Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 29


Upon hearing Leiyin’s words, Garp pushed his dog hat back and cupped his hands in front of his chest, “Haha, if you refuse, then I can’t give you the 13 million bounty that you want.”


Garp had always been a messy person, but Leiyin couldn’t believe that he could do such things.

Leiyin couldn’t help but feel a little angry, “Hey, old man, can you be reasonable? How can you force people to join marine?”

Garp was still laughing cheerfully, “You don’t have to join the marine, but you have to beat one more person to get the bounty.”

Without even thinking about it, Leiyin asked, “Who?”

Garp jumped right out of that hole in the third floor, “Me! How’s that? Are you brave enough to fight me, kid?”


Even if Leiyin could defeat the headquarter officer and hang a multi-million belly bounty hunter, but Garp? He was an old rival of Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King. This battle would compare to the level of the Three Admiral and the Four Emperors.

This was the first time since Leiyin came to this world that he felt there was no chance of winning a duel. However, Leiyin took this challenge… He agreed to it.

He was a hero who did something he knew he couldn’t do.

Garp smiled, “Hahahaha, kid, you really have guts. However, I have to remind you. In our agreement, just now, if you lose, you won’t even get half a belly.”

“Cut the crap, and let’s do it,” Leiyin said, pulling out the ninjato behind his back as he held the blade’s hilt in his mouth.

Wait, hold it in his mouth?

Without saying a word, he flipped his hands up and down and suddenly formed a seal, “FIRE RELEASE – GREAT FIREBALL!”

A blazing ball of fire spewed straight at Garp, who didn’t even dodge it. Instead, he threw his fist and smashed the ball of fire. In a split second, the ball of fire was dissipated in a cloud of smoke.

Of course, Leiyin didn’t expect to defeat him with this move. He then dashed forward, as he held the ninjato in his mouth, and the ninjato was wrapped with lightning that sounded like a bolt of thunder.


It turned out that Leiyin had a plan in his heart to use the [Great Fireball] technique as a cover first. When Garp was caught off guard, he quickly used the lightning to strike.

Not wanting to give Garp the slightest time to react, Leiyin’s [Chidori Katana] slashed at Garp. However, Garp quickly lifted his foot and kicked Leiyin’s right hand, directly knocking the ninjato out of his hand and breaking Leiyin’s move.


In the next moment, Garp used his [Fist of Love] to counterattack. He smashed his fist at Leiyin, who dodged the Fist of Love with the B-rank Flying Thunder God Slash. Garp’s fist smashed into the ground, directly hitting a hole several meters deep.

The 153rd Branch marines, who were watching all around, couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.

“Worthy of being a Vice Admiral…”

“[Garp the Fist] really lived up to its name…”

“I’ve never seen a battle like this before.”

“This little kid is strong too. He repeatedly defeated strong enemies and was able to fight the Vice Admiral to such an extent…”

While the crowd of the marines was talking about him, Leiyin had appeared in front of Garp. He appeared with a blue ball of chakra gathered in his hand, which was larger than the one that had defeated Pruze.


When Garp felt the powerful cyclone energy in front of him, he didn’t dare to be sloppy in the slightest and swung his fist to counter it.


Garp’s [Fist of Love] and the [Big Ball Rasengan] collided, creating a powerful shockwave centered around them that blew the marine hats off.

While the marines were stunned, Leiyin had shaken back six or seven steps.

“Surely, this technique is still inferior to Garp.” Leiyin shook his head inwardly as he was knocked back.

From the strength of his fist and the strength of his attack, the old man really didn’t have any water out of his mouth. He truly considered himself to be an open and honest fighter.

If you went all out, I would rise up to meet your level!

Just as he was thinking, his hands flew over, and a ninjutsu move came out brazenly as he finished forming the seal, “WATER RELEASE – WILD WATER WAVE!”

A waterfall-like stream of water was suddenly launched at Garp. However, Garp was still swinging his fist, knocking the stream into a spray of water, which drifted away in all directions.

Do whatever you want with your thousand tricks; I would smash it with just one punch!

Leiyin had expected that he couldn’t defeat Garp like this unless he were at the [Four Emperors] level of combat power, or even higher.

Under Garp’s Fist, the ground was already covered with water. At this time, Leiyin was mobilizing the lightning chakra, preparing to unleash a powerful lightning attack on Garp.



Before Leiyin could unleash his [Chidori Nagashi ], Garp quickly appeared in front of him using his [Rokushiki – Soru]. He smashed Leiyin to the ground with a punch, catching him off guard, and this time Leiyin was hit hard.

[Garp the Fist] was famous worldwide, but he was also a master of the [Rokushiki]. He practiced the technique of [Soru], which determined the speed, to a great extent. His [Soru] was even much faster than Leiyin’s [Flying Thunder God Slash].

After all, a man who could push the Pirate King Gol D. Roger several times to the brink of extinction must not be an ordinary Vice Admiral.

Leiyin was severely hit, but he still stood up from the ground in pain.

“Kid, do you still want to fight?”

“How stubborn…”

As the marines discussed, they saw Leiyin extend his right hand and gather a cyclone of blue chakra balls on his hand again. By this time, Garp’s fist was blackened, “BUSOSHOKU HAKI – FIST OF LOVE!”

The powerful fist entwined with the Busoshoku Haki blatantly smashed towards Leiyin’s head, knocking Leiyin to the ground and creating a deep pit.

This time, Leiyin didn’t stand up; he was… defeated…

Garp picked Leiyin up from the ground, and once again, a friendly smile appeared on his face, “I can’t believe that I had to use my Fist of Love for more than five times in a single battle. You’re not an easy kid, hahaha…”

Leiyin looked a little wretched but still forced out a smile, “A loss is a loss. I’m willing to gamble, old man, I promise you to join the marine…”

“Hahaha, that’s good. If you want to come, I’ll warmly welcome you on behalf of the marine.”

Why and how did Garp want Leiyin to join the marine? As everyone knew, he had always wanted his two grandsons, Ace and Luffy, to become powerful marine soldiers. However, things didn’t go as planned.

Ace had already left Garp’s sight and went to sea as a pirate. As for Luffy, that single-celled creature was still in the Foosha Village, yet the little kid already said, “I am the man who will become the Pirate King,” which made Garp speechless.

And at this time, Leiyin wasn’t much older than Ace. So, when Garp saw him, he remembered his two grandsons. After seeing his strength, Garp was interested in taking Leiyin under his wing.

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