Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 207


Seeing Leiyin going to leave, the Empress stood up at once, “Hey!”

Leiyin turned his head:,”What’s wrong?”

“That… You… When are you going to the G-5 Branch?”

“Didn’t I say that? I’ll go after I finish going to the headquarters to resume orders. By the way, the overall commander this time is Admiral Kuzan, I’ll make a phone call, you move now.”

The Empress nodded dumbfounded, “Then… How to say… Are we fighting side by side?”

Leiyin said lightly, “Well, sort of. Then, I’ll go first.”

With that, he went straight to the marine Headquarters.

After Leiyin left, the Empress fell down on Salome with dizzyness.

“Lord Hancock!”

The two sisters shouted, and the grandy also came forward.

The Empress was a little breathless, “What is happening to me?”

Among those present, perhaps only the Elder Nyon knew what was going on.

Just like that, Leiyin went back on the warship. However, what no one expected was that this was his last time, as a maeine back to the Marine Headquarters …..

Marineford, Fleet Admiral’s office.

“Haha, what did I say, only you kid can swing that woman. You’re really a ‘girl killer’.” Garp patted Leiyin’s shoulder and laughed boldly.

“Old man, you are the senior of the marine, can you pay attention to your image.” Seeing this look of Farp, Leiyin’s face was helpless…

“Very good. That makes three of the Seven Warlords of the Sea to accept the draft.” Fleet Admiral Sengoku on the side said.

Hearing this, Leiyin brightened up, “The remaining two are?”

“Oh, it’s Bartholomew Kuma and Dracule Mihawk.”

Hearing these two people, for some reason, Leiyin felt an inexplicable excitement in his heart, “The world’s number one swordsman is actually here? It’s really something to look forward to.”

[Hawk Eyes] Dracule Mihawk was recognized as the world’s strongest swordsman. He and the Four Emperors Red-Haired Shanks was a good friend. The two of them sparring with each other several times in swordplay and were tied. From this point of view, it seemed that Hawk Eye’s strength might surpass that of the admiral.

There was also [Tyrant] Bartholomew Kuma which was not an idle person. In the original, he easily suppressed Luffy who could open three gears and the entire pirate group.

“Really an unbearable expectation of the battle, then, I go to the G-5 branch base first.” Leiyin said, he couldn’t wait to go.

“Wait!” Sengoku called out to him.

“What is it?”

Sengoku took out an envelope from the drawer and said, “A few days ago, when you were still in Amazon Lily, the G-5 Branch received a letter addressed to you, and since you were away, the letter was sent here.”

“Who sent it?” Leiyin asked while picking up the letter.

“It doesn’t say who sent it, it’s an anonymous letter.”

“Anonymous letter?” With endless doubts, Leiyin opened the letter.

The letter read.

Dear Mr. Admiral.

You must be doing very well now, right? There must be a lot of beautiful girls around you. It had been more than a year, and you didn’t heard anything about me? Did you not want to know? You forgot about me long ago, didn’t you? You were really popular now. I could read about you in the newspaper.

If you were seeing someone, don’t ever come to see me and my little Tiger Cat again! Big bastard!

Yours sincerely, without salute!

After reading the letter, Leiyin really laughed and cried, no need to guess, he knew who it was.

With that, he put the letter in his pocket and said to Sengoku and Garp.

“Fleet Admiral, I need to take a few days off.”

When Sengoku heard, he looked puzzled, “Day off? Now the form is imminent, looking at the outbreak of a major war, you want to take a leave of absence?”

“I have a very important matter. It’s just for a few days, I’ll be right back after I go. Isn’t there still ten days before the execution of Cracker?”

“What exactly is the letter from the person? What did the letter say?” Sengoku asked.

“Do you want to hear the truth or lies?”

“Of course it’s the truth.”

“It’s my wife.”

“Bam.” Garp’s cup of tea fell to the ground, spilling tea all over the floor, “You… What did you say?”

“It’s my wife, who I met when I was out doing a mission once.”

“You kid, you even have been hiding from us?”

“Sorry, I am also really helpless. This time back, I will explain clearly.” Leiyin said with a calm face.

Sengoku thought for a moment and said, “Okay, you go, I only give you three days, after three days, you must rush to the G-5 Branch base.”

“I know, thank you Fleet Admiral.” Leiyin said, glanced at Garp, and flew out without looking back.

Garp said, “At this time, how can you believe that kid…”

Sengoku replied, “Look at him, that must be very important to him. If you do not let him go, he will never be able to fight without fear.”

No one expected that Leiyin’s departure would cause the world to be in turmoil…

Leiyin took out his Vivre Cards, which pointed in the direction of the North Blue. Two small mounds of earth were concentrated at his feet, and Leiyin flew at the fastest speed on it. This speed was even several times faster than the fastest warship of the headquarters. In less than an hour’s time, he flew to the North Blue, the direction the Vivre Cards pointed to.

On an island pointed out by the Vivre Cards, Leiyin slowly landed down, “There should be no mistake here…”

Leiyin looked around, opened the full range of the Kenbonshoku Haki, searching for signs of Baby-5…

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