Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 214


At marine G 5 branch base.

“All hands! Full speed impact!” Big Mom shouted and commanded his men to drive the ship at full speed.

On the side, Katakuri’s face was gloomy, “Mom, it’s not necessary.”


“Wait a minute, the whole ship can not move.”

Just after Katakuri’s words, Admiral Kuzan had already arrived at the port, with a large amount of cold air bubbling in his hands.

“Ice Age!”

Just a short moment, G 5 branch was surrounded by frozen water, and all the pirate ships were frozen in the ice.

Sure enough, as Katakuri said.

Dracule Mihawk looked ahead, his heart inexplicably excited … Many strong people on the sea had gathered in this small battlefield, finally he could show his skills, his black sword had long been hungry and thirsty …

“Booyo booyo… Dracule Mihawk! The world’s strongest swordsman?”

The person who spoke was named Bishop Bobbin, nicknamed “Sweeper, Big Mom Pirate combatant, wearing a mask with round eyes and a triangular nose as if there were three mouths, holding a giant scimitar. The bounty of 105,5 million Belly.

“Dracule Mihawk, watch us take your head!”

Randolph, nicknamed “Crane Rider”, Big Mom Pirate combatant, he was a human-type rabbit, but was not a fur family, his weapon was a lance.

Bobbin and Randolph were both eager to get credit, and came towards Dracule Mihawk to kill.

“Humph! Nameless rat!”

Dracule Mihawk’s sharp gaze stared ahead, simply lightly waved the black blade, a green sword energy suddenly came out, precisely chopped at the two. The two could not resist, and was buried in the sword energy, falling to the ground spitting blood. The whole process was only a mere three seconds.

“This is… The world’s strongest power…” When the soldiers saw this scene, they all sighed at the sight of the sea.

The pirates continued to fight and kill, changing from the original sea battle to a land battle.

At this time, G 5 branch command, the communications officer dialed the headquarters.

“Hello, this is the Marine Headquarters, this is Sengoku.”

“Lord Fleet Admiral, the Four Emperor Big Mom is invading the G 5 branch base!”

Sengoku pondered for a moment and said to the other end of the line, “Tell Kuzan to stabilize first, I will send Admiral Sakazuki, Borsalino and Vice Admiral Garp to support you.”

“Yes, Fleet Admiral!”

As the other side hung up the phone, an Ensign barged into the Fleet Admiral’s office.

Sengoku, “What’s the panic?”

Ensign, “Lord Fleet Admiral, it’s not good, a World Noble was killed in Sabaody Archipelaho Area No. 1!”

“What did you say!!!” When Sengoku heard this, he was so shocked that his jaw flew to the sky …

Two hours ago, backstage of the Human Auction House in the Sabaody Archipelaho Area No. 1.

Charlos threw another five million Belly on the ground, “How about ten million, this money is enough for you to find a lot of women. Don’t think about this one, sell her to me.”

Leiyin head of blue veins, angrily stared at Charlos.

Charlos said, “Hey, what’s that look in your eyes that really screams fire.”

The guards beside the World Noble said, “Hey, boy do you want to die? How dare you look at the World Noble with such eyes!”

With that, Charlos ordered the guards behind him to go up together to catch Leiyin and Baby-5.

These guards were one in a hundred experts, selected from the marine officers in the battle elite specifically to protect the safety of the World Noble, proficient in Rokushiki, each with extraordinary skills.

They were all aggressive, but…… yhey were taken out by Leiyin.

“How… How is it possible? My old guards were ……” Seeing the guards who were solved in an instant, Charlos’ heart became a little panicked, and he hastily pulled out the pistol at his waist and aimed at Leiyin.

Leiyin was not afraid, he steadily walked towards Charlos, who was pointing a gun.

Charlos’ face was full with cold sweat, “Do not … Don’t come over, if you come over again I’ll shoot!”

Leiyin, as if he had not heard him, walked straight up to him and put his head against the muzzle of his gun.

“Lei yin! Let’s go…” Baby-5 was scared in her heart and hurriedly urged Leiyin to come back.

Leiyin’s head zero distance against the muzzle of the gun, the look remained unchanged, his eyes were like a ghost god, “Try firing one…”

“But… Damn…” Seeing Leiyin’s eyes, Charlos’ heart inexplicably fearful, he bravely pulled up his guts, his index finger pulled the trigger ……

“Leiyin, come back to me!” Baby-5 desperately yanked Leiyin, afraid that he was shot in the head, but Leiyin did not move at all.


There was a miserable scream, and blood dripped onto the ground.

However, this blood was not Leiyin’s. When looking closely, Charlos’ right finger fell to the ground with blood, and the trigger was not pulled.

As the saying went, ten fingers were connected to the heart, Charlos painfully covered the broken finger, his forehead straight out of cold sweat, “You guys… Do you know that I am… World Noble, don’t you worry about inviting the marine to catch you, then, I will catch your girlfriend … You know the consequences…”

Leiyin snorted, his foot directly on the face of Charlos, “Admiral? I tell you, I am the Admiral! You disgusting thing, how dare you threaten me at the end of your life!”

Baby-5 clutching Leiyin’s arm: “Leiyin, forget it, he is a World Noble, let’s go!”

“I’m not used to seeing people bullying you…” After saying that, white light flashed from Leiyin’s hands cutting out a trio of sword-like energy, dislodging both arms of Charlos and decapitating his head…

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