Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 20


Hmm, Is Monkey D. Garp coming to the East Blue?

The East Blue was already known as the weakest of the four seas. The four seas’ marine power was inherently weak (the elite were mostly in the Grand Line and the New World), so the inspection’s main purpose was to send a strong figure to deter the lawless pirates.

Who was Monkey D. Garp?

He was the father of Monkey D. Dragon, the Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army, who was called the “World’s Worst Criminal.” He was a legendary figure in the marine, responsible for forcing the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, into a dead-end several times. He was also known as “Garp the Fist,” and his strength was unfathomable.

However, Leiyin thought that this didn’t seem to have much to do with him. So, he put the newspaper aside and continued to think about his strength.

Leiyin was able to raise his rank from Academy Student to Genin (Advance) in a short period because he had not only been practicing but had also been going through battles to accumulate experience. Thus, not only did he gain battle experience and his strength, but he also increased his chakra value.

However, although Leiyin now had a certain amount of strength, his speed was still far from perfect. So, this was now his biggest shortcoming.

The enemies he had fought before, whether it was Cabaji, Buggy, the Two-Tailed Saber-Toothed Lion, Anderson, or Andrin. Although their strength exceeded ordinary people by more than a few times, none of them were superior in speed. As a result, Leiyin was able to defeat them quickly.

For now, to become stronger, he had to increase his speed. At least to the level of [Rokushiki – Soru].

If he went by his current style, he would have to obtain the [Instantaneous Technique].

In Naruto, any jutsu that could move fast enough to achieve instantaneous movement became Instantaneous Technique. They include Space-Time Ninjutsu, High-Speed Movement, and Escape Technique.

Some specific ones were representative.

Kamui allowed the user to transfer anything back and forth to another dimension, creating high-speed movement. This technique was unique to Obito Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake in the original Naruto story. It required the [Sharingan] to master.

Amenotejikara allowed the user to move to a specific location by locking onto a target with [Rinnegan].

There was also the Fourth Hokage’s [Flying Thunder Formation Technique] and Might Guy’s [Eight Gate], which could also achieve high-speed movement.

The best instantaneous technique, however, was the [Flying Thunder God Technique]. The Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, achieved unprecedented speed precisely because he had mastered this technique to a high degree of perfection. He was also called [Konoha’s Yellow Flash] for this reason.

What kind of instantaneous technique would he obtain? Leiyin couldn’t help but envision the future.


While Leiyin was deep in thought, two sounds hitting the ship’s hull woke him up. He rushed to the ship’s railing and saw two men lying on two separate pieces of broken wood, looking at Leiyin in shame.

One of them had “Big Catch” tattooed on his back, wearing a forehead guard with red hair. The other had “Sea” tattooed on his face and was wearing sunglasses. Both of them had a sword pinned to their waists.

What the hell?

Yosaku and Johnny?

In the original One Piece story, they were Roronoa Zoro’s old friend. Although they were fragile, they were very loyal bounty hunter.

By the looks of it, the two were either shipwrecked or attacked by other pirates. With their strength, they were lucky to be alive.

The red-haired Yosaku cried and looked at Leiyin standing on the deck, “Little brother, please save us! We’ve been at sea for two days…”


On the boat, when the two men were wringing their clothes, which were wet from the sea, Leiyin asked them, “What’s wrong with you? Have you been caught in a shipwreck?”

“Don’t mention it,” Johnny shook his blue shirt and looked bitter. “Two days ago, we were attacked by [Admiral] Don Krieg, and the ship was sunk. Fortunately, we were lucky enough to escape from his clutches.”

“Oh, so it was that guy.” Leiyin put his hands behind his head and said in an understatement.

[Admiral] Don Krieg was the infamous pirate of East Blue. If Johnny hadn’t mentioned it, Leiyin would have forgotten there was such a character in One Piece.

Yosaku looked at him and said, “Hey, little brother, what do you mean by ‘that guy’? Don Krieg, who has a bounty of 13 million baileys, is the infamous pirate of East Blue. He has more than 3,000 crews, more than 30 ships, and the largest pirate group in the East Blue. How can you say that so lightly? Don’t you understand his strength?”

Upon hearing this, Leiyin fell into deep thought. He remembered when Luffy went to sea, Krieg Pirates was the largest pirate group in the East Blue, with Don Krieg having a bounty of 17 million baileys. Leiyin didn’t expect that this guy would be famous so early. Moreover, it seemed that it was years before Luffy went to sea.

When Leiyin didn’t say anything, they thought he was scared, so Johnny laughed, “See, now you know what Don Krieg is capable of, right? Just hearing his name scares you like this, little brother.”

As soon as the words came out, three battleships were sailing over in great numbers, drawing a stunned look from Yosaku and Johnny!

Coincidentally, the battleship carried the flag of the Krieg Pirates!

As the saying goes: Once a snake bit someone, they are afraid of a well rope for ten years.

Yosaku and Johnny had just suffered a big loss from the Krieg Pirates two days before, and now they encountered his fleet. They couldn’t help but hug each other and tremble.

However, it seemed that Don Krieg was not in the fleet because his battleship, the Dreadnaught Sabre, was not in one of the three ships.

The Krieg Pirates were notorious in the East Blue for their savagery and ferocity. They wouldn’t hesitate to sink a ship whenever they saw one at sea. At that moment, a crew member of the Krieg Pirates stood on the deck of the middle battleship, looking at Leiyin’s ship, and commanded the gun to be loaded.

The cannon’s cold muzzle rushed relentlessly toward them, and Leiyin had already caught sight of it.

Before the Krieg Pirates loaded the cannons, Leiyin had already gathered chakra on his feet. He jumped off the ship and stepped on the sea’s surface like it was flat ground. He then sprinted forward as fast as he could while gathering blue balls of chakra in his hands.


Leiyin rushed to the front of the middle battleship first, and the Rasengan in his hand suddenly hit the hull of the ship. In a split second, the [Big Ball Rasengan] exploded like a demolition. There was a cracking sound, and the hull of the ship was blown to pieces.

Before people could react, the remaining two ships were also suddenly blown apart in the same way by Leiyin.

All of this made Johnny and Yosaku dumbfounded.

What kind of monster is this guy?

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