Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 208


New World, Whole Cake Island.

Charlotte Linlin, “Cracker that guy, it’s been four days, how come he’s still not back. There is not even a little news.”

Big Mom 14th daughter Charlotte Smoothie leisurely shaking the red wine glass in her hand said, “Mom, there is no need to be anxious. Brother is so strong, how many people on the sea is his opponent? He’s probably hiding somewhere to dash off.”

At this time, Charlotte Katakuri, who has mastered Kenbunshoku Haki (able to foresee some future), came in with a gloomy face, “Mom, I… There are some bad premonitions…”

The Empress had arrived at the base of the Marine G-5Bbranch, and the troops were basically assembled.

Admiral Kuzan lazily sitting in the office, asking the situation, “How is it? Did the Seven Warlords of the Sea have arrived?”

A Lieutenant replied, “Admiral, the Kuja Pirates Emperor Hancock has arrived. Dracule Mihawk is on his way, and Bartholomew Kuma is still standby at the Marine Headquarters. As ordered by the Fleet Admiral, he will arrive in two days. All of our men have been assembled to stand by!”

“Ah, it is really rare? I’m surprised that Hawkeye is coming too.”

The Lieutenant said, “Hawkeye said that there was just some interest in this war which is Admiral Leiyin, that’s why he came.”

“Ah, becoming an Admiral at the age of twenty is a wonder of the world. Oh, speaking of which, why isn’t that kid, Leiyin, coming yet. He’s the Deputy Commander-in-Chief.”

“Oh, the Fleet Admiral granted him three days leave, I do not know where to go.”

Kuzan look puzzled, “The war is coming, and the Fleet Admiral actually gave him leave? Is that kid ran into something big?

In North Blue, a small residential island.

The Virve Card’s reaction was getting stronger and stronger. At the same time, Leiyin, who used Kenbunshoku Haki, felt that there was a more powerful energy on the south side of the island.

Finally, the reaction of the Virve Card stopped, and he found another Virve Card.

However, there was no Baby-5 to be found!


He saw that Baby-5’s Virve Card fell to the ground, and there were some burn marks.

Lei Yin’s heart secretly thought “bad”. He picked up the Virve Card, and hurriedly ran towards the south ……

“Little bitch, you finally can’t run anymore? I told you, you can’t escape from the palm of my hand, wah ha ha…”

There was a rugged-looking man with a red lion’s head tattooed on his black-haired chest. He looked very fierce with his tiger back and waist, and was followed by dozens of vicious pirates.

This fierce big man was their captain, named Banster. He looked at the hot and lovely-looking beauty in front of him with a dirty look, as if he was looking at his own plate of food.

The vice captain said, “I can’t imagine that there is such a big beauty in such a poor and remote place, we are really lucky.”

“This face, this small waist, these long legs…”

“Oohaha…” The pirates behind them let out a series of strange laughter.

Surrounded by this group of pirates, this girl was Baby-5. The little Tiger Cat, in order to protect her, turned into a cat and tiger beast but was wounded by this group and was lying helplessly on the ground.

Captain Banster was on the island when he saw the island was full of ordinary people with no power. It was also far from the marine branch, so he burned, killed and looted. It so happened that Baby-5 was also on this island, and he took a fancy to Baby-5’s beauty and chased it all the way here.

The group was able to defeat the Tiger Cat beast, meant that it was not an idle group.

Baby-5, with tears dripping from her eyes, tore off a few pieces of cloth from her clothes and wrapped them around the Tiger Cat beast’s wounds.

“Ahh hey, the beautiful girl tear her clothes. Don’t be busy, brother will help you tear ah, hey…” Banster said with his hand reaching out to Baby-5.

“You damn beast, get the hell out of my way!” Baby-5’s right hand became a sword and slashed at Banister, who was unprepared and got a bloody slash on his hand.

The vice captain said, “Captain, this chick is a Devil Fruit user.”

Banster covered the wound and said, “What a surprise,”. His face turned gloomy and he pointed to his wound, “Just for this, I’m going to mess with you hard tonight!”

With that, he was ready to capture Baby-5 alive…

“Oh? Who are you going to get?”

Just when Baby-5 was about to be ravaged, a loud voice came from not far away.

The pirates looked over and a young man was standing there.

“Shit! How did you come out of that farm? Did you live to screw crooked?” Banster sniffed, and walked straight toward the young man.

The young man was Leiyin.

When Baby-5 saw Leiyin, her heart couldn’t tell what mood she was in. She had mixed feelings and cried even more…

“Kid, do you want to die? How dare you come here to spoil the good thing of the old man?” Banster looked at him with an arrogant face, and his tone was arrogant as well.

Leiyin stretched his back and his tone was extremely flat, “I advise you to hurry up and get lost now, or you will die a very ugly death later.”

A pirate henchman said, “Boy, you’re the one who will die ugly. Do you know how much our captain’s bounty is?”

Leiyin lightly grunted, “Look at your captain like this, I guess there are two or three thousand Belly only? Oh, why are you angry? Is my guess high?”

Banster face had been blue with anger, purple, his hands turned into sharp claws, vowing to tear Leiyin to pieces …

The little Tiger Cat just now was defeated by Banster, which showed his strength.

Banster, the captain of the Manticore Pirates, with a bounty of 230 million Belly…

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