Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 221


Marine G 5 base branch.

Admiral Kuzan vs. Katakuri.

Dracule Mihawk vs. Smoothie.

Hancock vs. miscellaneous soldiers and some low-level cadres.

Admiral Sakazuki plus Vice Admiral Garp vs Big Mom;


The war was in full swing, and the two sides were almost evenly matched.

However, for some reason, Big Mom suddenly went berserk…


Big Mom bellowed, as if the world had changed color, a magnificent ripple of energy with Big Mom as the center spread out in all directions. The marine was shocked by this force and fainted.

“B… . Big Mom’s domineering aura!”

“Big Mom… There seems to be something wrong…”

Sabaody Archipelago, Area No. 5.

Leiyin who was fighting hard with three people had become very wretched. His chakra was getting less and less, and his strength was getting more and more exhausted.

“Leiyin, give up the resistance, maybe there is a way to live.”

Leiyin said, “If you want me to surrender, return Baby-5 to me first.”

Borsalino said, “Oh ~ you mean the little girl who was just captured by PX-5? Of course it is not possible, she is an accomplice.”

Leiyin replied, “Where did you get her?”

Sentomaru coldly snorted, “Who do you think we are, I am the most tight-lipped man in the world. According to the orders from above, she was sent directly to Impel.” Down

Borsalino slightly angry, “What are you trying to do, Sentomaru, it is not all said?”

“Right… Sorry, old man…”

“Forget it, even if you tell him, anyway, this kid will be caught tight sooner or later.”

Beating the Admiral head-on, and encountered full blood and strength close to the Admiral’s Seven Warlord of the Sea and the equivalent of Vice Admiral strength, Leiyin had almost run out of physical strength, it was difficult to fly even wings.

“Pad Ho!”

Bartholomew put highly compressed air together and fired at Leiyin. When Leiyin saw this, a small amount of chakra and Haki wrapped around the fist and blasted out a fist to resist, but Leiyin could not be defeated and was once again staggered.

Dragging his battered and bruised body, he forced himself to stand up.

“This little kid, really is not the usual tenacious ah.”

“Forget it, give him one last blow and take him away.”

Bartholomew Kuma kept attacking Leiyin, almost consuming half of his own strength as well. Leiyin had almost reached his limit, and his standing body was wobbly.

If there was another blow, Leiyin would not be able to withstand it.

Bartholomew Kuma showed no mercy and continued to compress the air, preparing to deliver a fatal blow to Lei Yin.

“Ursus Shock!”

Bartholomew Kuma waved its thick palm and swung hard, sending out a magnificent shock wave. Leiyin dodged with all his might, but did not dodge the shock wave attack range, and was about to be hit by the shock wave…

Marine G 5 base branch.

Big Mom’s Bushoshoku Haki suddenly out, shaking down more than 15,000 marine forces.

“Damn it!” Kuzan gritted his teeth, his heart secretly said a bad.

The 15,000 marine forces fell, causing the marine’s power to be greatly reduced, the pirate’s like a tidal wave entered the marine position …

“Do not allow the damn pirates blasphemy justice!” Sakazuki bellowed, lava poured out toward the pirates…

The overwhelming Haki of Big Mom made the form of the battlefield dramatically reversed, from the original evenly matched to a situation in which the pirates prevailed.

However, this let Admiral Kuzan in shocked, compared with the battle with Katakuri, his heart was more anxious, he looked at the growing mania of Big Mom, and said “bad” in his heart.

“Blueberry cake! Blueberry cake!”

At this time, Big Mom had become very violent, whether marine or pirates, as long as she saw, she punched.

“Ah! Mom went berserk!”

The pirates and marine looked at the frenzied Big Mom, they were a little overwhelmed.

When Katakuri saw this, he immediately made a clear judgment, he shouted, “Big Mom Pirates, all retreat!”

The pirates knew that Big Mom, at this time, was again guilty of anorexia. Her sickness would come on from time to time, and would be like a madman smashing, wreaking havoc everywhere. The onset of the disease was also unrecognizable, and might even kill her own children.

Big Mom had lost his mind, and Katakuri had become the direct leader of the Big Mom Pirate group.

At this time, he loudly commanded the pirates to retreat. Big Mom had lost control, if not run, it was estimated that the marine would even be potted out. No way, they did not expect, at this time, Big Mom actually committed “food for thought”.

Hearing Katakuri’s order, Big Mom Pirates retreated backwards.

The marines slowly understood and took the opportunity to pursue.

When Admiral Sakazuki saw this, his whole right arm turned into red hot lava, “Marine soldiers, in order to maintain our ‘justice’, plug the honor of the marine, we must drive the pirates to extinction!”


When many marine heard Sakazuki’s words, they were like a chicken blood, rushed to kill the retreating pirates.

Katakuri and Smoothie two Commander (Snack was seriously injured by Minhawk) and the eldest son of the Charlotte family Charlotte Perospero the senior cadres organized to cover the breakout.

On the marine side, a searing heat soared to the top of the high platform, Admiral Sakazuki’s right arm raised once again into hot lava, vowing to slaughter the escaping pirates.

“Ryusei Kazan!”

Was this how the Big Mom Pirates were going to end?

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