saw the Golden Lion Shiki, there was a pile of stones on the ground in front of Shiki. Shiki was dancing with these stones, posing in all kinds of shapes, and drinking for everyone’s pleasure.

“Who are you? How dare you come here?”

Everyone present turned their eyes in unison to this place.

“Hey, the guy with long golden hair, those stones just now, you threw them down, right?” Leiyin looked at Golden Lion Shiki and said coldly.

“Oh?” The Golden Lion looked at him for a moment, and the stones in front of him floated up, and then quickly flew out of the hall.

When Leiyin saw this, he directly took a shuriken and threw it at the stones. The shuriken with the attribute chakra attached directly shattered the stones.

It turned out that the stones that fell in the base of G 5 Branch were really the work of Shiki, who was just drinking to cheer up. Shiki was a Paramecia Devil Fruit, this fruit allowed the user to have an ability to fly in the sky, and could manipulate non-living things that he touched.

“Hey, golden hair, what do you mean by that?”

Seeing what Shiki did, Leiyin angrily questioned. If he kept doing this, his minions would suffer a lot.

“Oh? Did I hit the stone to your territory? Then I’m really sorry, as an apology, I’ll give you a gift of apology.”

With that, from the inner hall of the great hall floated a huge iron lion. Shiki disregarded the lives of his subordinates who were present, and the iron lion smashed straight towards Leiyin. His subordinates were so shocked and they fled in all directions.

“Boss, don’t!”

“We will be smashed to death!”

“The boss is fuming!”

After all, it was tons of iron, not cotton. Shiki’s men shouted and wailed, and for this, Leiyin looked unchanged as he raised his right hand.

“Wind Release – Rasenshuriken!”

The blue energy ball instantly shot out. The high speed rotation smashed into the big iron lion. After a loud popping sound, the lion was smashed to pieces, the ground was full of broken iron pieces, many of his men were either killed or injured. It was a mess.

After blowing up the big iron lion, Leiyin smiled coldly at the golden lion, ” Shiki, you are really not generally ‘good’ to your men.”

“Humph, since you know my name, how dare you come here to spill the beans?” The Golden Lion said with an arrogant face.

As soon as the Golden Lion’s words fell, a large group of soldiers barged in, holding muskets and swords. The cold muzzles and sharp swords rushed towards Leiyin in unison, and when Leiyin saw this, he had already summoned his lightsaber in his hand.

“How dare you, do you know who our family master is? You kid are really impatient to live.”

A small chief-like man said.

“Kill him for me!”

The little leader shouted, and a thousand bullets had already poured out. The muzzle of the gun flashed with dazzling fire and fired mercilessly at Leiyin.

The light saber was waved suddenly, “Light Sword – Leopard Sword Wave!”

After saying that, a dragon like sword wave against the ground, and all of the bullets launched by this powerful sword pressure swept within. The soldiers couldn’t resist, blood flowed into a river, a large number of dead and wounded.

“You really have skills. No wonder you dare to be reckless here.” Not far away, the Golden Lion could not help but exclaim.

“But what I wonder is, who are you anyway? Why do you know my name? Why did you come here?”

Leiyin said lightly, “Since it has come to this, I might as well tell you that I am a marine officer. You smashed my men, and as for you, you are still somewhat famous, right”

A little fame?

Leiyin’s words weren’t easy to say, who was the Golden Lion Shiki? The most powerful person in Gold D. Roger and the strongest Four Emperor Edward Newgate’s era. He was a big pirate. Moreover, he was the only one who broke into the Marine Headquarter, which took Grap and Sengoku three days and three nights to fight him and destroy half of the Marine Headquarter. Even when he was caught, he became the only one who successfully escaped from the history of Impel Down. Such a strong man, how could Leiyin actually said “a little bit of fame”?

“So what if you’re a marine? Tou’ll pay for your arrogance. Go to hell, marine!”

The Golden Lion laughed wickedly and revealed his hideous face as he spread his right hand and the entire island floating in the air shook.

“Shishi Odoshi: Chimaki!”

The next moment, only to see the Golden Lion right hand fierce grip. The ground rose several lifelike giant lion’s head, opened that rocky blood bowl mouth towards Leiyin.

This was one of the Fuwa Fuwa no Mi Devil Fruit ability. The ground controlled by the Golden Lion could be manipulated by him, so he could use the grass and trees to attack the enemy.

In this way, it was too late for Leiyin to escape. He was submerged in the “lion” among the ground and was swallowed by the ground!

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