Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 23


To elaborate a bit more, as mentioned before, the chakra amount to release a single [Rasengan] was about 200, while releasing a single [Big Ball Rasengan] would require nearly 400. His current chakra limit was 3500.

The power Leiyin showed with the previous three [Big Ball Rasengan] was to destroy three of Don Krieg’s warships, which were equivalent to the marine’s small warships. In other words, Leiyin now had the strength to destroy eight or nine small warships by himself.

At this rate, it wouldn’t take long to reach [Chunin (Intermediate)] to obtain Kekkei Genkai. Now, he had the [Flying Thunder God Slash], which was comparable to the [Rokushiki – Soru] speed, so how could Leiyin not get excited?

After drawing one B-rank Ninjutsu and three C-rank Ninjutsu, Leiyin was now left with 2 million belly. He didn’t use this 2 million to draw ninjutsu but left it as pocket money for emergencies.

Then, he spent another 8,000 belly on buying a ninjato at the Naruto Store. He could tell from the price alone that it wasn’t a good ninjato. The kind of ninjato Leiyin bought was a katana without a guard, just like the Kusanagi Sword in the original Naruto story, which was the assistant to Uchiha.

Of course, this sword couldn’t be compared to Sasuke’s Kusanagi Sword; rather, it was like an ordinary katana or a western-style sword.

“In the future, I will definitely get a better weapon, the Fifty Skillful Grade Swords, the Twenty-One Grade Swords, and even the Twelve Supreme Grade Swords…”

With this thought, Leiyin went back to the clothing store and spent 50,000 belly on buying a gray robe with a sword pouch. He then inserted his ninjato into the pouch and fixed the pouch behind him.

The reason why Leiyin brought a sword (there was no clear demarcation between swords in the Japanese anime) was that he could perform [Lightning Release – Chidori Nagashi], where he could attach lightning chakra to the sword to bring out the power of lightning strikes. Also, by performing his self-invented move [White Blade], it will be even more powerful if used with a sword.

Leiyin was in an excellent mood today. He had exchanged his bounty and obtained his ninjutsu; his strength had increased by a large margin. With more than a million belly on his hands, he was bound to treat Yosaku and Johnny to a good meal.


After finding a relatively luxurious restaurant, they sat down. Leiyin then said to them, “What do you want to eat today, just order it.”

The two men smiled at the words and took the menu without any formalities. They were served meat from sea animals, fresh fish, fruits, and vegetables they had never seen before. They didn’t notice that a dozen or so fierce-looking men sitting not far away looked at them.

As soon as the food was served, the three men feasted on it. As Yosaku ate, he didn’t stop talking, “Big brother, you aren’t an ordinary person. What you have done in the past two days really opened our eyes.”

“Yes. When you took the pirates’ corpses and used some unknown technique to get them out, the captain with the glasses was so surprised that he couldn’t speak.” Johnny also fit in.

“Haha, 15 million bounty, the two of us don’t even dare to think about it…”

Leiyin only smiled in response to the two men’s praise. However, the next praise would stir up trouble.

“Yeah, especially when I saw big brother spiked three of Don Krieg’s ships; I couldn’t believe it at that time.”

“Yeah, I had a real blast watching that one!”

As they were saying that, a man from the table next to them looked at them with ill will and said in an icy tone, “What did you…? What did you just say?”

Yosaku was filled with confusion at the words, “What do you mean?”

Johnny said, “What we’re talking about, it’s none of your business, so get back to your seat…”


Before Johnny could finish his sentence, the man punched Johnny in the face, knocking him to the floor and sending him sprawling.

“Hey, you son of a bitch!” As he spoke, Yosaku drew the sword from his waist.

The dozen or so people at the table next to him all came over and surrounded Leiyin and the others. These people were the same ones who had just watched Leiyin and the others. They heard that the three of them were Bounty Hunters, so they kept an eye on them.

The same man who had just hit Johnny with his hand said, “I’m asking you guys, what did you just say?”

Yosaku saw that Johnny was knocked to the ground and that these men were all big and thick, which made him wince, but he still gathered his courage and pointed his blade at them.

At this point, Leiyin still didn’t make a move and said quietly, “We are saying that we destroyed three ships of the Krieg Pirates.”

The group leader opposite them opened his mouth and said, “It was them, indeed. Arrest them and hand them over to captain for disposal.”

Initially, these men were the Krieg Pirates, who had gotten word that three of their ships had been destroyed. So, they had come looking for the people who had destroyed their ships.

It was said that Krieg Pirates was the largest pirate group in the East Blue. If an outsider knew that their ship was destroyed, where would they put their face?

Therefore, Don Krieg was willing to send many people to find the murderer and save his reputation. As for the dozen or so people Leiyin encountered, they were only a small part of the team sent out.

Coincidentally, they provoked the pirates while eating, so the pirates had to arrest them and gave Don Krieg an explanation.

The crowd rushed toward Leiyin, Yosaku, and Johnny in response to the command. Leiyin’s mouth lifted in an obscure curve as he saw the situation. He smiled faintly and then unsheathed his sword, “White Blade!”

There was a large circle cut by the ninjato. As a result, almost all of the people who rushed up to them had their stomachs or chests cut out with a deep, visible bloodstain, causing all of them to fall to the ground and die.

Leiyin was still smiling, “As expected, the [White Blade] will be more powerful when combined with a sword.”

With just this one sword, only two people were left from the other side. After seeing this kind of strength, how could those two dares fight? Both of them ran away in fear.

Everyone in the restaurant, both waiters and diners, also ran away in fear.

Yosaku, on the other hand, said to Leiyin, “Big brother, they are from the Krieg Pirates, hurry up and catch the remaining two and kill them; otherwise, they will lead Krieg to us.”

“No more chasing. I intentionally left them alive with that sword just now.” Leiyin said.


Leiyin said, “I wondered whether Krieg would come or not.”

“Well… Well… As expected from a big brother…”

“Well, what about the money for the meal?” Johnny asked weakly.

Leiyin smiled, “Looking at the current situation, I don’t think we need to pay.”

The reason was simple: The boss was scared and run away, so to whom should they pay for the meal?

Thus, the three of them ate a beautiful meal for free.

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