Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 216


Marine G 5 branch base.

About 100,000 people were gathered in and around the small branch base. The sound of shouting and killing, the sound of clashing swords, and the roar of guns were incessant.

At this moment, Big Mom was sitting on the bow of the ship and did not make a move.

The black clouds were about to destroy the city!

Pirates, “Kill all these damn Marine! For Lord Cracker revenge!”

Marine, “For the sake of justice! Must not lose to the pirates!”

“Ice Time!”

A full of cold ice bird suddenly came out, frostbite frostbite pirates.

“Ice Saber!”

With that, the Ice Saber held in the hands of Admiral Kuzan, straight towards the pirates in the group to kill.


Kuzan was charging when, from nowhere a bullet shot, Kuzan’s eyes was quick, knocking that bullet away with the Ice Saber.

The shot was not a bullet, but a sugar bean.

When he looked again, a powerful figure was already in front of him.

The man had short crimson hair, a tall, muscular body, and long legs.

He also wore what looked like a flower scarf to cover his entire face, black gloves, and held a trident.

Charlotte Katakuri, the second son of the Charlotte family, “Four Sweet Commanders” with Mochi Mochi no Mi ability, He had a very powerful Hali. The bounty, 1 billion 57 million Belly!

The sugar beans that just stopped Kuzan’s attack were shot out of his hands. The power of sugar beans in his hands was even more powerful than bullets!

“Oh? It seems that I have met a big man.” Kuzan said lazily.

“Kuzan, I just want to ask you, where did that Leiyin guy go?”

“Leiyin that brat, I guess in vacation.”

“Kuzan, hurry up and hand him over, he killed my brother Cracker, I want to cut him into pieces!”

“I really do not know where he went, but I also tell you,” Kuzan waved the Ice Saber in his hand, “If you want to see him, you must first defeat me to do so.”

“Then I will defeat you!”

Thus, Admiral Kuzan and the general star Katakuri fought together …

On the other hand, Dracule Mihawk and Snack were fighting for dozens of rounds, the two fought on the frozen surface of the sea, and even many cracks appeared.

“So, your 720 million head is only so.” Dracule Mihawk said indifferently.

Hearing that, Snack’s face was defiant, and the sword blade pointed straight at his opponent, “Dracule Mihawk, you are less complacent, today I have to take your head and make a name for myself!”


Dracule Mihawk sneered contemptuously, destroying the black blade in his hand. A green sword flash, Snack did not dodge away, his right chest was cut with a bone-deep wound, “The world’s strongest swordsman, is really invincible…” After saying that, Snack spit out blood and fell to the ground…

On the other side, Vice Dmiral Momonga was fighting with a woman.

The woman was tall and thin, wearing a hat and scarf, with long legs (long-legged race) and long hair reaching her legs. Wearing a pair of black gloves. Wielding a long sword with a spiral scabbard and wearing a pair of black boots with a flower pattern.

Charlotte Smoothie, the 14th daughter of Big Mom, one of the “Four Star Commander”, Minister of Juice. The bounty, 932 million Belly!

The two swords together, which even hit a spark.

“Vice Admiral Momonga of the Marine Headquarters, nice to meet you.” Smoothie teased.

Vice Admiral Momonga responded, “Nothing, we’re just here to take care of destroying you!”

The two men swords came and went, all with chopping waves of sword energy. Then, a strange-looking red substance appeared on top of Smoothie’s sword blade, and as he chopped at Momonga, the red substance was conducted on Momonga’s sword blade and spread to his hand, and at once, Momonga felt a strong burning sensation, and he struggled to hold his sword. He retreated several steps away in pain.

“What the hell is this?” Momonga desperately shrugged off the inconspicuous red substance in his hand.

Smoothie smiled slightly and said, “Don’t be afraid, Mr. Momonga, that’s just my ability…”

The whole battlefield was filled with a shouting and killing sound, the Admirals and Vice Admirals were fighting fiercely with the senior cadres of the Charlotte Pirates, and the miscellaneous soldiers were sparring with muskets and swords. Big Mom had been sitting down finally could not resist, jumped off the ship to raise her right hand, summoned the Thunder Zeus and Sun Prometheus …

At this time Sakazune and Garp was rushing to G 5 Branch base…

Sabaody Archipelago, Area No.5.

Hundreds of marine forces had arrived, surrounded Leiyin and Baby-5 group.

A captain said, “Admiral Leiyin, please do not confront, come with us back to the Marine Headquarters, the Fleet Admiral will certainly be lightly sentenced.”

Leiyin grunted lightly, “Do you think I am a three-year-old child? If you go back, you’ll be directly to Impel Down.”

“Then I’m sorry.”

The marine raised their muskets in unison and aimed them at their former Vice Admiral.

“You guys, don’t waste your breath,” Borsalino said slowly, “You’re no match for him, you’re just cannon fodder here.”

“But, Admiral Borsalino..”

“Stand down, there will be more powerful reinforcements arrive later. I’ll take care of this first. You go to inform the headquarters of the situation here.”

Hundreds of marine soldiers heard the words, they obeyed the orders of the Borsalino, and withdrew.

Leiyin turned to Baby-5 and said, “You run, I’ll hold off Borsalino”

Baby-5’s hands had turned into double guns, “No, I want to fight with you!”

“Baby-5 obey, I need you alive.”

“No, to go together, I will never go alone!” This time, Baby-5’s tone was decisive.

“This silly girl…” Looking at Baby-5, Lei Yin sighed helplessly…

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