Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 24


East Blue, a particular area.

On a large warship, a seagull flag fluttered in the wind.

With his grayish beard, an old man wearing a dog mask and eating rice crackers asked the marine officer, “How much longer until we reach our destination?”

The navigator gave a standard marine salute then said, “Report, Vice Admiral Garp, approximately we will arrive in 35 hours.”

Garp smiled kindly, “Okay, I got it. I’m going to get some sleep…”


Shells Town.

When Leiyin made such a fuss, the first thing that got attracted was not Krieg, but the Shells Town’s Marine. The marine investigated and found that the people killed were pirates. They knew that Leiyin and his two men were Bounty Hunters, so killing pirates was a natural thing to do. For that reason, they didn’t say anything.

However, the marine didn’t know that the root of the trouble was already planted for them.

“Big brother, do we really have to wait here for Krieg to come?” Yosaku couldn’t help but ask Leiyin.

Leiyin said indifferently, “Of course.”

“Okay… Okay…”

Although Yosaku and Johnny acknowledged Leiyin’s strength, their opponent was Krieg, the leader of the largest pirate group in the East Blue. Krieg was a vicious villain who had nearly 3,000 crew and over 30 ships.

Even if Krieg didn’t take action himself, the sea of people alone would be enough to drink a pot.

Leiyin seemed to have seen what the two men were thinking, “Maybe you should run away quickly because Krieg will probably arrive here in two days.”

Unexpectedly, Yosaku changed his previous appearance and said with a righteous face, “Big brother, how can you say that? Since you want to stay here, how can we abandon you?”

Johnny stood symmetrically with Yosaku, one on the left and one on the right, both with their fists on their chins.

“Since we have followed you, big brother…”

“Then we are willing to live and die with you!”

“Please give us more guidance, big brother!”

Leiyin looked at their ceremonious performance and was dumbfounded, “Okay… Got it…”

The reason why Leiyin had to wait here for Krieg’s arrival wasn’t that he had nothing better to do. Instead, because he found that the more powerful the enemy he killed in frontal combat, the more experience he gained. The faster his “ninja rank” increased. It was similar to a game system in which killing bosses should be more useful than killing soldiers.

“If I can defeat Krieg this time, I can probably activate it directly…” Leiyin thought, muttering to himself.

During the waiting time, the three of them returned to the ship. As for Leiyin, he didn’t want to waste any time and continued to practice his own.

First, Leiyin stood on the surface of the sea, gathering chakra in his hands. He then made the form of a [Big Ball Rasengan], before compressing it even more and gazing at it. At this point, the ball of chakra in his hand seemed to grow larger gradually. At first, it wasn’t as smooth as it could have been, so Leiyin practiced repeatedly.


A day later, he finally met the person he wanted to see.

Krieg had finally arrived.

From afar, the marine watchmen could see dozens of warships coming this way. The lead ship was Krieg’s [Dreadnaught Sabre].

The sound was so great that the marine watchmen were frightened and went to their captain to report it. The Shells Town’s Captain was anxious when he received the news.

The previous glasses-wearing captain of the 153rd Branch named Schott, who had become a captain under his seniority and hadn’t experienced any war, was anxious. The fact that Krieg came to his place like that made his little heart burst.

Krieg was a powerful man in the East Blue, but no one thought he would be so arrogant that he would come directly to the marine station.

However, the three of them, especially Leiyin, who was familiar with the anime, concluded that Krieg would definitely come. He was mighty, arrogant, and domineering, so how could he tolerate such a thing?

Leiyin’s guess was similar to Krieg’s. If someone destroyed three of his warships and killed so many of his men, he would teach that person a lesson. How could Krieg let that person hang around in the East Blue in the future?

However, Leiyin and his team didn’t see it at first glance when Krieg made such a big fuss.

It’s because The Shells Town had two ports.

Leiyin’s ship stopped at the East Port, while Krieg came in from the North Port.


The North Port.

With his hands clasped in front of his chest, Krieg stomped on the railing of the main ship and ordered, “Boys, even if you have to dig three feet into the ground, find those three damn Bounty Hunters for me!



The pirates, armed with all kinds of weapons, including swords and guns, jumped off the ship and rushed to the Shells Town.

The reason why Krieg made so much noise wasn’t that he wanted to avenge the death of his crews; rather, the incident was a blow to his face. This was a humiliation for him. He didn’t know if the three Bounty Hunters were still in Shells Town, so he decided to attack to gain publicity for himself.

As it was rumored that the Branch’s captain was in charge of only 1000 people, while he had 3000 people. So, if he defeated the 153rd Branch, he could make a name for himself and make the Krieg Pirates’ reputation even stronger. At that time, even if their loss of life were greater, they could recruit more people.

The marine couldn’t sit idly by while Krieg made such a big commotion. Captain Schott was afraid but still ordered to organize the attack.

However, 153rd Branch was only an ordinary branch of the marine. The number and range of its artillery guns were minimal. So, before they could organize an effective attack, the pirates came like a tidal wave from all directions.

Some of the pirates were instructed by Krieg to look for the three Bounty Hunters. As a result, the innocent people in the town suffered. After all, they encountered cold-blooded and vicious pirates, who could be considered to have cut people down and robbed them at sight.

The pirates were indeed pirates. Deep down in their bones, they couldn’t change their burning, killing, and looting character. So, how could they say they were pirates if they didn’t invade?

The residential area had now become a living hell, but the marine was really short of manpower.

There were more than 3,000 people of Krieg Pirates, while the marine had only 700 on its side. Some of the marine guarding the residential area had already been slaughtered, leaving only a few hundred left to protect the marine base.

At this time, the sound of shouting, wailing, clashing swords, and shells resounded throughout the town.

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