Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 217


Sabaody Archipelago, Area No. 60, the marine station. [Latest Chapter Reading] Here the marine dialed the Headquarters, contacted the Fleet Admiral Sengoku.

“This is the Marine Headquarters, I am Sengoku.”

“Lord Fleet Admiral, it has been identified that the person who killed the World Noble is Admiral Leiyin please ask what to do next?”

Hearing this, Sengoku’s heart was greatly shocked, “You you sure? You’re not kidding me, right?”

“It is indeed Admiral Leiyin”

Sengoku was silent for a long time before speaking, “Ordered Borsalino, Bartholomew Kuma and other extreme siege, make sure that kid came back to me”

“Yes, yes”

Sabaody Archipelago, Area No. 5.

“You’re dying now!!!”

Bang Bang Bang Bang

Borsalino sent out dozens of light waves, and Leiyin strongly urged the sword blade, and a large amount of chakra attached to the sword to block. These laser light strikes on Leiyin’s Kusanagi sword, all turned into nothingness.

“As expected of the original Admiral, you know, the power of my move is more powerful than heavy artillery.”

Leiyin said, “Yes, since the moment I killed the World Noble, I am no longer a marine man.”

Borsalino was scratching his head tone slowly and leisurely, “I really can’t figure you out, twenty-year-old Marine Admiral that is a great future, why do you have to make such a self-destructive thing?”

“I have long looked at those disgusting guys of the World Noble, and I do not like. Today I will solve it by hand. Maybe I am tired of being a marine, and want to play with a new identity.” Leiyin tone was flat, there was not the slightest fear.

As Leiyin said so, in fact, it was all for Baby-5. If not, with the character of the World Noble, they would have to find a way to get Baby-5.

“Oh you say too bland, you think this is a family? What’s wrong with being an Admiral properly.”

With that, Leiyin spoke a sentence that let Borsalino thought of words, “Admiral Borsalino, you and I are at least a fellow officer, I stay here, you let my wife go”


Before Leiyin finished, Baby-5 shot out a gun, piercing the chest of Borsalino. However, what she pierced was just a layer of light waves. Baby-5 had not yet learned Haki, so she simply could not touch the Logia type.

“Oh originally I could have agreed to your request, it seems that your wife is very unsettled, Leiyin.”

Leiyin look at her with a look of helplessness, “Forget it, since you do not run, let’s fight together.”

Baby-5 said, “Leiyin, I will definitely help you.”

Borsalino gazed ahead, his right leg turned into a pillar of light.

“Leiyin, have you ever been kicked by the speed of light?”

After the words, with a dazzling flashm the right leg kicked toward Leiyin, and Leiyin attached his left arm with Haki, blocking the blow.

When Borsalino saw his attack couldn’t make it, he jumped into the air and crossed his arms.

“Yasakani no Magatam”

After the words, countless dazzling light bullets, towards a man and a woman to spread the sky

When Leiyin saw this, he had already taken out hundreds of shuriken in the system in the previous moment, and fired them after making a seal.

“Shuriken Shadow Art Technique”

Tens of thousands of shuriken and light bullets collided together, exploded, and smoke roared in mid-air.

Suddenly, a shell directly hit Borsalino’s body, Borsalino was caught off guard, the body was directly blown into two pieces

It turned out that Baby-5 turned into a cannon, attacking Borsalino. After beating Borsalino, Baby-5 also threw a winks to Leiyin, “Leiyin, I’m great, right? I told you I could help.”

Baby-5 looked very funny when she turned into a cannon, Leiyin smiled but somewhat could not bear to look at it.

Borsalino’s body was blown into two sections, the upper body but scratching his head, “You two are really laid back, still flirting at this time.”

With that, Borsalino’s upper body turned into a pile of light bullets, which were spliced onto the lower body in no time.

“This little girl is really very restless ah, it seems to have to give a little lesson to do.”

Borsalino’s tone was slow, his hands were united and he summoned a lightsaber.

“Ama no Murakumo”

With that, Borsalino carried the sword, flying towards baby5 to kill.

When Leiyin saw this, he flew forward, blocked in front of Baby-5, and looked at Borsalino.

“Mr. Borsalino, your opponent is me, you are not allowed to bully her”

“Oh really touching”

With that, Borsalino started to strike with his sword, and Leiyin also met with his sword.

Dang Dang Dang

The sound of two swords clashing in the void, Borsalino showed his powerful sword skills, and Leiyin evenly divided

Borsalino joined the marine in the same year as the current Admiral Sakazuki when he was twenty-six years old, and at that time already had excellent kicking skills and powerful swordplay, and was known as a powerful “monster”. After gaining the ability of Logia Devil Fruit, his strength was even more like a tiger.

In the next moment, Leiyin violently pushed the sword blade, shaking Borsalino back several steps, taking advantage of this gap, Leiyin’s hands suddenly formed a seal, quickly launched a jutsu.

“Chidori Raikiri.”

That his right hand flashed with powerful lightning, directly attacked Borsalino. Borsalino waved the heavenly clouds sword to block, LeiyYin’s right hand was “bared” on top of Borsalino’s sword blade, seeing that this move was ineffective, Leiyin’s eyes had changed color.

“Sage Mode open”

“Sage Moge Rasengan”

There was no more breathing space for Borsalino, a magnificent ball of energy suddenly launched from Leiyin’s hand

When Borsalino saw this, he put away the sword, his hands gathered a large number of light waves, and spurted out towards the ball of energy. The two sides collided together, not only made Sabaody Archipelago No.1 to No.8 area all vibrate, but also produced a huge crater at the place of impact!

After the strong aftermath, the explosion caused by the dust and fog gradually dispersed. Leiyin was still standing in the same place unharmed, but Borsalino was already knocked to the ground

This was a frontal attack, Leiyin defeated Borsalino!

Borsalino rose from the ground with difficulty, his clothes had become torn and tattered

Leiyin withdrew the Sage Mode, pulling Baby-5’s hand, “Well, let’s run quickly”

Looking at the wretched Borsalino, Baby-5 nodded like a kitten

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