Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 201


The two met in the main hall of the Kuja Palace, and Leiyin did not expect that she could painfully summon herself.

Leiyin showed a helpless face. He was hoping that the Empress would reject him directly, and he would go back to his headquarters to resume his duties.

This time, when the empress saw Leiyin, she seemed to be more heroic than before….

The Empress sat in the middle of the main hall, and said with a condescending ton,: “This time you came to find the concubine, and what is the matter?”

Leiyin said, “Your Majesty, please make one thing clear first. I came here on orders from above, not that I want to see you. The marine is going to break out a big battle with Big Mom, and all the Seven Warlords of the Sea must be there to help.”

The Empress smiled, and her beautiful eyes pouting, “Humph, your marine want to start a war with the Four Emperors, what does it matter to me?”

“Your Majesty, please be clear about your identity. You are now the Seven Warlords of the Sea, considered to be the people of the government. The political symbols conscripted with you, do you want to disobey orders?” Leiyin said without backing down.

“You…” The Empress was angry and almost speechless, and when the grandmother heard the two arguing, she rushed over.

“Admiral Leiyin (a respectful term for an Admiral officer), our Emperor is young and impetuous, please make sure you are not in conflict with her in general. She will definitely grant your request and help the marine to take on the Big Mom,” the old woman rushed to round up the situation in order to prevent the conflict between the two from deepening even more.

Hearing this, Leiyin calmed down a bit: What did it have to do with whether she went or not? Just now I was in a fit of anger, so I had a confrontation with this self-righteous woman. If she didn’t go, I would just go back to the headquarters to resume my orders.

At this time, a female guard came up and handed a copy of the latest issue of the newspaper to the old woman, “Lord Granny, the latest issue reported that this man…”

“What’s wrong?” The Granny took the newspaper and read the headline that read

The youngest Marine Admiral in history [White Robe], at the age of twenty…

After reading it, the old woman was dumbfounded.

“Old woman, has something happened?” Hancock saw that the old woman looked a little strange, and took the newspaper from her hand.

After reading it, Hancock was also frozen on the spot…

The man in front of her was actually the newly promoted Admiral!

‘As you said, I am only a mere Commodore, if the Admiral arrived here, can you still peacefully claim the throne here?’ (Chapter 115)

This passage was the first time Leiyin came to the Amazon Lily to talk to the Empress. She did not expect that today, it was actually the same as the prophecy, it came true!

On top of this sea, the marine had three Admirals (now four Admirals), the Four Emperors, and the Seven Warlords of the Sea, known as the three major forces balancing the world. It could be said that either one was able to block the aspect of the lord. The twenty-year-old Marine Admiral, not to mention seeing, she did not even hear of.

It should be known that the rank of Admiral was shot out of a gun, it was not bought with money, nor was it sent with a phone bill.

This little kid, how could it be?

However, how the grandmother carefully recalled (she was often reading the newspaper), Gecko Moria, Eustass Kid, [World Destroyer] Byrnndi World… And the recently defeated [Golden Lion] Shiki (Cracker news was not announced), with this list of defeated, it made sense to become a Marine Admiral.

Leiyin, on the other hand, did not take these seriously, he remembered his original intention, and turned around to go.

“Hey, where are you going?” The Empress shouted and chirped.

“Since Her Majesty does not agree, I have to go back and resume my orders.” Leiyin said indifferently with a sideways glance.

Seeing this, The grandmother was even more anxious, “Commodore Leiyin… Admrall! Hancock, she said all the angry words, she will definitely help the marine out of the war.”

“Just now she sounded very determined, I’m not good at forcing people to go. So, see you later.” This time Leiyin didn’t head back, speeding up his steps and heading out…

“Stop right there!” Seeing this, the Empress flew out and immediately stopped Leiyin’s way.

“What are you doing?”

“You… What kind of place do you think this concubine in? You can come and go whenever you want?” The Empress looked at him with delicate anger.

“Get out of the way, I have urgent matters to attend to, I have to go.”

Leiyin was about to walk forward again, but the Empress kicked over, “Perfume Femur!”

Leiyin’s eyes tightened and immediately avoided the attack.

“Hey, you’re going too far!” Leiyin said angrily.

“It’s you who’s going too far, right? This is the first time I’ve ever seen a man who’s been here for half a day and wants to leave? You know, this is a forbidden place for men, and it’s already extraordinarily kind of me to let you in, you… How dare you ignore me like this?!” Hancock said with more and more agitation.

“Then what exactly do you want?”

“You… You must apologize to the concubine!”

“I didn’t do anything wrong, why should I apologize.”

“Then you will stay here for this concubine forever!” Hancock gestured with both hands in the shape of a peach heart and attacked again…

“Hancock, you can’t!”

Seeing that the two people were at sword fight, the old granny hurriedly blocked Leiyin.

“Hancock, you absolutely can not do this. He is a Marine Admiral, even if you do not think for yourself, you must also think for the Kuja Tribe…”

Hancock was capricious and arrogant, how could she listened to the words of the old woman? She directly launched the devil fruit ability, and the grandmother turned into a stone statue.

Leiyin did not escape, he was also within the range of Hancock’s attack, the strange thing was that he was not petrified…

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