Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 189


“Big Mom’s fleet?”

“That’s right, the leader of the ship is tall, wearing a helmet, wearing black and white armor with the word bis on the armor. It has a long and pointed beard, wearing a cloak, and has the appearance of a general.”

After listening to such a long introduction, Leiyin pondered for a long time, and then heart “thump”. With Clavin’s description, could it be him?

North Blue, a certain residential island, a small tavern.

A woman in her early twenties, wearing a duck-tongued hat and a black cloak, but still could not stop her delicate figure that made men’s blood swell,. The duck-tongued hat also could not stop her beautiful face, compared to a year and a half ago, she was even more charming.

At this moment, she was staring at a Vivre Card, which was pointing in the direction of the New World Nations. On her shoulder, there was a small cat snoozing peacefully, and she was holding a glass of wine in her slender hand. The wine in the glass was already at the bottom. Her eyes were listless and full of confusion….

She had been waiting for a man who had saved him from a political marriage, and after performing the rite of passage with herself, he had given her a superb sword and a kitten, along with this Vivre Card in front of her, and then nothing had been heard from him…..

She had changed her residence seven or eight times, and always lived alone. Many men who saw her overwhelming posture and body had courted her or proposed marriage, all of which she rejected. She just waited to meet with that man again….

However, judging from the news, that man was frequently in the press and had a great reputation.

“Will he forget about me? Will he get together with another beautiful girl?”

She had asked herself this many times, and repeatedly asked the only partner she could trust around her – that man left his kitty, and every time the kitty heard her ask this, it first shook its head and then stuck out its little tongue to lick her palm to comfort her, and it was this simple gesture that reassured her a lot.

She was a woman, she needed love and care. The thought of him made her buy alcohol day and night, even to relieve a little of her thoughts….

“Hey, lady, you look very lonely.”

A rugged-looking bald man, sitting directly across from her, pulled her out of her thoughts.

“What’s it to do with you?”

The woman twirled her glass in her slender hand and took the last sip of brandy from it.

“Haha, don’t be so angry. Talk to brother about what’s bothering you, and I’ll help you out.”

The bald man looked up and down at the woman’s delicate figure and handsome face, but with a lecherous gaze.

“Sorry, I’m not interested, you go find someone else to relieve.”

When the woman saw him even more upset, stood up and was about to leave.

“Hey~ Miss where is this going? How about letting me give you a ride?”

The bald man was a stalker and took a step forward to directly stop the woman.

When the woman saw this, her eyes pouted, “Get out of my way, or else you will be blamed for my impoliteness!”

“Ouch!” Hearing the woman said, the bald man was laughing more lascivious.

Not only that, the next table sitting next to a group of men also followed the coaxing laughter.

“This little lady is not only have a hot figure, but also such a hot temper!”

“Very good. Exactly the type that I like.”

“Such a stubborn a chick, tonight I must make her obedient…..”

The bald man who molested the woman was called Bepo.

“Yes, second brother this little lady is also a superb object. When you are done with her, don’t forget to let me taste her.”

“If you want to taste it at most you should be the second, but you’ll be the third one. Anyway, big brother has not spoken yet.”

“Third one? What about you wrap the dumplings?”

“Quickly, do this chick, let us see.”

These people filthy language was incessant. The bald Bepo listened and looked at the woman in front of him smiling more sinisterly. He could not wait to immediately strip her naked and carry her back to his bed….

At this time, the kitten on the woman’s shoulder had long been woken up by them, the kitten gaze intently at this group of uninvited guests.

“I say again, hurry up and get out of my way, or I’ll make your head open right away.” The woman said, looking at him angrily.

“Yo-ho! Brother, she’s scared yo. I think a kitty on the shoulder, isn’t it afraid of you? Tonight, brother well let you see a man’s…”


Before Bepo finished, the woman’s right hand had turned into a large black iron bar, ruthlessly smashed into Bepo’s head. Bepo’s head dented a large pit, fell to the ground bleeding, fainted. It seemed that the woman did not lie, and really gave the “dipper”.


The crowd did not expect the woman would be ruthless. They were so shocked that they pulled out their waist swords and stood up.

“Damn, bitch, you’re tired of living, right? Do you know who we are?”

A lean man with a long sword, looking at Bepo who had fallen in a pool of blood, suddenly his face became incomparably gloomy, “My brother was actually….”

“We are the ones! You actually killed our vice captain, we will make sure that you will never recover!”

A pirate minion ran to the lean man and asked, “Brother, what about this bitch?”

The skinny captain’s face was extremely gloomy, “Arrest her for me, make sure she is alive ……”

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