Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 187


Looking at the horrible and hideous lion’s head that had appeared in front of him, Leiyin’s face was not the least bit fearful.

The surge was a tsunami of flame! Everything in front of him turned into ashes!

“Fire Release – Intelligent Hard Work!”

In a flash, a small fireball quickly dripping on the ground above. Seeing Leiyin was about to be swallowed by the snow lion, the little big fireball had become a prairie momentum. Those lion’s head was again imposing, hideous. When the snow encountered this monstrous fire, they all instantly turned into a puddle of water, and the water was scorching hot into steam and turned into nothing.

“This you actually know the ability of the fire system. Oh my God, what the hell is this ability?”

At this point, the Golden Lion also could not help but exclaim.

He thought back then, he he and the Pirate King, the world’s strongest man on par with the general legendary level, now, how and a marine kid could fight with no difference?

Thus thinking, the Golden Lion Fuwa Fuwa no Mi surged.

“Shishi: Senjindani!”

With this, Shiki waved his feet wildly, a thousand sword energy as if square like a fierce wind and rain came towards Leiyin

Leiyin eyes gaze ahead, and a dozen of shuriken had suddenly appeared in the hands.

“Lightning Release- Shuriken Shadow Clone technique!”

After the words, more than a dozen shuriken were thrown. As in the past, the shuriken changed into a hundred and a thousand in the air!

Boom boom boom boom!

All of a sudden, the sound of sound explosion cracking in the void, the shuriken and chopping wave without fail fierce collision.

Because of this fierce battle, the air was already full of snow fog

In the snowy fog, the Golden Lion eyes stared at the young figure. The next moment, he was full of murderous intent of the violent aura had appeared in the pupils

The Golden Lion waved his legs, and waved two sword qi has been combined into a huge chopping wave, “Shishi: Senjindani!”

A compared to the previous incomparably large chopping attack, the Golden Lion’s feet unexpectedly launched, this chopping attack almost covered the entire island.

Seeing this, Leiyin’s eyes had suddenly changed

Sage Mode – open!

With a broken voice, his two eyebrows changed to a deep purple color, as if two small purple dragons appeared above his eyes.

“Multiple Shadow Technique!”

With that, hundreds of down thunder sounds had covered the entire battlefield.

“Think this split body will be able to defeat me? Give me death!”

The Golden Lion used all the strength around his body to ruthlessly topple the chopping blow towards the thunder sound.

Such a magnificent sword energy was already the strongest move of the Golden Lion, if Leiyin couldn’t be stronger than him, then the result would be only one death.

“Sage Mode – Great Ball Rasengan!”

With that, each of Leiyin’s doppelgangers appeared a huge Rasegan, and they coincided, all of them bursting towards the Golden Lion.

Boom boom boom!

However, the power of the oversized Rasegan was not idle, and the power of the sword gas was weakened when they hit the sword gas. When the doppelgangers were all eliminated, the golden lion’s sword energy was also cut down to a very weak level.

But in the end, Leiyin’s body was still intact, and he took off his oversized Rasegan and flew close to the golden lion

With that, the right-handed spiral pill hit the Golden Lion’s stomach hard, and the Golden Lion spat out a mouthful of old blood. His eyes rolled over, and fell from the air.

Because of the defeat of the Golden Lion, the entire island had lost the control of the Floating Devil Fruit and was rapidly falling towards the sea below!

“Wood Release – Wood Dragon Technique!”

Leiyin seal, several huge wooden dragons will be falling island top to thousands of meters away, so as not to fall down to hit their own base. Thus, the falling island fell into the sea.

Then, Leiyin grabbed the falling Golden Lion and flew together towards the G 5 Branch.

5 Branch.

“Lord Vice Admiral, this is”

“This is the Golden Lion Shiki?”

“Vice Admiral you defeated him?”

On the yard, all the marine forces of the 5 Branch were in a dumbfounded state, including cadres such as Clavin and Polen-Liu Ma.

Who was the Golden Lion? That was a veritable king of the last era of domination! Just like that, he was defeated by this 20 year old Vice Admiral.

All the people present felt like they were dreaming!

It should be known that the general marine, even the elite marine like 5 Branch, would get a headache even if they saw a pirate with a bounty of over 100 million, and even if they could defeat it, they would have to consume a lot of troops.

And like the Golden Lion such a super sea pirate, actually defeated by the base commander just like that?

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