Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 190


“Captain said don’t kill her, capture her alive!”

After the crowd got the authorization from Captain Trafalgar D. Water Law, they drew their swords and rushed towards the woman.

Unexpectedly, the woman’s hands turned into two gatling machine guns, bubbling with hurried fire.

Gatling machine guns? So the iron bar just now was not the woman’s self-contained? Instead, what changed from her?

The next moment, Captain Trafalgar D. Water Law came to a correct conclusion: This woman has a Devil Fruit ability!

But when he understood this, his men had all been “mutated” by the woman. Even when the owner of the tavern seeing this scene, he was scared and abandoned the store.

After understanding everything, Trafalgar D. Water Law trembled and raised his sword, pointing at the woman, “Hey, this lady, I am a pirate with a bounty of 5 million belly, with a hundred and seventy eight subordinates. If you kill me, my subordinates will not spare….”


Before Trafalgar D. Water Law finished, the kitty on the woman’s shoulder jumped up in the air and turned into a huge spotted tiger, directly pounced on Trafalgar D. Water Law’s body shattered into several pieces – shredded by the tiger’s sharp claws.

Seeing this, the woman’s hands gatling machine gun changed into its original form, and the glistening tiger changed back into a kitty.

This woman was precisely Leiyin’s long separated wife Baby 5, and the kitty was the contracted beast Leiyin left her – the Cat Tiger Beast.

After more than a year, her personality had changed. She was no longer the same silly white girl who would go out of her way to help others when they said they needed it.

“You damned thing, when the hell are you coming to me….”

Baby 5 took the little Tiger Cat out of the tavern and looked at the sky and mused.

Holy Land, Mary Geoise.

In a magnificent palace-like conference room, six people sitting at the conference table. Sitting at the bottom of the draped hand was the Marine Commander-in-Chief – Kong (ranked above the Navy Headquarters Fleet Admiral). He placed the documents and reports handed up by Sengoku in front of him, and the remaining five people were the highest leader under World Noble – the Five Elders.

“It seems that there is a great kid in the marine.” An old man in a crimson suit, blond hair, with a scar on his chest said.

“Defeating Doflamingo, defeating the Golden Lion Shiki, it is no wonder that Sengoku is so vocal about wanting a new promotion to the position of an Admiral.”

An old man in a green suit with a bald eight-headed beard said.

“Well, I wonder what your opinions are?”

“Kong, you are the Commander in Chief of the entire marine, express your opinion first.”

Kong smiled and cleared his throat, “I do think this proposal is not unfeasible. Although this Leiyin is young, his battle achievements and strength is really not below the other three Admiral. If we honor him as an Admiral, he can be a good example for all the marine officers to inspire morale. Secondly, if we add a young and powerful battle force, we can deter the pirates.”

“So, is Mr. Commander-in-Chief agreeing to this proposal?”

Kong said, “Well, I think it’s okay.”

“Then, does everyone here have any other dissenting opinions?”

None of those present said anything, all indicating their acquiescence to the matter.

“Good, in that case, the appointment of it will be announced after all the relevant formalities are completed.”



“Regarding his code name, what should it be called?”


Kong replied, “I’ve thought of one.”

“Tell me about it.”

Kong said, “How about the White Robed? He’s known as [White Robe Young Admiral]. He likes to wear a white cape, and the foal shows that he has potential.”

“Well, I think it’s very good.”

“Akainu, Aokiji, Kizaru, White Robed, very good. Kong, you’re very thoughtful.”

“Well, since this issue are no dissenting words, so it is settled. By the way, Kong, how is the number of [Celestial Gold] counted this year?”

Celestial Gold, referred to the World Government’s over one hundred and seventy annual tribute from the countries for the World Noble. All the joining countries would give these treasures to the World Government’s escort ship, and then in sent to Mary Geoise.

“Marine has been almost ready, roughly counted, the number of Celestial Gold this year are about twelve billion belly or so. It probably takes about a month to be able to transport to the Holy Land.”

“This time the amount of [Celestial Gold] is a lot more than in previous years, so there must not be any slip-ups.”

Kong replied, “I understand.”

New World, Navy Branch G 5, Base Commander’s office.

The news of the destruction of Colonel Thomson’s battleship and the loss of all his troops was reported to Leiyin, and Clavin’s face remained undiminished by panic. Leiyin smiled with an expression of surprise on his face.

“[Four Emperors] Big Mom, actually bullied to our head.”

Clavin said, “By the way, Lord Vice Admiral, that leading man said….”

“Said what?”

“He said that you have captured Pokemus, this revenge will definitely be avenged, to put you, to put you…”

Leiyin looked at Clavin, “To put me what?”

“To bruise your bones, eat your flesh and skin, and to know the power of the Four Emperors.”

Leiyin smiled suddenly: Two years ago in a battle, he did not expect to provoke the Four Emperors. It seems that a battle with Big Mom is inevitable.

“Lord Vice Admiral.”


Clavin said, “If they say so, the Four Emperor certainly will not personally come, but that leader will certainly come back…”

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