Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 219


Sabaody Archipelago, Area No. %.

Admiral Borsalino patted the dust on his body and was relieved to see the two men arrive.

Those two people, one was a tall transformed man with a bear’s ear hat, and one was carrying a large axe looks a bit like a lady boy

Batholomew Kuma, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and Captain of the Science Force of the Marine Headquarters, Sentomaru!

Bartholomew Kuma, “Admiral will actually betray the marine, it is really unexpected.”

Sentomaru said, “In that case, then we are now rivals.”

Borsalino scratched his head, “Oh, you guys finally came, this kid make this old man hurt.”

Borsalino always liked to pretend to be afraid, but this time there was a hint of scruples in his tone that was difficult to conceal.

Sentomaru looked at the wretched Borsalino, revealing an extremely incredible look, “Old man, you… defeated by this little kid?”

Borsalino nodded with a helpless face.

Leiyin was unharmed, and Borsalino was covered in wreckage. Even if they wanted to conceal it, they could not conceal the fact that Borsalino was defeated.

“This kid’s strength is extremely powerful, you have to be careful.” Borsalino said this as if he had become a different person, he never said so seriously.

Kuma and Borsalino stare at Leiyin, and confront it.

Although he had just defeated Borsalino head-on, Leiyin had lost almost half of his chakra and energy.

As the saying went, the house leaked in the night. At this time, not far away came two more big guys like Bartholomew Kuma.

This was the World Government Weapon’s earthly weapon, the Pacifista that cost as much as a warship, PX-1 and PX-5!

At this time, Bartholomew also took off his gloves, revealing two thick bear paws.

“If you want to travel, where do you want to go? Admiral Leiyin?”

Bartholomew waved his thick right palm and slapped it towards Leiyin.

Leiyin was quick with his eyes and dodged the blow with a dodge.

“Sharingan – Open!”

“Third Form-Susa…”

The Pacifista PX-1 shot a wave of light from his right palm towards Baby-5. Fearing that Baby-5 would be hurt, Leiyin wrapped his hands around his Haki and blocked her directly, the wave of light exploded between Leiyin’s crossed arms and completely withstood the blow.

“But… Damn…”

Leiyin was blown back a few dozen steps, and Baby-5 caught him, “Right… I’m sorry, Leiyin, I dragged you down…” Baby-5’s face was full of apologies.

Leiyin said, “What are you talking about, you’re… my wife…”

“Oh ~ it seems you guys really do not know your situation too well, at this time, you are actually still here to show love.” Borsalino slightly slowed down a bit, and resumed a slow tone of the speech.

An expendable physical strength of the Admiral, a strength close to the Admiral of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, a strength equivalent to the elite Vice Admiral of the Pacifista, two warship-class battle power of the human weapon.

Already consumed a large part of the physical strength, Leiyin still dragging a Baby-5, which could be said to be in a desperate situation.

Leiyin stood up, raised his right hand high, gathered chakra and attacked again, “Wind Release – Rasenshuriken!”

The ball of chakra spun at high speed and exploded out toward the crowd. Bartholomew dodged, flew in, and slapped the [Rasenshuriken] into the sky with a bear paw, turning it into nothing.

With that, Leiyin drew his Kusanagi sword and impacted towards Bartholomew.

“Demaro Black!”

At that moment, Sentomaru wrapped his hands around Haki and staggered Leiyin with an instantaneous technique.

“Leiyin!” Baby-5 anxiously chirped.

Momonga said, “Peally worthy of the original Admiral, after so long, there is still strength to fight.”

Borsalino said, “I told you, this kid is not ordinary tough kid to deal with.”

Batholomew Kuma, “Admiral Borsalino, he has just spent a lot of his physical strength in a battle with you, and now it is difficult for him to fly.”

Several people were talking when PX-1 sent several light waves towards Baby-5, Leiyin’s heart “thump”. With a [Flying Thunder God Second Step], he dodged over and used his sword blade to beat the light waves into a golden mist.

“You damn robot!” Leiyin looked at PX-1 angrily and formed a seal with both hands unexpectedly, “Ice Release – Ice Prison Technique!”

With a slightly intense cold air, a small blizzard blew away, directly freezing PX-1 into an ice sculpture.

“Not good!” When Sentomaru saw the situation, he flew up to block, but Leiyin already attached Haki to his feet, and kicked hard on PX-1, at once the Pacifista turned into a pile of ice and was smashed.

After shattering PX-1, Leiyin’s body stagnated in the air, Sentomaru’s figure then arrived and smashed him down with a fist.

Leiyin’s mouth flowed blood finally injured.

“This damned brat, actually destroyed PX-1…” Looking at the Pacifista who was shattered by a blow after icing, Sentomaru had heartache.

Seeing this, Borsalino rubbed his head and showed a wicked smile, he shouted at the other Pacifista, “PX-5! Leave this brat alone, go and get that woman!”

Hearing the order, PX-5 turned around and headed towards Baby-5.

Leiyin heart “thump”, standing up to rescue Baby-5. Borsalino’s fingers glowed, a wave of light hit, and knocked Leiyin to the ground.

Thus, Borsalino, Bartholomew and Borsalino surrounded Leiyin, Borsalino said, “Now, you should not care about others, Leiyin …”

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