Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 186


Suddenly, there was a loud explosion sound, and the ground that originally surrounded Leiyin burst open.


In the Golden Lion’s astonished gaze, Leiyin was unharmed and slowly floating up.

It turned out that Leiyin used chakra hardening to protect his body, then used the power of chakra to break the rock and escape.

The Golden Lion’s feet were cut off by himself during the prison break, replaced by two famous swords and. At this time, he also floated in the air, confronting Leiyin.


When the GoldenLlion saw that one move failed, he sent another move, and two magnificent units of sword ki just such a light wave between the chopping towards Leiyin.

“Leopard Sword Wave!”

Leiyin’s eyes stared at the chopping wave, and the next moment, he also fiercely waved his sword, and a chopping attack no less than the Golden Lion blatantly out. Two sword energy collided together, blatantly swept the entire palace in the display. With a huge roar, the entire palace also collapsed with a bang. Both sides of the sword energy almost ran the entire island through a large hole, and as if to tear the empty island above all.

The soldiers under the Golden Lion all revealed a look of horror and awe, as if they were watching two gods fighting.

“That little kid, he can actually fight with the Golden Lion to this extent.”

“Although he has some strength, but I think that’s the end of it.”

It was only at this point that the Golden Lion began to look squarely at the brat in front of him.

First of all, this kid had the ability to fly. It was important to know that in One Piece World, the ability to fly was extremely rare except for the Zoan and Paramecia type. there was a very few. It was even rarer than Haki. Moreover, he also dared to fly here alone to challenge Shiki, and showed not bad strength, this was not what a cat or a dog could do.

Therefore, the Golden Lion said to Leiyin, “Kid, after all this just now, I do appreciate you a bit, so how about you follow me to do it, how about it?”


“I see your strength is not bad, what is good if you are a marine, you are to be subject to others. With me, I can let you become the Vice Captain of the Golden Lion Pirates, which is under me and above ten thousand people, we two share a great cause, isn’t it a pleasure?”

He looked at the Golden Lion’s somewhat sincere expression, and did not seem to be lying. When the Golden Lion said this, he was not afraid of Leiyin, but he was in need of people, so it could be said that their Golden Lion Pirates, in addition to the Golden Lion himself there was no one to fight. Therefore, he also very much wanted to recruit a powerful subordinates.

“I wonder what is this ambitious project you are talking about?” Leyin asked.

Once he saw that Leiyin seemed to have the intention to join the gang, the Golden Lion slightly withdrew his hideous and hostile color, “Destroying the East Blue and subsequently claiming world domination! With the strength of you and me, it’s not impossible!”

When Leiyin heard, he couldn’t help but coldly snort. Speaking about it, he was considered to be from the East Blue, and this guy said he wanted to destroy the East Blue, how could he agree to him?

Moreover, he said he wanted to dominate the world. Even if he could do it, he would only be a second-in-command. It should be known that Leiyin was not willing to be subordinate, even if he joined the marine and completed the tasks given by his superiors, in order to just infinitely improve his strength.

“What you say is very interesting!” Leiyin drank, “Not only is it interesting, I am also very interested.”

Hearing what Leiyin said, the Golden Lion was very happy:,”Ahahaha then you mean, it’s a agreement?”

“Agreement, to dominate the world such a thing, who does not want to agree? But”

Golden Lion said, “But what?”

“It needs a small change in it.”

“What changes?”

“How about you come to be my subordinate. After dominating the world, I will be the overlord, and you come here under me and above all people?” Leiyin said.

Hearing Leiyin say this, the Golden Lion’s face immediately pulled down, “Kid, you are impatient to live, who do you think I am?”

Seeing the Golden Lion’s appearance, Leiyin laughed, “Oh? What? Mr. Shiki, you are angry at my word? Your temper is really bad ah, ha ha”

Leiyin’s words were of course deliberately angry with the Golden Lion. The Golden Lion’s dream of world domination was a blank check, but Leiyin believed that he was determined to have such strength. After all, he could be counted as the strongest existence in the last era, to fight with Garp and Sengoku for three days and three nights, and also destroyed half of the Marine Headquarters, was never an ordinary person could do it.

World domination, it was not that Leiyin had not thought, but he would never be the Golden Lion’s subordinate.

Leiyin’s words, once again angered the Golden Lion. At this time, Leiyin fell on the huge island in the air.

“Since you will not be my subordinate, then you will die. What a sad little kid.”

The Golden Lion stretched out his right hand again, and the falling snowstorm and the snow on the ground seemed to gather towards his side.

“Shishi Odoshi: Gosho Chimaki!”

The golden lion shouted, all the snow here had been all manipulated by him. The white lion’s head overwhelmingly attacked Leiyin, this time the attack was even louder and more intensive than last time. Where Leiyin was, had been surrounded by the white lion’s head.

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