Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 193


The blood flowed rapidly within the body of Ruma, and he was shaped like a ghost, with a blood-colored mist wrapped around his body.

“Shura – Sword of Judgment!”

A powerful blood-colored sword arc appeared at first glance, and directly broke Cracker into two pieces!


“He actually defeated the pirate with a bounty of 860 million, it’s unbelievable!”

The marine soldiers shouted, overflowing with excitement.

Ruma exhausted his strength and lay dying on the ground ……

Suddenly, another figure emerged from “Cracker” that had been cut off by Ruma.

He had purple hair, three tufts of hair at the back of his head, and a scar over his right eye. He wore a pair of brown gloves and brown boots, and had a long sword at his waist like the one he had just worn. The man with a thin and fraudulent face, suddenly appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

The pirates on the pirate ship, constantly let out a laugh.

“You… What are you again?”

“I’m the real Cracker.” The man laughed wickedly, giving the impression that there was already no chance of winning.

Leiyin lightly said, “So, the photo on the wanted notice is a fake, this is the real you put, right?”

“Haha, correct answer, as a reward, I’ll give you a free show!”

Slap Slap Slap!

Suddenly, he clapped his hands, and beside Cracker’s, appeared and a dozen of the same cookie cutter warriors just now.

When the marines saw this scene, they were all dumbfounded and at a loss…

“Now you know, right? What you defeated with all your circumstance is just a doppelganger I created, like this kind of warrior or armor, I can create countless. That is to say, my combat power… is endless!” When Cracker said this, the tone of voice was incomparably smug.

When the marines heard this, it was as if they had heard extremely horrible bad news. They already felt incomparable despair, especially Polen Ruma, who was dying just now because of the exhaustion of the battle.

He spent all his strength and almost died, yet he was defeated by less than one ten thousandth of his combat power?

How horrible was this?

The desperate Polen Ruma, coupled with the pain in his body, fainted.

Leiyin ordered the medic to carry him down for treatment.

“Next, let me be your opponent.” Leiyin said indifferently.

“Since you’re not afraid of death, I’ll send you on your way!” Cracker said, waving the longsword in his hand, “Roll Pretzel!”

The longsword seemed to be like a drill, spinning towards Leiyin.

When Leiyin saw this, he ran from the warship to the island with [Geppo].

“Sure enough, the Lord Vice Admiral is also afraid of Cracker?”

Watching Leiyin flee to the island, the marine soldier’s heart that was beating with fear and they became more afraid.

“Cracker! I’m here, come and get me if you can!” Leiyin shouted loudly on the island.

It turned out that Leiyin was afraid that the destructive power of the two men would be too great and lead to the destruction of the warship, so he was lured to the island to fight.

“A very wise choice.”

Cracker was not a fool, he certainly saw Leiyin’s intention. Cracker smiled wickedly and stepped onto the island quickly.

Seeing this, the marine soldiers were relieved, “So Lord Vice Admiral is luring that guy away.”

The two men stood opposite each other on the island.

“You are very good at choosing places. This place can be used for your grave, just right.” Cracker looked at Leiyin with a disdainful face and said.

“Whose graveyard is it, it’s still hard to say right now.” Leiyin said back.

“Humph!” Cracker grunted, and danced his longsword to strike at Leiyin again:.

“Roll Pretzel!”

“Thunder Light Sword Transformation!”

Seeing this, Leiyin summoned his lightsaber and threw his sword across his body to resist. Cracker’s high-speed rotating blade rubbed a burst of fire on Leiyin’s lightsaber, and not long after, Leiyin could not resist and was ejected more than twenty meters away.

“Not bad for the power of 800 million.” Leiyin stood up, patting his body unit dust and soil said.

“You have to deal with one of my Biscuit Soldier with such difficulty, if I summon thousands of me, how do you think? Now you know, not to mention the mother, even me, you can never defeat!” Cracker raised his eyebrows with a smug face.

“It’s a little too early to say that, isn’t it?”

“It seems you’re still not dead, accept this new world! Little devil!”

Saying that, Cracker’s Biscuit Soldier changed into six hands and four feet, like a centaur and attacked at Leiyin again.

“Honey Pretzel!”

Leiyin saw the six swords in Cracker’s hands rotating at the same time, like a meat grinder, launching a frenzied attack on Leiyin. When Leiyin saw this, he dodged and jumped in the air, attaching the chakra of the thunder attribute to his sword.

“Lightning Release – Blade Chop!”

A golden-colored sword energy with thunder and lightning came straight down to Cracker below and struck him on the head…


With a crisp, clear sound, the golden sword energy struck Cracker right on the sky.

However, apart from a shallow dent, it was basically useless.

The power like a cannonball bullet couldn’t penetrate, attached with lightning sword energy also didn’t work. This guy’s cookie armor, how hard it was! Leiyin could not help but exclaim from the inside.

In the original story.

To retrieve Sanji, Luffy came to Big Mom’s territory and fought with Cracker. Luffy opened Gear Fourth with two [Gomu Gomu no King Kong Gun] and was able to defeat a doppelganger of Cracker, and also wounded Cracker with Busoshoku Haki Fourth Gear state.

This was the New World, the strength of 860 million!

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