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Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 26


Krieg heard his crew’s words and smacked his crew on the head, “What the hell do you mean by devil technique? That is the Devil Fruit ability.”

The crew covered his head and said in fear, “I am… sorry… Captain.”

It turned out that when the marine and the pirates were fighting, Leiyin happened to arrive. He then set fire to kill a large number of pirates. Some of the pirates and the marine, including Morgan, saw the scene. At that time, the marine was about to be annihilated by Krieg, and it was Leiyin’s action that saved many of them.

When the marine saw Leiyin’s strength, the remaining soldiers gathered in the courtyard and waited for Leiyin to strike again. As for the pirates, they gathered around Krieg to see how their Captain would handle the situation.

So, what about the flames?

It was Leiyin who released his new C-rank ninjutsu, the Great Fireball.

At this time, the pirates and the marine stood in separate groups at the courtyard, as if they were waiting for the duel between Krieg and Leiyin.

The Commander couldn’t help but ask his men, who had just returned from a mess, “What’s that big fire over there?”.

The Lieutenant pointed at Leiyin and said, “That kid did it.”

“Was it Mera Mera no Mi Devil Fruit ability?”

“I’m not sure about this.”

This was the East Blue, where a few strong men couldn’t be produced in a hundred years. Thus, only a few of the Devil Fruits were known.

Krieg was facing Leiyin as he said, “There is a way to heaven, but you won’t go. There is no door to hell, so you barge in by killing my people. Don’t think you can get away with it.”

“Why would you use a slaughtering knife to kill a chicken?”

At that moment, a lean man in a white jacket with a red snake on it, wielding two “T” shaped hammers in both hands, said to Krieg, “Captain, let me take care of this kid.

Krieg smiled coldly, “Fine. Let him have a taste of your tonfa.”

Yosaku and Johnny said to Laiyin when they saw the situation, “Brother, you don’t have to do it, we’ll deal with this guy.”

“Hey, you guys-” Before Leiyin could finish his sentence, the two of them had already rushed up.

Leiyin, who was familiar with the anime, knew that the man with the two tonfas was the [Man-Demon] Gin. He was the Combat Commander of the Krieg Pirates. Despite being thin, his personal combat power was extreme. In the original story, he even defeated Sanji.

Actually, what Leiyin wanted to say was, “Don’t go. You’ll get beaten up for sure.”

However, before he could finish his sentence, the three of them were already fighting. As expected, Yosaku and Johnny were beaten up by that person during the fight… and were knocked out.

Gin was proudly stepping on Johnny’s body, pointing at Yosaku’s head with the [tonfa], “You don’t even take a quick look at yourself. How dare you challenge me to a duel at this level!”

Seeing the two’s miserable state, Leiyin covered his face halfway and couldn’t bear to look at them.

Less than two minutes, and it was two against one.

At this point, Gin raised his tonfa to Yosaku’s head and about to end his life.

In a split second, blood was splattered everywhere!

“Flying Thunder God Slash – White Blade!”

The tonfa fell to the ground but didn’t hit Yosaku.

“Sh… What?”

The crowd didn’t even see when Leiyin flew up to Gin’s side.

This was a combination of Leiyin’s newly learned B-rank Ninjutsu [Flying Thunder God Slash] and his self-invented ninjutsu [White Blade], which created a swift strike.

Leiyin didn’t draw his sword in this strike. However, if he had, Gin’s arm would have been broken by this time.

“The speed still isn’t as fast as I thought it would be,” Leiyin muttered to himself. Although Leiyin was still dissatisfied with this, it was already a disappearing speed for everyone watching.

“That kid, how did he do it?”

“Is this… [Rokushiki – Soru]?”

“Rokushiki – Soru? I’ve only heard about it, but I’ve never seen it…”

Leiyin’s move caused another burst of discussion. Not to mention [Flying Thunder God], there were barely a few people who knew about [Soru] in the East Blue.

Although Gin’s right arm was cut with a long and deep wound, his strength remained unabated. He wielded the tonfa with his left hand, attacking Leiyin.

“You’re really a stubborn one.”

With that said, Leiyin attached his chakra to his leg and flew up to kick Gin, who flew a few meters away with the tonfa and fell to the ground, unconscious.

No one at the scene dared to step forward. After seeing Leiyin’s strength, Krieg’s heart was a little shaken.

He could breathe fire, teleport, and kill his ship’s strongest Combat Commander with two strikes.

This made him afraid that he could do next…

The armor of Krieg’s right arm opened, and a small-caliber gun barrel was pointed at Leiyin, “Kid, although I don’t know who you are, you look pretty strong.”

Leiyin suddenly smiled, “I’m flattered.”

“However, even if you’re great, can you stop a cannon?”

With that, the muzzle fire of Krieg’s right arm flashed three times in succession, and three cannonballs were thrown at Leiyin.

Leiyin took three kunais from his [Inventory]. With chakra attached to them, he threw them in the direction of the cannonball. The kunais hit the cannonball with precision, and the cannonball exploded in the air, not hurting anyone at all.

“Not even a cannonball could hurt him!”

“Is this guy… invincible?”

Upon seeing that Leiyin easily stopped the attack of the cannonballs, the pirates showed a fearful look.

The marine was much relieved to see this scene. Since the marine and Leiyin were now teammates, if Leiyin could win, it would mean victory for the marine.

The Commander excitedly shouted, “Go on, boy. I don’t know who you are, but you must beat Krieg!”

“Come on, kid!”

“Knock them down!”

The marine had been showing support to Leiyin.

It was an unusual scene for a normal marine to go in solidarity with an individual. However, Leiyin didn’t really mind them. Even if the marine did it, he was afraid that it wouldn’t be of much use except to increase the number of victims.

At this point, Krieg was terrified and couldn’t hide the worn look on his face. Not to mention the strength that the opponent had shown earlier, he couldn’t even be hurt by the cannon, so what could Krieg do to him?

What exactly was this kid capable of?

Krieg probably couldn’t figure it out even if he broke his head.

In response, Krieg turned to the pirates under his command and said, “Boys, go and destroy that guy!”


One by one, the pirates looked pale, “But, Captain-“

Krieg raged, “Are you going to disobey my orders?”

The pirates looked confused.

Aren’t you going to deal with this kid? How can you send us instead?

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