Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 199


No wonder Garp had been talking so much these past two days, and said for a while that he was no longer a Vice Admiral. Some time later, he said that the soldiers respected him more than ever. Kuzan also said that the “today’s protagonist was here”.

It turned out to be such a big deal!

But what happened next made Leiyin even more jaw-dropping.

“Kuzan and the eight Vice Admirals, I want you to leave now. Rush to the G-5 branch, and start the deployment work, ready to meet the Big Mom.”



“Follow the order!”

After saying that, Kuzan led all these named Generals to leave.

Leiyin had a bad feeling…

Sengoku looked at him with a grave face, “Leiyin, as the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Admiral, I want to give you an important task.”


“As I said earlier, this time the opponent is the Four Emperors, so the Seven Warlords of the Sea should be drafted.”

“What do I need to do?” Leiyin had not yet responded.

“I ordered you to immediately rush to the Island of Woman, conscript the Kuja Emperor Boa Hancock to come and help fight!” Sengoku said.

“Ha?” When Leiyin heard this, he was uncomfortable, “This, I refuse to…”

Just now Leiyin was promoted to become Deputy Admiral of the Marine. It was a real deam, and with his age, the future was unlimited. If there were no other very special accidents, he would definitely be the future Fleet Admiral or Commander-in-Chief, or even higher… So, how dared he bargain with Sengoku.

But Sengoku smiled and said, “What? Lei Yin, this is a beautiful job, many people want to go but not qualified to go, that is the world’s first beauty.”

Sengoku was not wrong, who in the world of men did not want to see the beauty of the Empress? But the ability of the Empress to petrify people was absolutely frightening, if there was no strong power and determination (at least to reach the level of Vice Admiral Morunga), it would only be a death sentence, not to mention the completion of the task.

“Whoever you think it is, it is a beautiful job. I can go recruit Dracule Mihawk,
Jinbe and the other Seven Warlords of the Sea. That high-cold violent and self-righteous woman, I do not want to see her again.” Leiyin shrugged his shoulders, his face was written “did not want to go ” three words.

Sengoku smiled, could not help but laugh, “You kid, you can think she ‘cold and violent, self-righteous’ means you know her very well. However, as the saying goes, ‘the bell needs to be tied’, you can actually put her edict for the Sengoku, this recruitment, will also be successful, this is also the Department’s Affirmation of your strength.”

When Leiyin opened his mouth and wanted to refuse, But Garp came over and patted Leiyin’s shoulder, “Kid, you have to go this time. You can successfully edict her, indicating that you in her heart or very prestigious, and now your strength is stronger than before by sending you to us more at ease, and the chances of success will also be greater. Kid, you not only have to go, and must complete the task properly!”

The two old men sang the same song, and Leiyin was helpless as he sighed, “Okay, I’ll go this time, then we can say a deal, next time if the call-up, I definitely will not go to that woman.”

When Leiyin said this, Sengoku was full of agreement.

Who knew when the next time would be? The first thing to do was to say yes to this kid. Sengoku thought.

Leiyin took orders and set off.

After Leiyin left, the two old men looked at each other and smiled.

Sengoku said, “Haha, after all, he’s still a kid…”

The two old men knew very well that if Leiyin could not invite the Empress, there was absolutely no one else in the marine who could invite, just as Karp said. Sengoku promised Leiyin only this time, but the two experienced old men knew in their hearts, no matter how many times in the future, they would still call Leiyin. In their hearts, Leiyin had become the “Empress Contractor”, because only he could control her, to introduce the ranks of the Seven Warlords of the Sea was the best evidence.

Garp rubbed his chin a bit immodestly to and said to Sengoku, “Before, in the youth training camp, the two most beautiful girls Vierdan and Hina were interested in this kid, is it because the boy was born to be very attractive? The Empress promised him to join the Seven Warlords of the Sea, is it because…”

Sengoku grabbed one Gapu Senbei and ate it without saying a word, while eating also said, “Gapu, you guys are thinking again.”

Garp looked at the senbei that was robbed, and shouted, “Sengoku, you old man, quickly return the Senbei to me …”

If there were outsiders who saw this scene, they would never guest that this was two seventy years old two senior marine leaders, and thought it was two retired old codgers.

At this time, there were still 15 days before the execution of the Cracker, and the marine had not yet given the world an ultimatum.

In this way, Leiyin in a face of confusion, embarked on a journey to make him extremely confused.

Think about the first time to see the empress, that guy kicked away the kitten in the way, and later on the island, twice caught himself in prison, all of this, as if all too vividly.

This woman was high and cold, because she had a great beauty; this woman was arrogant, because she had a great beauty; this woman was unbeatable, because she had a great beauty.

But how did all this matter to Leiyin? Each time he had to face this woan, Consider it a brain of lawsuits.

Unknowingly, the warship had approached the Amazon Lily ……

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