Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 194


As Leiyin slowly descended from the air, Cracker’s harder than steel body attacked like an armored tank.

“Earth Release – Earth Style Wall!”

The six long swords of Cracker rotated, like an excavator. The rotating long swords on the wall of earth emitted the sound of gold and iron. It did not take long for the wall to break through. Seeing this, Leiyin once again formed a seal with both hands.

“Earth Release – Earth Spear!”

A hand-shaped shield suddenly appeared in front of the body, not only that, in order to increase the hardness of the earth wall, on top of the earth shield, he attached Buoshoku Haki.

This time, Cracker’s impact was finally blocked and did not advance further.

“Kid, you can finally stop me? However, I’m going to make you understand that it’s not going to help.”

With that, Cracker stretched out his hands and clapped them. In an instant, seven or eight Biscuit Soldiers appeared out of thin air and surrounded Leiyin.

“This time, I’ll see how you can still block.” Cracker said, and the eight Battle Soldiers attacked at Leiyin in unison, “Biscuit Hei!”

In the nick of time, Leiyin’s eyebrows had changed into a purple dragon shape.

Sage Mode – Open!

Powerful chakra brewed steeply in Leiyin’s body, “Multiple Shadow Clone Technique!”

“Senjutsu – Big Ball Rasengan!”

Leiyin split into eight doppelgangers, each with a large blue ball of energy gathered in their hands…

Boom boom boom boom!

After a few loud bursts, the eight Biscuit Soldiers created by Cracker went up in smoke and turned into cookie-cutter dust.

“Oh, I didn’t expect you to be a Devil Fruit user too.” Seeing the ability displayed by Leiyin, Cracker couldn’t help but sigh, “To actually be able to defeat eight of my Biscuit Soldiers in one breath…”

Leiyin unsealed, and the seven doppelgangers disappeared, but still maintained the state of Sage Mode.

The warship and the pirate ship.

The two sides of the marine and pirates did not fight each other, but have been watching the duel between the two leaders of the island – Leiyin and Cracker. They understand in their hearts that there was no point in fighting between them. The victory or defeat was only on their leader. Leiyin win would be the marine win, and Cracker win would be the pirates win.

Seeing the scene of Cracker’s eight Biscuit Soldiers overwhelmed just now, the marine warriors were talking.

“Vice Admiral Leiyin…”

“He’s so strong, Lord Ruma only put in all his efforts to defeat Cracker’s doppelganger, and Lord Vice Admiral…”

“It wouldn’t be much use, would it? Cracker said he could create countless doppelgangers.”

“Countless? I think he’s probably bluffing, right?”

There was still a fierce fight going on on the island.

It must be said that the toughness of the cookie armor of Cracker was indeed breathtaking to Leiyin. If he didn’t open [Sage Mode] and only used ordinary [Big Ball Rasengan] or [Wind Release – Rasengan Hand Sword], perhaps it would be difficult to cause damage to the Biscuit Soldiers.

How strong was this 800 million enemy?

When the dust and mist of the cookie gradually dispersed, the face of the Cracker gradually returned to calm, “Even if you can defeat these several doppelgangers, so what? Didn’t I just say that my combat power was unlimited!”

Snap, snap, snap!

Saying that, Cracker continued to clap his hands incessantly. Biscuit Soldiers were constantly born in the assembly and collocation, hundreds and thousands of Biscuit Soldiers formed a huge army, occupying almost half of the island in no time.

Unimaginable, if these Biscuit Soldiers placed on the battlefield, it was definitely the elite of the elite!

Looking at this overwhelming “armored intelligent tanks”, one couldn’t help but get a chill in one’s heart.

“Ahaha…” In the void, Cracker came with a smug smile, “Leiyin, now you know what happens when you go against the Four Emperors, right? Look at these, how will you cope? I can endlessly create these doppelgangers, and with a single knock, I can change my hands into two. A second knock, I can change into several hands… That’s why I’m named [Thousand Arms] Cracker!”

After making such an introduction, thousands of Cracker launched a fierce attack on Leiyin at the same time …..

At this point, Leiyin realized that with so many Biscuit Soldiers, it was impossible to find out in which the real body of Cracker was.

Leiyin was surrounded by such a three layers. Even if he had a faster instantaneous technique, it was difficult to escape from Cracker’s net.

If he couldn’t run, then he simply didn’t run!

Suddenly, in this “cookie sea” in the middle of the sky appeared a ghost-like blue giant. At the next moment, nearly attacked Biscuit Soldiers were all topped out.

Mangekyo Sharingan – open – Susanoo!

“This time… What’s that ability again?”

Seeing this ten meter tall blue giant, thousands of Biscuit Soldiers were all looking up in unison.

As Leiyin moved, he raised his great sword and swept it towards the Biscuit Soldiers, like cutting wheat, large pieces flew out and some fell directly into the sea.

The people on the warship and the pirate ship, all let out a gasp…

“This is… The ability to exchange the fruit?”

In the beginning, the light energy sword was summoned, and the ability to split up, and to create energy bombs (Sage Mode – Rasengan) to blow up the Biscuit Soldier, and now the blue giant was summoned. Leiyin has invented the so-called “redemption” ability, which was really breathtaking.

The shock Cracker control the rest of the Biscuit Soldier sword attached with Busoshoku Haki, frantically slashing at Susanoo body. Although Susanoo was powerful, it still could not resist the intensive attack, and gradually collapsed and disappeared.

“You are very good, but still not my opponent!”

Susanoo was actually defeated hard, and several more wounds appeared on Leiyin’s body.

For a moment, he was forced into a desperate situation.

But then Leiyin slowly raised his head, the form of his eyes once again appeared to change…

He went through a lot of hardship and almost gave his life just to get this power…

The power was immense!

Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan….. Open!

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