Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 200


The news of Cracker’s execution after fifteen days was temporarily blocked (in order for the marine to give itself plenty of time to prepare), while the news of Leiyin becoming the new Admiral (agent) was printed in the newspaper, to notify the world.

This time, Leiyin did not lead a soldier (even if he brought, it was a little use). Instead, he just took one of the smallest warships, unknowingly, and came to this familiar place.

The warriors of the Kuja Island, led by the Empress Hancock’s second royal sister Sandersonia was cruising near the Amazon Lily when they saw the familiar figure.

They saw the warship arriving and were not as unfriendly as before. After all, nominally speaking, the Seven Warlords of the Sea were still the people of the Government Symbol.

In addition, in the first visit, Leiyin had a duel with Sandersonia, and defeated her. The “Celestial Dragon Symbol” almost revealed to the public, but Leiyin used the “justice” cloak to cover it. In one way or another, this would be considered a help to her.

Seeing Leiyin arrive, Sandersonia’s attitude eased a lot, “Commodore Leiyin (the first time he came, Leiyin was Commodore), what do you want to do here again?”

Some of the newly recruited female pirates did not know, “Second Highness, he is a man, how do you…”

“Even if he’s a man, he’s a life-saver, so don’t be too hostile.”

When the female pirates heard the words, their faces showed a relaxed expression.

“I am here to find your Kuja Emperor by order of the superior, so I would also like to ask Your Highness to make it easier.” To the Kuja Island, as long as they didn’t do anything excessive, Leiyin’s tone was full of modesty. Because he was also a man, when he looked at the female emperor, he couldn’t help but have some heart. In order to clear the relationship with them, Leiyin reminded himself this way all the time. He was the marine, she was the Seven Warlords of the Sea, both sides served for the marine political symbol, and had no involvement with each other. This was a kind of heart hint it.

Sandersonia replied, “If you want to see our majesty, then you come with me.”

“If I go in hastily, it is inevitably a bit rude, please ask your Highness and tell her that I am asking her to come to help in the war. If she says yes, I will go in to discuss, if not, I will go back to the Marine Headquarters to resume my orders.”

Anyway, he was here to invite her, to go or not was her business. Leiyin didn’t fail to carry out the task, he just didn’t finish it. If this became a big deal, he would quit the Admiral position. Anyway, Leiyin didn’t want to see that self-righteous woman, so he just said one sentence, it was up to her she would go or not.

Looking at Leiyin being so polite, Sandersonia listened to Leiyin, “Okay, I will go to convey. Mr. Leiyin, you wait here.”

“Thank you…”

Kuja Island, inside the palace hall.

“What? Did you say that marine is here again?”

Once he heard Leiyin’s name, Hancock could not tell what mood she was in.

When she thought that the first time he came, this guy was twice put in prison by herself. He was about to be publicly executed because he had beaten her and her sisters, but when the mark on her back was almost seen, he helped her cover it. He was also saw her when she was naked in the bath, her front and back…

“Good, this concubine will personally meet him… No, the concubine will personally meet him to see what bad ideas he is playing again…”

“Hancock, you are the emperor of a country how can you personally go to meet him, is that not too degrading? Leiyin behaved so modestly, so we will go along with him and let him come to see you.” The old woman said in a serious tone.

In order not to say that the old wisdom was profound, seeing that the old woman had a point, the female emperor cleared her throat, “Okay… It is reasonable… Then pass the order, quickly let Leiyin come to see this concubine.”

“Yes, Lord Sister!” Sandersonia led the order and went out, and Hancock turned around and walked towards his own bedchamber.

The old woman said, “Hankook what are you doing? You must see Leiyin if you want to, you can’t let him go, this is a matter of the safety of the Kuja Island.”

Hancock has a disgusted expression. “I know. You annoying old woman, did this concubine say she would not go?”

She did not care about her grandmother. The Empress went straight to her bedchamber and sat in front of the mirror.

“Is the lipstick lighter today?” The Empress picked up the lipstick and wiped it, and then took her mouth and gently pursed it, feeling slightly better, looking at the mirror from left to right, carefully sorting out her long, black as lacquer hair.

If a man could see this scene, it was estimated that they would spray nosebleed on the spot, the beauty in the mirror was going to melt them away.

Hancock also didn’t understand why she was doing this, just subconsciously …

After Hancock organized, she couldn’t wait to go to the main hall…

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