Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 195


This Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan was the highest form of Sharingan. In the original story, the method of opening the eyes was extremely demanding. First, after the host had a Mangekyo Sharingan, they must also transplant another pair of Mangekyo Sharingan, and it could only be done in the Uchiha Clan that had the Sharingan. The only two people who were known to have successfully opened their Mangekyo Sharingan were Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Sasuke.

Whereas Leiyin acquired this technique, greatly simplifies the process (the problem was that the One Piece World didn’t have the Sharingan blood succession boundary either), so Leiyin’s method of Sharingan required infinite enhancement of his strength only.

Now, it showed that his strength had reached the power to open his eyes.

Then the next step would be to show the power!

It was worth mentioning that Leiyin’s Sharingan and Uchiha Sasuke’s extremely similar, both were similar to three oval-shaped balanced cross, and in the middle a three-leaf windmill. It looked more gorgeous.

When Keliak saw this, he looked over and smiled, “The eyes actually changed, and a new ability is about to appear? Let me see it!”

When this next move made, Leiyin wanted to make Keliak regret that he didn’t destroy him earlier…

The blue giant appeared again, but compared to the previous one, this blue giant was taller and more fully formed. Not only that, it was also wearing a layer of light black armor like a general.

The third form of Susanoo!

The armor that was as powerful as a general was the [Armour Of The Heavens], which greatly enhanced the defensive power of the Susanoo.

This third form was not only larger than the second form, but also had a greater variety of weapons (chakra condensed into substance) that could be used. Although it was stronger than before, the speed of chakra consumption was also much faster than the second form. If the [Mangekyo Sharingan] was used, the third form of Susanoo would be extremely unstable.

If Leiyin was in this state, it could only last about less than two minutes.

This was why at the beginning Leiyin did not open the third form. Now it was different, Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan spent much less chakra than Mangekyo Sharingan to open the third form.

“Think I’m afraid of you just because you summoned a little bit bigger shit than just now?”

Cracker said, but his heart was a little drummed,. He felt that this time, not only the size, the aura was also very different from before…

Not knowing whether he was afraid or wanted to end the battle quickly, Cracker rack continued to clap his hands desperately. He summoned a large pile of Biscuit Soldiers, and this time these Biscuit Soldiers covered almost the entire island!

When the people on the warship and the pirate ship looked, the scene was spectacular. The island was full of Biscuit Soldiers wearing armor, and the appearance of all of them were the same. There was a blue giant around the Biscuit Soldier that looked like a demon god.

The battle had come to the point of life and death, either you die, or I die!

Cracker was still the same, controlling close to ten thousand Biscuit Soldiers to launch a brave impact on Susanoo. Some cut the feet, some jumped into the air to cut their stomachs and chests, some even jumped to the shoulders, like ants gnawing on an elephant.

This time the effect was shocking compared to just now…

It had no effect at all!

Compared to just now, which destroyed the power of the second form of Susanoo, this time it was like a wooden sword cut on iron. Susanoo was cut, but it seemed to be unaffected by the “clanging” sound.

“What the hell is this situation? It’s completely different from just now!” At this point, even Cracker also froze on the spot.

In the original story, Cracker made sword capable of cutting the Gear Fourth Stage wrapped in Busoshoku Haki of Luffy, showing its degree of hardness, but now, was it nothing against this big guy in front of him?

A moment ago it had been said, the third Susanoo’s body was cloaked in a layer of [Armour Of The Heavens]. This armor was a defense system chakra condensed into the substance, almost indestructible!

The strongest of the strongest, a mountain was higher than a mountain!

There was a time when Cracker believed in his power so much that he could create an unparalleled legion of cookies at the snap of a finger, and every soldier of this legion was a powerful warrior who could stop a hundred with one. With such power, it could be said that in addition to his mother, he didn’t put anyone in his eyes.

What was going on today? Surprisingly, was there nothing he could do with a little kid?

Cracker’s eyes for the first time revealed the color of helplessness.

At the time, Cracker was desperate. Leiyin control Susanoo and waved a huge sword that seemed to be able to slaughter everything in his hand, sweeping towards the crowd. Where the sword blade came, it was swept away and scattered.

Cracker was helpless, and he was out of self-defense. He gathered the Biscuit Soldiers in front of him and made a huge cookie shield to defend himself from the sword.

Seeing this, Leiyin controlled Susanoo to retrieve the giant sword.

Was it time to give up the attack?

When Cracker looked at Leiyin, Leiyin’s face had an inscrutable smile.

“You… What do you want again?” At this point, Cracker was a little afraid, he did not know what moves Leiyin would use against himself next. This guy was like a profound magician.

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