Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 27


The pirates didn’t dare to disobey Krieg’s order, so they rushed over.

Facing several hundred people rushing together, Leiyin only smiled faintly. He then flipped his hands up and down, forming a seal.


Leiyin placed the index and middle fingers of his right hand on the side of his mouth and spat out a waterfall-like wave of water. The attacking pirates were washed away by the wave. Several dozen pirates weren’t only washed down but also turned into drowned chickens one by one.

At this time, not only the marine and pirates, who were so shocked that their jaws dropped to the ground, Yosaku and Johnny, who were watching the battle, were also amazed.

“This guy… What the hell is going on!”

“We are literally fighting a devil!”

“This guy is not something we can defeat at all…”

The cries of anguish among the pirates were endless.

Spitting fire, spraying water, teleporting, blocking cannonballs… Damn it, even a person with the Devil Fruit ability wouldn’t be able to do this much, right?

Things were far from over. The next thing Leiyin demonstrated was the ability that refreshed everyone’s perspective over and over again.


At this time, a large warship was parked in the North Port of Shells Town.

“Hey, why are there so many pirate ships here?” A Lieutenant Commander aboard the warship was full of confusion.

“Vice-Admiral Garp, look, something’s not right in this town.”

“It looks like it just went through a war. There are fires everywhere…”

Garp took off his dog mask and looked at the town from the ship with a solemn face, “Something must have happened. Let’s go down and take a look…”

“Yes! Vice Admiral!”


It took a long time for Krieg to react to the pirates who had been washed down. He then continued to give the order to attack.

The pirates had already lost their will to fight. They wanted to escape from this wrong place, away from a devil-like kid. However, the Captain’s order had to be followed.

Leiyin’s mouth curled up in an obscure curve, “See, you’re in such a difficult situation, you might as well get your pleasure.”

When everyone was confused, Leiyin flipped his hands and formed seals again, then spread out his hands and fingers on the ground.


Then, a bolt of lightning scattered along the ground toward the pirates. The pirates didn’t have time to run away. One by one, they were electrocuted and blackened, especially those who had just been hit by the [Wild Water Wave], or those who had stepped in the water. They were unlucky, having been electrocuted directly into unconsciousness.

The Lightning Release – Powerful Breath was C-rank Ninjutsu that spreads lightning in the ground. It would be stronger if it were used in conjunction with the Water Release.

The only person left to fight was Krieg.

However, Krieg could no longer restrain his fear. In a split second, he changed his appearance. He put on his Wootz Steel Armor, put on his Diamond Fists, and took out his strongest weapon, the Gun Array.

Krieg held the [Gun Array] and said, “Kid, let’s see how you can attack me this time!”

Krieg [Wootz Steel Armor] spikes almost covered his entire body. Its hardness was even harder than his original steel armor. It could be said that he was invulnerable to fire and water. He thought that even if Leiyin were stronger, Leiyin wouldn’t be able to hurt him if he wore the [Wootz Steel Armor].

When he saw the full body armor, Leiyin giggled, “Uncle, you have finally come out with a great outfit, but you look like Durian.”

Upon hearing this, Krieg was even more furious. He then waved the [Gun Array] and said, “Kid, I’ll chop you into pieces alive!”

At this point, Leiyin also felt that he already had enough fun and finally pulled out the ninjato behind his back.

Everyone was staring at this kid who had surprised them over and over again…

The next moment, the lightning “bared” sounded on the ninjato.



Krieg, who had rushed up, was in shock. The [Wootz Steel Armor] was directly cut by the ninjato attached to the lightning, making his chest open. Krieg then fell to the ground and twitched a few times, no longer alive.

Looking at Krieg, who fell to the ground, Leiyin withdrew his lightning power and took the ninjato back into its hilt.

Sasuke Uchiha created this move [Sword of Kusanagi – Chidori Katana] in Naruto. Leiyin evolved it based on the technique of [Lightning Release – Chidori Nagashi], and it was B-rank.

In fact, Leiyin was fully capable of killing Krieg with a single move in the beginning and wiping out the Krieg Pirates with his strength. He used so many moves to experiment with his newly learned Ninjutsu and torture the pirates, increasing his experience.

In other words, from the beginning, Leiyin didn’t fight seriously.

What Leiyin didn’t know was that three minutes earlier, Garp had already arrived and witnessed Leiyin’s heroic display of using the [Chidori Katana] to slay Krieg.

“We… won…”


“We won!”

“This kid is powerful!”

“It’s like a dream!”

The remnants’ marines of the 153rd Branch couldn’t contain their emotions and cheered.

Upon seeing this, the newly arrived Garp couldn’t help but ask, “Where did this kid come from?”

The Lieutenant Commander said, “I don’t know, but by the looks of it, he doesn’t look like someone from our marine…”

After the victory, the marine began to clean up the battlefield and pacify the townspeople. When they saw the marine from the Marine Headquarters coming, the remnants pirates were well beholden and taken to jail.

Leiyin read the newspaper headline a week earlier, so he knew that Fleet Admiral Sengoku had ordered Garp to inspect the East Blue. It was just that Garp never expected to encounter such a thing when he arrived in the Shells Town.

Therefore, Garp immediately sent his men to investigate what had happened. Most importantly, to find out the identity of the kid who had killed Krieg.

While Garp sent his men to investigate, he also questioned the marine officers of 153rd Branch himself.

In the office building of 153rd Branch, Garp listened to the officers.

After hearing the words of the officers, Garp stood up in anger. He waved his fist and smashed the desk in front of him, “Someone, find Captain Schott and expel him directly from the marine base. Don’t ever hire him.”

“As ordered!”

Captain Schott was really no one. He had been too scared to show his face since the battle. So, how could Garp not be angry when the base’s Captain was so frightened that he left his men behind?

Despite Garp’s usual cynical, dubious look, he still took his job very seriously. How else could he manage to push former pirate king Gol D. Roger into a dead-end several times? How could he become a Vice Admiral?

Not only that, at the moment when that punch smashed the desk, all the 153rd Branch officers were silent. He was really worthy of the name [Garp the Fist].

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