Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 212


According to Katakuri’s foreknowledge and Biscuit Soldiers report, it seemed that Cracker was captured by the marine or had been killed.

Big Mom threw away the cake in her hand in anger and smashed most of the table, “Damn the marine, how dare they! Send troops! Attack the G 5 Branch!”

Although Bg Mom had anorexia and looked insane, her brain was still very clear when it was critical. She knew that this matter was unlikely to be the Marine Headquarters high level who had come all the way here to defeat the Cracker. Most likely the G 5 branch’s Captain Leiyin, who had recently been promoted to the rank of Admiral, was likely to have the strength to defeat the Cracker.

Big Mom was worse than Whitebeard, and didn’t have the power to attack the Marine Headquarters directly. After all, after the death of the Pirates King Gol D. Roger, Whitebeard was the world’s most recognized strongest.

Thus, the news of Cracker’s public execution was not announced, yet all the signs had been shown very clearly, she would be a fool if she didn’t understand. In order to save the dignity of her son Cracker, Big Mom rushed to the marine G 5 branch with a huge army.

But what she didn’t know was that the marine was not stupid. Fleet Admiral Senogku had long coordinated everything, Admiral Kuzan had laid a good defense line in the base, the war was on the verge of…

Sabaody Archipelago, Area No. 1, Human Auction House.

Charlos shot the slave Keli, and the auction continued.

“Ahem, there was just a small interruption, the auction continues, the fourth item…”

Before the host finished, the “fourth item” had been brought to the stage.

This was an old man with a dirty face, full of silver hair, wearing glasses. Although his face was dirty, it was obvious that he was an old handsome man.

Unlike other slaves being sold, other slaves were ashen as hell, but this old man had a relaxed face like a leisurely stroll, and held a small military jug in his hand, drinking wine in a casual manner.

Seeing this man, Leiyin almost stood up in shock!

And people in the audience had been talking about it.

“This old man is really a bit interesting. At this time, he actually still have the mind to leisurely drink!”

“What is there to auction for a lousy old man? Give him a pension?”

“No, he surprisingly can be put up for sale, I think that 80% has his characteristics, you see this old man is behaving differently from everyone else?”

“I think he must have been tortured out of his mind, that’s why he behaved so pleasantly.”

In fact, when this old man was brought up, the host also had a headache, what was there to sell for an old man? However, the boss behind the auction was estimated to make money, trying to find ways to sell this worthless “stuff”. After all, it was a bargain to earn a Belly.

“Oh, there are really a lot of people here today, are they all here to see the old man? Wow haha…” The silver-haired old man drank high and took a sip of wine.

This statement once again caused a wave of chatter.

“What did I say, this old screamer (his face is too dirty) is very interesting.”

“Yes, it’s good to buy a clown, you can also relieve the boredom.”

“I think he’s a crazy old man.”

The presenter was so slick, he was so complimentary, he set the price at 10,000 bailey, and when he said “10,000 bailey”, he didn’t even have any confidence in himself.

“I bid 30,000!”





Even the host didn’t expect that the man’s price would actually be bid up to more than one hundred thousand berries. In a burst of people’s bidding, the host’s face was smiling more than a chrysanthemum. But only one person sitting below knew what the old man sitting on the stage was…

The marine G 5 base branch.

“Here they come, here they come!”

A marine sentry shouted from the lookout, and the imperial alarm of the G 5 branch base had sounded in the long air.

A strong cold air swept from the army, Admiral Kuzan had already soared above the lookout, he took a monocular to look, more than thirty pirate ships had already driven to this place in a huge way.

“The news of the execution of Cracker has not yet been announced, they really have noticed it? Fleet Admiral is really still planning ahead.”

The pirates, the flag of the hat and collar decorated with fluffy, lipsticked beckoning skeleton fluttered…

Big Mom pirates were coming!

“Big Mom is coming! The entire army to enter the highest level of war readiness!”

Kuzan shouted from the high platform, the whole army stared closely ahead.

“Prepare the artillery!”

The commander shouted, many large and medium-sized dark and cold cannon muzzle in unison aimed at Big Mom’s fleet…


With a command, shells like hailstones, overwhelmingly fired out towards the pirate fleet. Katakuri who was on the lead ship, created a huge like a rice cake, blocked most of the cannon fire. Big Mom even used its ability to block part of it, many pirates showed their skills to stop it, only a few scattered shells, exploded in the sea, splashing a burst of water.

“As expected… The Four Emperor Pirates…” Kuzan stared ahead, his hands had turned to ice.

At the G 5 Branch position, only two of the Seven Warlords of the Seam came.

Dracule Mihawk’s hands clasped in front of his chest, his gaze sharp looking ahead.

The Empress Hancock’s beautiful eyes slightly sad, so many men were really uncomfortable, that said, why that bastard Leiyin still not come …

The curtain of the war has opened… 

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