Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 21


The fact that Leiyin was walking on the surface of the sea like he was walking on a flat surface was already enough to surprise Yosaku and Johnny.

However, Leiyin’s [Big Ball Rasengan] was synonymous with destruction. It blew up Don Krieg’s ships, causing pieces of iron and wood flying around as soon as it was launched, making them even more startled.

A few days ago, they had just been attacked by Don Krieg’s fleet and almost died. So, Leiyin’s action was considered to help them take revenge and clear their anger. Moreover, with Leiyin’s great strength, a decision sprouted in their hearts.

When Leiyin returned to the ship from the sea, they both bowed down to the ground. Johnny was the first to say, “Big brother, we are impressed by the strength you have shown…” 

Yosaku then said, “Please let us call you big brother. Also, I wonder what your name is.”

Big brother?

Leiyin was dumbfounded, “I… I’m Leiyin.”

Yosaku then went over and tugged on Leiyin’s left pant, “Big brother Leiyin! You are not only strong; you also help us avenge our blood hatred. I’ve been a Bounty Hunter for so many years, but I’ve never met a character like you.”

On the other hand, Johnny tugged on the right side of Leiyin’s pants and cried exaggeratedly, “Big brother, please take us in as junior brothers!” 

“Hey, you two are so noisy. Let go of me; I can’t walk…”


Leiyin couldn’t bear to be pestered by them, so he agreed. At this time, Yosaku and Johnny stood in front of Leiyin, one on the left and right.

The word “Sea” and the word “Big Catch” were very symmetrical, with the sword on their waists.

“My name is Yosaku.”

“My name is Johnny.” 

The two of them said in unison, “We are Bounty Hunter of the East Blue. Please take care of us, big brother!”

More black lines appeared on Leiyin’s head, “Oh, well… Okay…”

These two guys were the same as in the original story. They loved to praise their big brother. Leiyin laughed bitterly and shook his head.

The ship sailed again, and the three of them chatted on the ship.

Yosaku said, “Big brother, I know your name is Leiyin, but who are you exactly?”.

The two men were curious about Leiyin’s superhuman strength, which wasn’t that of an ordinary person at all, so they asked curiously.

Leiyin rested his hands on the back of his head, “I am a Bounty Hunter. Oh, by the way, do you know where the nearest marine base is?”

Although Leiyin had the map and Log Pose given by the village chief, Farmer, the Log Pose must be filled with records from one island to know the next island’s direction. He was anxious to exchange bounties to improve his strength, so he didn’t go down to rest when he passed some uninhabited islands. With these two ready-made Bounty Hunters in front of him, Leiyin thought, they should naturally be familiar with the marine base.

Yosaku said, “It should be the Shells Town.”

“The Shells Town?” Leiyin heard the word and recalled it. In the original story, it was the first marine base that Luffy entered when he first went to sea. The highest commander stationed in the town was Captain [Axe-Hand] Morgan of the Marine 153rd Branch.

However, if he looked at the time now, the Captain in Shells Town was certainly not Morgan.

Yosaku said again, “Brother, are we going there now?”

Leiyin nodded.

Johnny thought for a moment and asked, “Big brother, do you have a bounty to exchange?”


Johnny sniffed again with confusion, “But we don’t see you capturing any pirates. Do you lock them in the cabin?”

Leiyin didn’t bother to explain more, “When we get there, you’ll know.”

When they heard him say that, they didn’t ask any more questions.


A day later, the three of them arrived at their destination, the Shells Town.

Initially, Leiyin thought that Shells Town was mainly the marine territory, so it wasn’t that big. However, when he arrived, he realized that it was even smaller than he imagined. 

As soon as he got off the ship, Leiyin didn’t have the slightest intention of stopping and walked directly to the marine base. So, Yosaku and Johnny naturally followed him.


When they arrived at the gate of the marine base, there were only four soldiers on guard. As the three of them were about to enter, the four marines all together raised their guns and pointed at them, “Who are you guys?”

Yosaku said, “Brother Marine, we are Bounty Hunters who have captured pirates and come here to exchange them for bounties. We want to ask you to make it easy for us to come in.” 

One of the higher rankings, Seaman First Class, said, “Where are the pirates you caught?”

The three of them didn’t even have a corpse in their hands, let alone a living person tied up, so how could anyone trust them? Yosaku and Johnny snorted at each other and then focused their attention on Leiyin.

Leiyin, on the other hand, said quietly, “I’ll show you when I get inside.”

While the two sides were in a deadlock, an officer came out from inside.

When the officer saw such a scene, he couldn’t help but ask, “What’s going on here?”

When the four men saw the officer, they saluted in unison. The Seaman First Class said, “Chief Morgan (Chief Petty Officer), there are three unidentified men here who claim to be Bounty Hunters and say they want to exchange bounties.”

The officer turned out to be Morgan, who was still an unknown Chief Petty Officer. Leiyin checked him out and found that at this point, Morgan’s jaw hadn’t been crushed by [Hundred Plans] Kuro. 

Unexpectedly, Morgan said, “Let them in.”

In Leiyin’s impression, Morgan wasn’t such an easy man to talk to, but he didn’t expect Morgan would let them in so smoothly.

Morgan was no fool. When he saw that they didn’t have a bounty on them, he could execute them for “defrauding the marine” because he couldn’t get anyone when they went through the formalities. Morgan was a savage and brutal man at heart. Although he didn’t quarrel with these three men, he could satisfy his bloodthirsty excitement by killing them.

When Leiyin finally met the Captain of Marine 153rd Branch, it turned out he was a gentle, middle-aged man with glasses. 

To exchange bounties, of course, the captain had to sign for it.

When the marine asked him for the pirates, Morgan was on the sidelines trying to watch them. However, Leiyin didn’t panic and took out the two scrolls. The two scrolls appeared in his left and right hands, and he unfolded them on the ground at once. With a single tap, two corpses appeared on top of the scrolls. 

As people were amazed, a marine chief (Chief Petty Officer) flipped through the stack of bounty orders in his hands, looking carefully at the corpses in comparison.

“The one on the left is [Bad Wolf Pirates] Co-captain Andrin, with a bounty of 5 million belly.”

“And the one on the right is [Bad Wolf Pirates] Captain Anderson, with a bounty of… 10 million belly!”

Even the chief was surprised when he read out the names of the two corpses and the bounty. He couldn’t help but look at Leiyin, who had killed the two pirates.

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