Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 191


Since Leiyin’s subordinate Colonel Thomson’s warship was sunk, all subsequent cruises had been led by Leiyin himself.

The G 5 Branch base was the nearest marine base to the Four Emperors Big Mom territory, only a few hundred nautical miles away. For many years, both sides never violate each other, and no one wanted to take the initiative to provoke anyone. However, because Leiyin took out Big Mom’s subordinate Pokemus, Big Mom sent troops to seek provocation.

“Since you want to make trouble, come and make trouble. I also want to see how capable the Four Emperors really are as a group….”

As the saying went: It was not a grievance.

“Lord Vice Admiral, there is a fleet of ships near the island three nautical miles ahead!”

The man who spoke was named Schottel, a Marine Lieutenant, the strongest sniper in the G 5 Branch. He had long blonde hair like a woman, and his weapon was a long-barreled old-fashioned musket with a scope on top of it that could see for a distance of about five nautical miles.

With that, the marine navigator also said, ” Vice Admiral, I also found it, that’s… That’s Big Mom’s fleet!”

Leiyin smiled and asked, “How many ships are there?”

“Three ships!”

“Bring the warships over!” Leiyin ordered.

“Heard… Yes, sir!”

When the military helmsman heard the words, he immediately brought the warships closer to Big Mom’s fleet. This time, they ran into an unprecedentedly strong enemy!

Both sides of the ship all drove to the vicinity of that island, and both sides of the ship distance was about twenty meters, both coincidentally stopped.

There was a man standing on the pirate ship, making the marine on the warship tremble with fear!

He was tall, covered in armor, carrying a long sword on his shoulder. With the word BIS on his belt, his beard was pointed and long, just like a general.

Tens of thousands of marine forces couldn’t even dream of touching the big man!

He was [Thousand Arms] Charlotte Cracker, superhuman with Bisu Bisu no Mi Devil Fruit ability. The Four Emperors Big Mom tenth son, one of the [Three Sweet Commanders] of the Minister of Biscuit with the bounty of 860 million belly!

Not to mention the rest, just listen to his bounty, did you still want to fight him?

Not to mention such a bounty, normally even the so-called elite G 5 Branch of the marine to see the bounty of more than 100 million, their heart were beating like drums. When they encountered 300 million or so, there was basically no idea of winning, and 500 million or so, not to mention the fight, it was difficult to even touch.

Eight hundred million, for them was simply an astronomical number of astronomical figures.

The marine on the warship subconsciously backward, not exaggerated. Their bodies were still trembling ……

“Vice… Lord Vice Admiral, how about… Let’s go back and pretend that nothing has happened…”

“Yes, my lord, fighting this kind of person is like a joke…”

Many of the Lieutenants around Leiyin were urging him to flee quickly. One Lieutenant was holding the Cracker 860 million reward order in his hand and froze directly in place, while Clavin and Sweet had some ugly faces and didn’t say a word.

Leiyin had not spoken, over there, Cracker spoke, “Vice Admiral leading over there, you are Lei Yin, right?”

Leiyin returned, “Exactly!”

Cracker smiled and said with a cross of his sword:,”I’ve been waiting for you for a long time! By the way, your men really can’t stand to fight. I destroyed a few hundred troops (Colonel Thomson’s troops) without much effort!”

Leiyin smiled back, “Really? Then your mother’s henchman, Pokemus, is not good either. He is now probably sleeping in a cell in Impel Down, right?”

Pokemus was captured by Leiyin himself, and Cracker mocked Leiyin’s men for their incompetence, while Leiyin also side-stepped the weakness of Big Mom’s men.

Cracker smiled,. With an angry face, he that sword pointed at Leiyin:,”Kid, ydon’t get cocky! We destroyed your warship a few days ago on purpose, in order to draw you out, and then take off your dog’s head! Let you know what happens when you go against the Four Emperors!”

“Ah, Cracker he’s angry.”

“Are we going to die now?”

“Lord Vice Admiral, you really seem to have provoked him…”

Many of the marine was frightened to have spoken the true thoughts of their hearts. After all, [Three Sweet Commander] didn’t come out by bragging. When Leiyin saw this, he only laughed slightly, as if he didn’t take Cracker seriously.

In this way, Cracker became even more angry, and he ordered his men to bring the ship closer to the warship and attack over…

“Shot, he’s coming over!”

“What can we do?”

The marine was already in a mess. Looking at Cracker’s figure getting closer and closer, it was as if the demon king of hell was descending.

When Leiyin saw this, he already summoned his lightsaber to prepare to meet the enemy… This time, the opponent was another strong man after Doflamingo and Golden Lion, and he seemed to be even more terrifying than those two…

“How can you kill a chicken with a slaughtering knife?”

Lei Yin was about to swing his sword to fight, when a “gold” and a “silver” already stood on the bow of the ship, ready to meet the enemy.

It seemed that not everyone on this warship was a coward, not all people were scared to death by Cracker.

The two, “gold” was a long-haired blonde Lieutenant sniper Schottel, and “silver” was a short-haired silver Commodore, swordsman Polen Ruma.

“Vice Admiral, you do not need to fight, the two of us will deal with him!”

“That’s good.”

When Leiyin saw this, he also sat to the side to watch the battle. His powerful subordinates’ words were not a bad thing for him.

The pirate ship gradually approaching. “Bang” with a loud sound, a bullet hit Cracker in the head…

When the crowd looked, the sniper Schottel’s muzzle smoke, but in Cracker head, not to mention the wound, there was not even a trace.

“The hit was accurate, but it didn’t work.” Leiyin on the side laughed.

Seeing that one shot did not work, Schottel once again pushed the bullet loaded: “Three shots!

“Three shots in a row!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dang! Dang! Dang!

These three bullets, respectively, hit the head, heart and chest of Cracker, but except for the sound of the bullet colliding with the body, there was basically no difference from before.

Schottel was a bit stunned, “What is the structure of that guy’s body. Is it harder than steel?”

Standing on the bow of the ship that was about to approach the warship, Cracker was angry, “Are you tickling me? Wait for me to go over, I’ll break you into pieces here!”

Hearing these words, Schottel panicked a little. He took out a green bullet from his pocket, loaded it into the ammunition clip, and pushed the bullet into the chamber again, “Die for me, Charlotte Cracker!”

“Green Dragon Blast!”

A sound of the dragon roar through the clouds erupted, the bullet was like a green dragon coming straight to Cracker’s head.


The bullet came into contact with the head of the Cracker, like a cannonball explosion, the prow of the approaching pirate ship. It was covered by the smoke of the bullet, and in the air, a heavy smell of gunpowder.

“Ha, this time, The Thousand Arms Charlotte Cracker’s head is pierced.”

Schottel said smugly….

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