Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 196


Susanoo held his right hand high, and a powerful blue chakra gathered on his right hand. The light of this chakra was like an obsidian sun, shaking people’s eyes…

The ball of energy was not released, Leiyin made a puzzling move, he formed a seal with both hands, and a jutsu was directed to his warship.

“Wind Release – Great Breakthrough!”

A strong hurricane came, directly blowing his warship more than a dozen nautical miles away, while the pirate ship next to Cracker but did not suffer any ripples.

Was this guy out of his mind?

The energy ball in Susanoo’s hand was getting bigger and brighter.

“Sunanoo – Wind Release – Rasengan!”

Suddenly, the energy ball in Susanoo’s hand was thrown out with Leiyin control. Leiyin took an instantaneous technique and flew up into the air, and then, the whole island suddenly exploded with a huge explosion, not only that, the two nautical miles around the island were affected….

The result was that not only was the island blown up, along with the three pirate ships and the pirates on board, Cracker, were all blown to pieces!

This was the reason Leiyin used the Wind Release to blow his warship away.

When the aftermath of the [Rasengan] energy released by Susanoo dissipated, Leiyin floated in the low altitude of the destroyed island searching for the corpse of Cracker.

Not long, he saw on the surface of the sea a rubble stall (the traces of the destruction of the island), an egg-shaped shield had broken into two. From the egg-shaped shield came out of a person gulping blood, that person was exactly Cracker.

It turned out that before Susanoo released the [Rasengan], Cracker felt the situation was not good, and hastily used cookies to create an egg-shaped shield, to avoid being blown to pieces.

However, looking at his situation, although the shield resisted part of the energy, he was still affected by the wave was seriously injured.

“Damned stinky brat, hyouactually put me… Ahem…”

Cracker looked at Leiyin and coughed up two mouthfuls of blood,. Itseemed that his internal organs had received serious damage.

“Oh, you’re actually not dead yet, so do something for me.”

Leiyin said, using the Wood Release to make a huge arm all the time, and grabbed the already seriously injured Cracker and flew towards his warship…

“Is this Cracker?”

“How could he be beaten like this?!”

“It’s the power that just blew up the island…”

On the warship, looking at the Cracker who was brought back by Leiyin and seriously injured, all the marines froze in place, their jaws were about to drop on the deck.

They looked at Leiyin, their eyes all show incomparable awe…

In this sea, who did not know one of the Three Sweet Commander under the Four Emperors Big Mom, Charlotte Cracker? This huge enemy of 800 million, just like this was killed?

What kind of joke was that?

For a while, the crowd did not dare to believe.

They couldn’t believe it, but it had happened. After handcuffing Cracker with the sea stone handcuffs and locking him up firmly, Leiyin dialed the Fleet Admiral’s office at the Marine Headquarters.

“Hello? This is Sengoku.”

When dialing Sengoku’s number, Garp was next to him drinking tea and eating senbei.

“Fleet Admiral, this is Leiyin.”

“Oh, Leiyin, what can I do for you?”

As soon as I heard it was Leiyin, Garp rushed over with his tea cup without any image and snatched the Den Den Mushi from Sengoku’s hand, “Ah, kid, I haven’t seen you for a long time, you can still remember us.”

Hearing Garp’s voice, that end Leiyin’s forehead was full of black lines, “Old man, you grab Fleet Admiral’s phone, shouldn’t he be angry?”

Garp glanced at the helpless Sengoku next to him and said with a smile, “Haha, it’s no big deal, our Lord Fleet Admiral is broad-minded enough not to mind such trivial matters.”

It was only Garp who could make such a fuss with Sengoku, if it was someone else, they would had been beaten out.

Garp then said, “What is it, kid, there is something to say?”

“Well, Cracker was caught by me.”

“Oh, Cracker,” Garp lifted his cup of tea and took a sip, then his eyes went wide. The cup of tea fell to the ground, tea spilled on the ground, “Cracker … Which Cracker are you talking about?”

Seeing Garp’s reaction so big, Sengoku snatched the Den Den Mushi again, repeating the question, “You… Did you say you caught Cracker?”


“Which Cracker? Big Mom’s son?”

“Well, I think it’s this guy with a bounty of over 800 million.”

“……” Sengoku and Garp pondered for a long time, neither spoke.

“Mr. Fleet Admiral?”

“Oh, Leiyin,” Sengoku then came back to his senses, “You personally escort him to the Marine Headquarters. Now go.”

“I understand.”

With that, Leiyin directly ordered the warship to the Marine Headquarters.

On the way, Cracker was securely locked by the sea stone, but still very restless.

“Leiyin! You’d better let me go, or else mom won’t give you any luck! Leiyin! Do you know what happens when you go against the Four Emperors? Quickly release me…”

Leiyin was so annoyed by the noise that he ordered his men to seal his mouth.

The warship gradually approached the Marine Headquarters. The crowd looked, Sengoku, Karp and other old guys were already at the pier to meet Leiyin.

As soon as Leiyin came down, Sengoku immediately greeted him, “Where’s Cracker?”

Leiyin replied, “In the back.”

In a short while later, locked in sea stone handcuffs and leg shackles of Cracker was escorted over by marine forces.

As soon as Sengoku saw it, his face immediately sank, “Leiyin you’re kidding, right? This is not Cracker at all…”


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