Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 213


Sabaody Archipelago, Human Auction House

“I…I bid 500,000 Belly!”

A clear and pleasant young girl’s voice resounded throughout the auction hall, and everyone couldn’t help but look towards her.

This young girl, not only had a good voice but also looks beautiful.

She was Baby-5.

Everyone present did not understand why a beautiful young beauty bought a bad old man to do, did she had any special fetish?

Not only the people present, even her husband Leiyin was also puzzled, “Hey, what did you buy that old man for?”

Baby-5 said, “Those slaves are too pitiful, this old man is so old, I want to buy him and then set him free.”

Leiyin smiled at her and stroked her head, “You’re such a kind girl.”

With that, Baby-5’s face became a little embarrassed and whispered to Leiyin, “Hey, do you have 500,000?”

“Whatever you want, I have it…”

Then, the host announced that the silver-haired old man was bought by Baby-5 for half a million Belly.

“Whahahaha, I didn’t expect that an old man, a bad old man, could still get a beautiful girl.” The old man on the stage was smiling brightly.

“Hey, stinky old man, shut your stinky mouth!” The host reprimanded from the side. With that, the silver-haired old man was brought down by the staff.

The rule of the auction was that the seller and the buyer first ordered the amount of the auction, and then the slave was brought down and the two sides made a deal backstage.

The old man was brought down, Baby-5 dragged Leiyin, and rushed to the backstage to collect people.

At the auction backstage, not long after…

“What did you say? Ran away?”


“How can that be? Just an old man with no hands, you guys are a bunch of losers, you can’t even watch an old man!”

“No… It’s not like that, that old man instantly broke free from the chains, wonder what magic he used to shock us out!”

The manager heard the staff member’s words and directly lifted his collar, “Broke free of the chains? Magic? Do you think of me as a three-year-old child? Do you know that the chains will explode within ten seconds as long as the slave tries to break free!”

The staff trembled, “But… But it’s actually happening.”

“And you dare to give me mendacity!” The manager said. He staggered the man with a big mouth, and then ordered the others, “You guys hurry up and get me back that old man, someone must have let him go, I must find the person who let the old man go!”

“But… Manager! It’s not good!”

“What is it again?”

“More than 120 million belly have been stolen from our money cabinet!”

“What do you mean?!”

Things were getting more and more complicated, and the manager sent his men in full pursuit of the silver-haired old man…

Leiyin and Baby-5 came backstage together to ask for someone.

“I’m really sorry, both of you, just a moment ago, the old man with silver hair escaped.”

“Escaped?” Baby-5’s beautiful eyes tightened, “What nonsense are you guys talking about, an old man, how can he run away?”

Baby-5 was a kind-hearted silly girl, but not yet a fool, how could an old man with no hands escape the clutches of the gang in such a short period of time?

“Truly… I’m really sorry, both of you, but he did run away, and things are still under investigation.”

“You guys are lying! An old man covered in chains and bomb collars, actually ran away, if I say this, will you believe?” Baby-5 beauty eyes pouted questioning the staff.

The staff pondered slightly, “Sorry lady, I apologize to you for our fault, in order to express our apology, according to the rules, you can get twenty percent, that is, one hundred thousand belly of compensation.”

At the beginning, the two sides reached a deal, but Leiyin and Baby-5 did not give them the half million, which meant that the Human Auction House had to give them one hundred thousand as compensation. Although the human trafficking house was black, but after all, he was doing business and was still very trustworthy, they did not want others to say that they did not count their words and smashed their own sign. After all, no one would get in trouble with money.

“Slave, fishman, slave, fishman…”

While both sides were talking, the World Noble Charlos came backstage with a green snot to bring up his “goods”, he bought the sixth item, a fishman.

As soon as he saw Charlos, the staff immediately hung a grandson-like smile on his face, nodding his head and bending his back for fear of offending this grand master.

When Charlos saw Leiyin and Baby-5 duo here, he asked the staff what was going on, and the staff told him about the silver-haired old man.

With that, Charlos turned his head and fixed his gaze on Baby-5’s body, this gaze made Baby-5 very uncomfortable and subconsciously hid behind Leiyin.

“A half million for a dying old man, what is there to calculate, I can make you a fortune.” Charlos said to Leiyin.

“Hmm?” Leiyin looked at him coldly and had a bad feeling.

“Sell your girlfriend to me, I’ll give you ten times the price, how about five million?”

“What are you… saying?!” Leiyin smiled and his face turned iron blue.

Charlos took a glance at the beauty of Baby-5 and wanted to take it for himself.

“Men, why suffer from the lack of women? I give you money, you find another one, you should know that to be seen by this master, it is an honor for her. He can be my ‘number 18’.”

Charlos said and ordered the man behind him to take out five million belly from the money box and throw it on the ground, while Leiyin’s face was getting ugly and his anger was already shaped in color.

Charlos smiled, “What? Too little? Is ten million enough?”

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