Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 198


Marine Headquarters, the Fleet Admiral’s office.

Leiyin went, and found that all the senior officers had arrived. The three Admirals and most of the Vice Admirals in the headquarters, Garp also dared to come over later.

Fleet Admiral Sengoku was sitting in the chief seat, holding a document in his hand, and other senior admirals were sitting separately.

What was going on here? Why there was a big scene? Was a big war about to break out?

Leiyin’s heart was muttering, Admiral Kuzan spoke, “Today’s protagonist has arrived ah.”

“The main character? Me?” Leiyin secretly thought for a moment, then sat down in his place.

Sengoku looked at Leiyin for a moment, stood up with the paper and cleared his throat, “Are all the Admirals attending this meeting here?”

An Ensign crier, “Report Fleet Admiral, all are present.”

“Very good. Here are two important orders… First, the Headquarter decided to study, and after fifteen days, there will be a public execution of the pirate Charlotte Cracker. The Headquarter will mobilize 50,000 elite marine forces to the Marine G 5 Branch, and the Seven Warlords of the Sea will be drafted to fight together.”

Execution? 50,000 marine to the G 5 Branch? Enlist the Seven Warlords of the Sea?

It seemed that Leiyin was right. Was it really going to break out a big war?

Hearing this order for the first time the Vice Admirals were surprise to it.

Looking at the Vice Admiral’s somewhat surprised eyes, Sengoku gave an explanation, “That’s right. The execution of Cracker, one is to deter pirates, and secondly, this is a perfect opportunity to cut or eliminate Big Mom!”

Sengoku played this move really high! Cracker was not only Charlotte Linlin’s son, but also her right-hand man. The execution of Cracker, she had no reason for not sending troops!

In the original Marinford Battle later, the public execution of Ace, led to Whitebeard came out of a rut. It was the Fleet Admiral Sengoku’s usual trick.

After hearing this, many senior Admiral felt: The day has to change.

At this point, Vice Admiral Gion (who had been promoted to Vice Admiral) said, “But why should the battlefield be built in the G 5 Branch?”

Vice Admiral Tsuru said, “G 5 Branch is the nearest marine branch to Big Mom’s territory, and, Cracker was captured by Leiyin, so that his hatred for Leiyin is the greatest. We can set up a marine blockade at the G 5 Branch and just wait for Big Mom to arrive!”

Vice Admiral Dalmatian said, “But, even with the addition of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and Leiyin , It may not be Big Mom’s opponent, right. Not to mention, the Seven Warlords of the Sea may not all come, or even one does not come.”

Dalmatian’s words are not wrong, the Seven Warlords of the Sea were ostensibly subordinate to the World Government, but in fact they were regarded as enemies by both the marine and the pirates. In the eyes of the pirates, the Seven Warlords of the Sea were the lapdogs of World Government; in the eyes of the marine, the Seven Warlords of the Sea were the great enemy who may betray at any time. They simply use each other’s relationship, so they generally ignore the orders of the World Government.

Lei yin was certainly powerful, but it was impossible to lead the four or five thousand marine forces of the G 5 Branch by himself to meet the Four Emperors of the Sea.

“By the Headquarter of research and decision, about the deployment in the G 5 Branch, the Headquarter order Admiral Kuzan as the Chief Commander. Leiyin as Deputy Chief Commander, Gion, Momomnga, Dalmatiana, Strawberry, Sakazuki and other eight Vice Admirals, twenty-four Rear Admirals, etc. with more than 50,000 people stationed at the G 5 Branch. Admiral Sakazuki and Borsalino, Vice Admiral Garp will be a backup army. Once it is determined that the G 5 Branch is at war, immediately go to the battlefield.”

It turned out that Sengoku had long thought of everything.

If the marine’s top three Admirals and Gapu, Momonga and other elite Vice Admirals were dispatched to the G 5 Branch, it would definitely cause a void in the Marine Headquarters. If Big Mom took them by surprise, she would come from the sea under the coating, bypassing the G-5 branch, and directly attack the Marine Headquarters with her army. The marine would lose more than it gained. Big Mom was after all a Four Emperor, not a small pirate with a bounty of about one billion belly (minus Cracker), and her strength was not to be underestimated.

“But, will Big Mom definitely come to attack?”

Vice Admiral Tsuru said, “Big Mom is temperamental and irritable. The possibility of an attack is very high because the one who was arrested this time is Cracker.”

Vice Admiral Momonga laughed and looked at Leiyin, “To break out such a big war, Leiyin actually became our Deputy Chief Commander, I really feel some relief as a teacher…”

Gion looked at Leiyin’s eyes slightly different, beside Vice Admiral Tokikake (he had crush on Gion for many years. Later in the original story, he was the alternate Admiral) saw this and was very uncomfortable.

“Leiyin is fully qualified to be your Deputy Chief Commander, and the second item that followed was a major appointment.”

A major appointment? All the people in the room pricked up their ears.

“The former Vice Admiral Leiyin, repeatedly achieved miraculous feats, and his battle record is superb. After the study of the Headquarter, the Holy Land Mary Geoise Council arbitration, is hereby promoted to the Marine Headquarters Agent Admiral, code name White Robe!”

Once this statement was said, the whole room fell silent.

On the battle merit and strength, Leiyin was definitely qualified to do this position, everyone was surprised with only his age …

Many marine needed more than twenty years old from the soldiers to get that position. The hard work for thirty or forty years would only be a Lieutenant, if one could be Admiral Officer then it would be good.

Many marine, proficient in Rokushiki, but became a campaign to be buried in the sea, martyrdom and shipwreck.

Marine Admiral Kuzan was 45 years old, joined the marine at the age of 19, under the Black Arm Zephyr, and became the Admiral at the age of about 40.

Marine Admiral Sakazuki was 51 years old, joined the marine at the age of 23 (the same time as Borsalino), became an Admiral at about 45 years old.

Marine Admiral Borsalino was 54 years old, joined the marine at the age of 26, became an Admiral in about 50 years old.

Vice Admiral Garp was 74 years old (78 years old after the original Luffy adventure two years).

Vice Admiral Tsuru was 72 years old (the original Luffy adventure two years later, 76 years old).

Fleet Admiral Sengoku, aged 75 (originally Luffy adventure two years later 79 years old).

Leiyin, 16 years old when he was the third class of the marine, 20 years old to the Marine Agent Admiral!

See this resume, what more needed to be said?

Twenty-year-old marine Admiral was simply unheard of. The success of the battle to the World Government Note to add a slot for the Admiral, it was unprecedented.

Everyone looked at Leiyin with a look of awe.

Twenty years old to become a Marine Admiral (although he was an agent, the turn was only a matter of time). What would he become in the future? Fleet Admiral of the Marine? Commander-in-Chief of the entire army? Or even …

Such speed was said to be on a rocket, which probably was not at all excessive, right?

Many people didn’t even dare to think about it anymore.

When Leiyin heard this order, his face was also dumbfounded. He became the Admiral, of course, more power and more windy. However, do not forget, if the World Nobles were in trouble, they would turn from commanding thousands of troops of the Admiral into personal bodyguards.

“Crazy” this word, Lei yin was very disgusted….

At the age of twenty years old this kid became Admiral … And the possibility of war with the Four Emperors … Was the world going to have a big change?

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