Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 218


Sabaody Archipelago, Area No. 5.

Borsalino got up from the ground with difficulty and looked at Leiyin with a face full of incredulity.

Since he joined the marine, he had never lost a battle, not even once!

But today, the same Admiral, he actually lost to twenty-year-old Leiyin!

The first time Leiyin made [Chidori Raikiri], Borsalino had already used part of his strength, and later on, when Leiyin made a move [Sage Mode Rasengan], which added more than two times the usual amount of chakra, so he was defeated.

“Sorry Mr. Borsalino, I’ll go first.”

After saying that, Lei Yin carried baby-5 to take off.

“Committed such a big crime, we can not easily let you go, Admiral Leiyin!”

Suddenly, another voice came from the void, and several other figures surrounded Leiyin and Baby-5…

Marine G 5 branch base.

Vice Admiral Momonga kept resisting the endless layers of red bizarre substance on his body, but it still stuck more and more on his body.

“Damn, what the hell is this thing?”

Momonga desperately shook the red stuff on his body, but only shook off a few sporadic ones, and the burning sensation became more and more intense in the parts that didn’t shake off.

It turned out that Smoothie’s Devil Fruit ability (fruit name unknown) was to extract water from the enemy’s body, thinking about the level of Vice Admiral Momonga, Smoothie did not have the ability to squeeze the water out of his body at once, so the manifestation was that Momonga’s body was partially drained where Smoothie’s ability was stuck to, and felt the burning sensation.

Momonga gradually felt stretched out and strained to resist.

“Hahahaha, what’s wrong Vice Admiral Momonga? That’s not going to work?”

Smoothie was not only a Devil Fruit user, but also an extremely powerful swordsman. She swung the sword in her hand, and the mole could not resist, and many wounds were cut on her body.

Just when Smoothie slashed at Momonga’s neck and was about to finish him off, a sword blade came and blocked Smoothies’ sword.

“Mi… Mihawk…”

Momonga raised his eyelids, but could no longer support himself and fell to the ground…

The one who blocked Smoothie’s sword blade was none other than the world’s strongest swordsman, Dracule Mihawk! After he defeated Snack, one of the Four Sweet Commander, he arrived just in time to save Momonga.

“Worthy of more than 900 million heads, actually able to beat the Vice President into this.”

Smuggy smiled: “What an honor, the world’s number one swordsman.”

With that, Hawkeye swung his black sword and chopped at Smuggy, who met him with his longsword…

Not far away.

“This… This is the world’s first beauty, the Emperor of the Kuja Pirates!”

“Men must be caught alive, and offer us meat tonight!”


When a large number of male pirates saw the female emperor, their blood was boiling, and they could not wait to capture her alive.

The Empress Hancock was working with some of these soldiers and low-level cadres, the Empress just launched the ability to petrify the enemy one by one, and not much thought to fight, because in her mind always think of the man who promised her to fight alongside, but had not come…

On the other hand, Admiral Kuzan and Katakuri were in full swing battle.

“Ice Block: Pheasant Beak!”

Kuzan swung his right fist, the ice bird that had been full of cold air suddenly came out…

“Yanagi Mochi!”

Katakuri’s right leg turned into a huge rice cake in a flash, directly wrapped in the ice bird released by Kuzan, but even so, the rice cake also instantly formed a large mass of ice.

“Ice Block: Partisan!”

Kuzan crossed his arms and turned into two frozen spears, which then burst into speed and fired towards Katakuri…

“Gnome-Super Heavy Strike!”

Katakuri was not willing to show weakness, the right fist turned into rice cakes elongated and attached to Haki, straight hit on Katakuri’s [Ice Block: Partisan] instantly smashed it.

“Ice Ball”

The first time he saw that one blow did not work, he executed another one, stretched out his right hand and shot out five ice balls with five fingers…

“Ice Block: Partisan – Mochi Hadan!”

Katakuri and Kuzan made the same action, shooting out five snake-like substance from five fingers, the two directions collided, and canceled one another.

In this way, the green pheasant Kuzan and Katakuri fight hard to break up.

At the back of the pirates, Big Mom finally pressed, jumped off the ship. On her left floated the Thundercloud Zeus, the right was Sun Prometheus.

Her right hand a waved, the Sun Prometheus was shaking, and a searing heat only to pounce on the navy.

“Heavenly Feuer!”

A ball of hot fire exploded in a sea of marine forces, which attracted the attention of many marine forces.

“Everyone be careful! The Four Emperor Big Mom strikes!”

An unknown Marine Admiral shouted, the crowd of sergeants stand at attention.

“Heavenly Feuer!”

Big Mom waved his left hand again and sent out the same ability as just now, the marine suffered from the attack, and a large number of dead and wounded.

When Admiral Kuzan saw the scene, he transformed into a cold ice to meet Big Mom, but Katakuri fired a cannonball of rice cake to stop him.

“Where are you going? Mr. Kuzan? Now your opponent is me.” Katakuri said.

Kuzan was helpless, but his heart was secretly anxious: If this continued, I’m afraid that the marine would be beaten by Big Mom…

He was entangled by Katakuri, simply could not get away.

Big Mom attached simply by lightly releasing two flames, but it killed five or six hundred marine forces, she gradually approaching the base like a man’s land.

“Heavenly Feuer!”

She once again urged the Prometheus, and a large fire was about to fall on the marine army again…


A wave of heat came from nowhere and blocked the fire…

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