Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 25


Shells Town, East Port.

The loud sounds of artillery fire and shouting in the town had already alerted Leiyin and others.

Leiyin stopped his practice and asked, “Where is this sound coming from?”

“Big brother, it’s coming from the North Port. I think it’s Krieg.”

“Come on, let’s go there now!”


By this time, Krieg had led his army to the main gate of the marine base. Captain Schott was too frightened to come out of his hiding place.

However, Morgan, who was born bloodthirsty and warlike, had the guts to lead a small group of men to resist and fight with Krieg at the base’s gate.

However, despite his courage, he was outnumbered. Moreover, Morgan was only a Chief Petty Officer who could command and mobilize a limited force. Morgan might be a little stronger, but he didn’t have superhuman strength.

Soon, the gate of the 153rd Branch was also conquered.

Krieg swaggered into the base. The pirates were so proud of themselves that they quickly surrounded the base.

In this way, what had started as an invasion turned into a street battle inside the base. By this time, half of the marine branch officers had been killed, and Morgan was one of the few officers who survived to resist the attack.

In contrast, Captain Schott, who had been in the marine for over twenty years, had never been in such an embarrassing situation. At this time, he had already lost the will to fight, only thought of running away. However, he found that the base had been surrounded by Krieg’s man, with no way to get out and no door to escape.

Krieg was already standing in front of the office building inside 153rd Branch. His hands clasped in front of his chest, and very arrogantly shouted to the inside, “What kind of shabby marine are you? You can’t even fight. However, I can’t blame you. After all, your opponent is Krieg Pirates. Hahaha…”

The 153rd Branch couldn’t be blamed for this. The marine best forces were all concentrated in the Grand Line or the New World. Not to mention the marine headquarters, even branches like G-3 and G-5 were many times more powerful than them.

Moreover, East Blue was known to be the weakest sea. The pirates weren’t strong, so the marine naturally wasn’t strong. Besides, the opponent was Krieg, and the number of enemies was frighteningly large, almost five times as many as they were.

Krieg’s original intention was to find those three men and then execute them in his way so that others know that “I am not so easy to mess with”. However, he didn’t expect to meet this marine force.

Yet, it was also a great pleasure for him because defeating a marine branch head-on was enough to save his reputation. It was also to deter the East Blue, make a name for himself, and gather more men.

Who let my men be killed in your Shells Town? If he couldn’t find anyone, he had to start with the marine.

In the face of such a matter, Schott must admit his misfortune.

For Captain Schott, hearing Krieg’s provocative words was like hearing the voice of the devil. Captain Schott was already frightened out of his wits, and if it weren’t for the sake of his pride, he would have gone under the desk.

Upon seeing the frightened captain, one of the commanders shook his head. The commander led the last of the remaining soldiers in reserve to make a last stand.

The reserves followed the commander out of the office building. With the commander standing at the front and the soldiers behind him pointing their guns at the pirates, the commander said, “What are you doing here?

“What are you here for, and why are you attacking the marine?”

Krieg smiled oddly, “I’m just looking for three people.”

“Looking for three people?”

“Yes, these three men destroyed my ships and then killed my men in your town.”

“Then why did you attack our marine?” The soldiers were a little angry at the news.

Krieg just smiled unkindly, “It is my interest to kill you all so that I can be worthy of the name of [the largest pirate group], and my reputation will be even stronger!”

“Are you kidding me?! Fire! Shoot him!”

The commander shouted an order to his soldiers. When the soldiers heard the order, they all pulled their triggers, and the bullets came raining down on Krieg.

However, Krieg smiled coldly and froze, not even dodging. The bullets that touched his body made a “clanking” sound. Apart from a few sparks, they couldn’t hurt him at all.

Krieg, who wore steel armor and had armed himself to the teeth, snarled and looked at the marine with extreme contempt, “You, ants who don’t know how to live!”

In the next moment, the armor on his arms transformed into two machine guns, firing wildly at the marine. The marine was immediately shattered and fell into a pool of blood with a loud scream.

The commander, of course, wasn’t shielded either. His right arm and left leg were both pierced by bullets. He stood up with his left arm on the ground, trembling, and stared viciously at Krieg.

Krieg aimed his gun at him and said, “Unexpectedly, you are quite brave. In that case, I’ll entertain you.”

After that, the fire bursts into the sky…


Just as Krieg was about to shoot, a fire suddenly appeared at the base entrance, followed by screams…

However, all the screams were the voices of pirates.

The commander covered his wounded right arm and looked at them in surprise.

The three men were Leiyin, Yosaku, and Johnny.

Leiyin was wearing a long gray robe and carrying a ninjato on his back. He was standing not far from Krieg, across from him.

Krieg withdrew his machine gun, ignoring the commander and focusing all his attention on them, “Who are you?”.

Leiyin smiled faintly, “Aren’t you looking for us?”

Krieg turned red at the words, “Are you the ones who destroyed three of my ships and killed seven of my men in this town?”

“Exactly!” Yosaku.

At that moment, the Krieg Pirates gathered together. One of them also recognized Leiyin and others, “Captain Krieg, he’s the boy who killed seven of us with one stroke!”

The pirate who identified Leiyin was the same pirate that Leiyin had deliberately let go of that day in the restaurant.

At this time, the battle everywhere had almost finished. The marine was defeated. Morgan and other officers were involuntarily wrestling with their defeated men and rallying in the courtyard in front of the office building, while the pirates were gathering around Krieg.

They all stared at the three men who came along.

“What was that big fire at the entrance?” Krieg couldn’t help but ask the pirate beside him.

The pirate who was asked pointed at Leiyin in a panic, “That’s the kid. I don’t know what kind of devil technique he used just now, but he actually spewed out flames from his mouth!”

“Fire?” Krieg was astonished at the news.

Does this guy possess Mera Mera no Mi?

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