Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 3


Seeing that the captain was about to go on a rampage, the crew made a clearing near the cross’s deck.

Buggy placed eight flying knives between his fingers on each hand, “Bara Bara Ho!”

Tom was securely tied to the cross. He was struggled desperately to free himself from the ropes, but it was no use.

As he watched in horror, the high-speed spinning knife made more than a dozen bloody cuts on Tom’s body.

The only thing that came out was Tom’s scream.

The two hands with the flying knives spun back to Buggy and bonded with his arms again. As he looked at Tom in pain, Buggy smiled with satisfaction.


Just when everyone thought Buggy would stop there, they didn’t expect the flying knife to spin around again like it was the first time. It flew towards Tom and continued to leave a cut on him.

Oww… Captain, please stop it. It hurts…” Tom, who was usually so rude, wailed like a woman.

However, Buggy didn’t have the slightest intention of stopping. The spinning knives flew into Tom’s body over and over again.

After half an hour of tossing and turning, there wasn’t a single piece of good flesh on Tom’s body.

He was tortured to death…

The pirates who watched the torture went from shocked expressions to excited ones. Finally, when Tom had lost too much blood and had no breath, they cheered for Captain Buggy’s “great” move.

Among them, the one who felt Buggy’s “greatness” the most was the chief of staff, Cabaji, whose gloomy face showed a bloodthirsty excitement.

On a pirate ship, the captain of the ship was the god and the ruler. The captain’s will was, to a certain extent, the will of the crew.

On the other hand, Buggy the Star Clown took pleasure in torturing the weak, which caused many of the ship’s crew to mistreat the weak. Hence, to some extent, people like Tom, who was executed by him, were formed.

Among the crew, Leiyin was the exception, and he despised such behavior. Even if he became strong, he wouldn’t torture the weak and innocent. That was why Leiyin didn’t feel anything about Tom’s death.

From the moment he was caught on the ship, Leiyin never thought he was a member of the Buggy Pirates.

He thought that his life would be better after Tom’s death, and he would be less humiliated. However, Tom’s death still didn’t change the fact that Leiyin was the weakest ship worker among the bottom.


Two more days passed, and they were getting closer to their destination, Orange Town.

On this day, Leiyin was ordered to paint the ship’s railing. While working on it, Richie, the lion came out of nowhere and knocked over both Leiyin and the paint bucket, spilling red paint all over the place.

When Leiyin got up from the ground in a mess, he saw Mohji, the Buggy Pirates’ first mate, smiling and laughing. As for Richie, who had knocked him down, he was watching Leiyin with a tiger’s eye.

Who else could it be if it wasn’t Mohji?

When Mohji saw Leiyin looking at him, his smile immediately became severe.

The paint that Leiyin had splashed on his body was still dripping onto the deck as he glared at the man who had teased him.

When Mohji saw the look in Leiyin’s eyes, he was annoyed, “What’s wrong? Are you dissatisfied with this, kid?”

The lion, Richie, roared in response to his master’s words. He showed razor-sharp claws to scare Leiyin.

Leiyin, however, didn’t fear the man and the beast in front of him in the slightest. He still looked at Mohji angrily, “What do you mean by this?”

Mohji was the first mate. Apart from Buggy, he was the boss of the ship.

How dare a low-ranking worker talk to him like that?

“Hey, what’s with that look and tone of your voice? Don’t you know who I am?” Mohji said pompously, and Richie matched it with a growl.

“I don’t care who you are. I ask you what the hell did you mean by this?!” Leiyin became increasingly angry and looked at Mohji without backing down.

Hearing Leiyin talked like this, Mohji couldn’t help but freeze, ‘Does this kid actually have the guts?’

He didn’t know the fact that the moment Leiyin made up his mind to assassinate Tom, he had already put life and death into the equation. Rather than live in such a state, he would rather fight these guys to death.

If these people weren’t afraid of death, why should he be afraid of death?

However, the anger of the weak still didn’t frighten anyone.

Mohji smiled darkly, “If that’s the case, I’ll let Richie bite you to death.”

As if he had been ordered to do so, Richie opened his mouth wide and was about to jump at Leiyin…

At that moment, a fist hit Leiyin in the face. He rolled ten meters across the deck, hitting a cabin before stopping.

When Leiyin looked up, it was Buggy the Star Clown.

It turned out that Buggy was passing by and saw what happened with the two men.

Buggy cupped his hands in front of his chest and said to Leiyin, “Hey, didn’t anyone ever teach you what it means to be superior? How dare you talk to Mohji, our ship’s first mate, like that?”

There was no such thing as right and wrong in Buggy’s eyes, only the strong and the weak.

Even if Mohji’s lion, Richie, bit Leiyin to death, he wouldn’t help Leiyin.

“Someone, lock this guy in the lowest cabin for me. Don’t let him come out for two days, and don’t feed him.” Buggy ordered.

“Yes.” The two pirates did as they were told.

After Leiyin was taken away, Mohji said to Buggy, “Captain, that guy has offended me; he should have been executed.”

Buggy smiled carelessly, “We will be arriving in Orange Town shortly and will soon have our base. I have been so happy for the past two days that I will let him go for now. I’m a merciful man.”

Upon hearing this from Buggy, Mohji didn’t say anything else.


At night, inside the lowest cabin of the ship.

It was pitch black all around, and Leiyin was sitting alone on the floor.

A constant feeling of emptiness and loneliness, coupled with a feeling of sadness coming one after another.

Was this the end of a lifetime here? Was he subjected to be bullied and died in despair? Why did he have to be the ones to suffer this fate?

While Leiyin was in pain, what happened next gave him great hope again!

“Attention host, Naruto system is on. The Naruto Store is being loaded, and personal information is being read; please wait…”


What the hell is that?

Leiyin’s attention was drawn to the words in his head as he listened attentively.

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    Hmm.. The way he acquired the system is kinda plain and boring but oh well, not gonna complain about it.
    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. joeydoomsday joeydoomsday says:

      Same, I was hoping he would get it during the assassination and escape into the night… Ya know like a ninja and that we would get something like “Finding the best system based of strengths, combat and personality type. Naruto System was selected based off Host’s assassination, willingness to live and die to carry out his mission, and determination to not be weak”

  2. Yup this is definitly not an op mc and mostly likely will follow the standard and lame slowly get stronger get beaten up then get stronger

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