Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 2


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Leiyin had a simple and easy plan.

Tonight, he would sneak into Tom’s bedroom and stab him to death.

As there were many ordinary members on Buggy’s ship, nobody would realize. Leiyin doubted that Tom would have any protection while he was sleeping. However, Leiyin was going to kill a living person, not a chicken. If Tom died, Buggy would have to intervene.

Everyone on the ship knew that he had a bad relationship with Tom, so after Tom’s death, the pirates on the ship would most likely suspect him. Then, he would be killed as a warning to others. After all, the life of a person like Leiyin was not worth as much as that of a mole. There was nothing to regret when he was dead.

This was why Leiyin planned to die with him. After killing Tom, he would take his own life.

If he continued to live in humiliation, he would have no hope at all.

With this in mind, Leiyin put it into action. Because he was only a low-ranking worker on the ship, no one had provided him with weapons such as a katana or a western-style sword. Therefore, he found a rusty bone knife and a square whetstone with one corner missing in his workplace, in the lower cabin, where there was almost no light.

The knife was said to be a bone-picking sharp knife. However, it had remained unused for years, abandoned in a corner where no one cared about it, and had become rusty.

Leiyin then took a bowl of seawater and sharpened it on a whetstone.

The bone picking knife was sharpened with the stone mountain. In Leiyin’s eyes, this rusty knife, which had long been forgotten by people, had become a sharp blade to slaughter his enemies.

After the rusty knife had been polished, it had become a weapon and had a little sharp edge to it.

Leiyin didn’t have superhuman strength, so he had to use this technique.

He wasn’t an aggressive and rebellious person. However, if he had to endure it all the time, it would only show that he was a coward. In that case, he would despise himself.

“The humiliation I have suffered, you’ll pay for it with your blood.” Leiyin looked at the sharpened boning knife and said to himself.

As Leiyin prepared to carry out his plan at night, something happened at noon that dispelled his revenge thoughts.

To be precise, he didn’t need to have revenge.

Buggy’s ship was headed toward the Orange Town on the East Blue.

Buggy had obtained the East Blue and the Grand Line map with information that the town was far away from marine grasp and was wealthy. The marine had little time to take care of the town, so Buggy decided to attack the town and use it as his base.

Which for the unarmed civilians, it would be a unilateral and ruthless massacre!

However, it was still later.

Back at noon today, Buggy had already regarded the Orange Town as his property, so he held a banquet on the ship.

Speaking of the banquet, it was the favorite activity of the pirates. Although most of them were violent and cold-hearted, they still yearned for a free and uninhibited life in the end.

That was why the banquet could be said to be the best spice regularly.

At the beginning of the banquet, the meat of all kinds of sea animals was cooked by the ship’s chef. There was a burst of meat fragrance, with all sorts of vegetables and fruits that couldn’t be named randomly placed on the table. However, the most crucial part of the banquet was, of course, the wine.

It was because of the wine that Leiyin’s hatred for Tom evaporated.

Tom was not only a bully but also a heavy drinker. He would drink from a bottle when he had nothing else to do. His tolerance for alcohol was very poor, and he would go crazy when he drank too much.

In summary, when these two hobbies are added together, the first victim was, of course, the weakest ones on the ship, which was Leiyin.

Especially when Tom was in a bad mood, he would go to beat Leiyin up when he was drunk.

Little did he know that his hobby will be the cause of his death.


Captain Buggy held up a glass of wine and drank with everyone.

The chief of staff, Cabaji, rode a single-wheel and performed a juggling act to cheer everyone up. The most excited of all was Mohji’s hilarious lion, Richie, who gobbled up the meat on his plate and then finished it off in a couple of bites.

The pirates and crew members also raised their glasses and excitedly shouted for the captain’s plan to take Orange Town. The ship’s musicians played their violins to cheer everyone up.

Leiyin and some of the other men, who were also low-ranking members, were driven to carry the wine and fruit plates.

Suddenly, Tom’s words shattered everything that seemed to be in harmony.

“Our Red Nose Captain is finally going to lead us to seize a land!”

Tom had been drinking a lot today, nearly two pounds of wine. As the saying goes, the wine was strong and courageous, so he dizzily uttered the word he usually wouldn’t dare to say.

As soon as the words were spoken, the originally lively and noisy ship became deathly silent!

Most of Buggy’s men slowly put down their glasses.

Tom’s words were so loud that it reached the ears of everyone on the ship. Even Leiyin knew that he was finished.

The pirates all looked at Buggy in unison. They saw Bucky’s initially ridiculous funny clown face becoming livid.

“Tom… What did you say?”

When Buggy said this, the corners of his mouth twitched a couple of times.

It was a twitch of extreme anger.

When Tom heard Buggy’s words and saw Buggy’s fierce expression, he realized what he had just said. He suddenly sobered up most of the way.

Oh, Shit!

Sure enough, Buggy’s face was gloomy, and he said coldly, “Someone, tie him to the cross!”

The pirate under him got the order and immediately followed suit. They directly tied the bewildered Tom to a wooden cross.

The chief of staff, Cabaji, took the single-wheel as if he knew what would happen next and watched with great interest.

When Tom was tied to the cross and slowly moved to the bow of the ship, he woke up as if he was in a dream, begging for mercy, “Captain Buggy, I was wrong, please let me go!”

Buggy, the Star Clown, wasn’t moved at all by this feeble howl.

Anyone weaker than him who dared to call him “Red Nose” would be subject to his cruel retaliation. All the crew knew it was forbidden, except for Tom, who had the nerve to get drunk and say it.

As the saying goes, if you weren’t to die, you wouldn’t die.

For Tom, who was now tied to the cross, the horror of hell was upon him.

Cabaji, who loves to watch torture, was looking forward to this “magnificent” show.

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