Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 192


When the smoke around the pirate ship gradually dissipated, the ship had already closed to the warship.

When the crowd looked, Cracker was not at all like what Schottel said. He stood intact in the same place. The only difference from earlier was that there was only a shallow bullet wound on his head, not even a skin abrasion.

“This… How is this possible?”

Schottel’s eyes were so wide that his jaw was about to fall on the ground.

This [Green Dragon Explosion Bullet] was a bullet specially made by the sniper Schotte. In order to increase the power, he added and compressed thirty-two times more gunpowder into it, and also added some yellow gunpowder, whose power was to concentrate the power of the shell on one point, thus producing a huge pressure to cause damage to a single enemy.

Even if he had a huge bounty of 800 million, after all, he was also a human. In addition to [Strongest Creature] Kaido, who else would have such a strong defense?

Although Schottel was bold, at this time, his views were somewhat subverted.

“Everyone go to hell!”

The two ships met, and Cracker was already impatient to attack the warship. He waved his longsword and slashed at Schottel’s head with one blow.


A superb katana blocked Cracker’s sword maneuver.

“If you use a sword, just come at me.”

“What are you again?”

“G 5 Branch Commodore Polen Ruma!”

“Hmph, ants who don’t know how to live!”

With that, Polen Ruma and Cracker fought together, and the two swords clashed together with a strong spark.

“You know what? Kid, this longsword in my hand is called [Pretzel], it’s a truly famous sword.” Cracker said with an arrogant face.

“[Pretzel]? It sounds delicious, but does it matter to me if it’s a famous sword?” Ruma provoked.

Cracker sniffed and swung down an angry sword. Ruma put his sword across his body to block it, but was shaken with a soreness in his tiger’s mouth, and the next moment he was bounced out with his sword and fell heavily on the deck, smashing the deck into a big crater.

“This is . . the strength of 800 million!”

When the marine saw this scene, they all subconsciously backed up.

Leiyin walked over and helped Ruma, “Hey, are you okay? Let me do it.”

Ruma wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, smiled at Leiyin, “Vice Admiral, this degree can not defeat me. Do not worry, I have my own tricks to deal with him.”

After saying that, Ruma stepped forward, ready to continue the fight.

Cracker’s sword was slung over his shoulder, and he looked at the horse with contempt, “What? This ant still don’t want to die? I tell you, even if you cultivate for another million years, you will never be my opponent.”

“Will not stop bragging? No need for our Vice Admiral to make a move. Next, watch how I defeat you!”

With that, Ruma’s eyes changed. He stepped on the [Geppo] and came flying, wielding the sword in his hand and slashing at Cracker desperately. Although Ruma’s sword art was in order, slashing at Cracker’s body, it was useless.

“Damn it! How can it be so hard!”

“Give up, you sad ants.”

Cracker did not even look at him, just so lightly waved his sword. A black sword energy suddenly came out, directly cut a deep wound from the stomach to the chest of Ruma.

“Oooh wow!”

After a miserable scream, Ruma to the ground again.

When the marines saw this, they already knew that there was no possibility of victory….

When Cracker was about to launch the next wave of attacks, Leiyin blocked in front of Ruma, “Go down, you have done your best.”

Ruma, on the other hand, hugged Leiyin’s leg at once, “Lord Vice Admiral sir, I beg you to let me fight to the end. Let me return a little dignity as a swordsman!”

When Leiyin looked at him, his eyes were incomparably firm.

After a moment of contemplation, Leiyin slowly said, “All right, I understand.”

After saying that, Leiyin gave him the way.

A true sword hero like Ruma, like Roronoa Zorro, would rather be stabbed through the heart by Dracule Mihawk than take half a step back.

If he retreated like this, the former dreams, promises, everything seemed to cease to exist.

If he retreat like this, it would be an insult to dueling, insulting the word swordsman.

For a true swordsman, a duel was never unscrupulous, but rather a duel until one side completely defeated the other.

So regardless of whether he would win the battle or not, people like Roronoa Zorro and Polen Ruma deserved to be called great swordsmen.

Since the moment he decided to become a swordsman, he had long put life and death on the line.

If he died on that day, it would mean that he was just a man of that level…

Ruma was badly wounded and stumbled in front of Cracker with a hobbled gait.

“Oh? Still not dead? The life force of ants is really tenacious.” Cracker looked at the flowing horse with a face of disdain and contempt.

Ruma did not speak again, only a faint crimson aura rose from his body…

“Do you think you can scare me by pretending to be a ghost?” Cracker’s sword slashed at the flowing horse without saying a word.

This time, Ruma moved quickly and avoided the blow at once.

“Commodore Ruma seems to be much more agile than before.” Some marine soldiers muttered.

At this time, the crimson color around the body of Ruma was getting more and more.

“Not good!”

Schottel shouted, startling the crowd.

“What’s wrong?”

“Commodore Ruma, he’s planning to lay down his life to attack…”


“See the red mist around him? That’s the vapor of blood!”

“Vapors of blood?” Leiyin muttered a word. This scene made him think of the first word, “Eight Gates of Life”.

Was the “Eight Gates of Life” still in existence in the One Piece World?

Then, Schottel continued, “Earlier, Ruma once said that he had mastered an ability that no one else would have, which is now this scene with blood-colored steam all over his body.”

“Then what is this all about?” Leiyin seemed to be somewhat interested.

“He told me that humans are a creature, and as long as they are creatures they have the instinct to survive. He has been able to control himself to forget this instinct, and then practice this power. It can focus all of a person’s strength, agility, concentration, etc. into just a few minutes, thus delivering a powerful attack on the enemy. The side effect of him is that he will consume himself excessively, and if he controls it well, he can recover after about three days of rest. If he uses it badly, it will lead to lifelong disability or even death!” Schottel said this with a gloomy face. “That blood steam is the proof that he over-consumed himself.”

The crowd looked at Ruma and revealed their admiration.

He was the true and deserved great sword hero!

He would die alone in battle and never live on!

“Shura – Sword of Judgment!”

Ruma used all his strength to deliver the strongest blow to Cracker, and Cracker’s body split in half from this blow!


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