Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 31


Since Garp had said so, Leiyin agreed.

To avoid letting people know about Leiyin’s relationship with Garp, he went back to the Marine Headquarters after completing the formalities for Leiyin.

Although Garp only gave him the rank of Petty Officer, Garp still valued Leiyin. After all, he wanted to gather more forces for the marine.

After Garp left, Leiyin also navigated a small ship to Loguetown to report for duty.

Loguetown was near the entrance to the Grand Line, where the last Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, was born and executed. This was why it was called the “The town of the beginning and the end.”

When he arrived in Loguetown, Leiyin felt much more prosperous than the previous Shells Town, East Village, and West Village. The streets were clean, and there were all kinds of stores and restaurants along the roadside. The women walking along the road were all dressed up in fashionable and beautiful clothes.

“According to the time, the current captain of Loguetown should not be Smoker yet,” Leiyin mumbled to himself as he walked along, pondering.

While he was thinking, not far away from the street, three marines were walking. Opposite them, a little girl was bouncing around with ice cream, and she accidentally bumped into the middle marine officer, spilling ice cream all over him.

Judging from the uniform, the middle marine officer was an Ensign, while the two on the left and right were two Chief Petty Officer.

The little girl’s father ran over and apologized, “Mr. Marine, I’m so sorry. My daughter accidentally…”

“Bastard! Damn it, are you guys blind?” The fat-brained-looking Ensign immediately got angry.

“Hey, you’re offending the marine!” The Chief Petty Officer on the left said.

The little girl was so frightened that she lost her voice and cried. Meanwhile, her father looked a little frightened as he said, “Mr. marine, my daughter was really careless…”

The fat Ensign said, “Don’t talk nonsense. You guys have stained my pants; what do you want to do?”

Little girl’s father said, “What do you suggest?”

“Give me a compensation of 10,000 belly.”

Upon hearing this, the little girl’s father turned pale, “Mr. Marine, this is unreasonable…”

“How dare you disobey me!”

The little girl cried out even more as the fat Ensign punched her father and staggered him. The fat Ensign still didn’t stop and kicked the little girl.


A young man appeared from nowhere and kicked the fat Ensign far away.

The young man was Leiyin.

At this point, the two Chief Petty Officers around him were frightened to death.

On the right, the Chief Petty Officer reacted first, “Hey, kid, are you looking for death? Do you know who you’re hitting?”

“Say whatever you like!” After saying that, Leiyin punched the Chief Petty Officer and knocked him down.

The Chief Petty Officer on the left immediately went to assist the fat Ensign. The fat Ensign stood up from the ground, his face became very unpleasant, “Damn it, what day is today? How can I meet so many unruly people? Kid, I will kill you!”

With that, the fat Ensign drew his sword from his waist and rushed straight at Leiyin, “LION COMBO!”

Leiyin quickly stepped into the air. He kicked the fat Ensign up into the air, kneed him in the stomach, and smashed him down hard. The fat Ensign spat out a mouthful of white foam and passed out.

Leiyin didn’t make a move because he wanted to show off, but because he didn’t like the fat Ensign’s arrogant appearance. Also, he was interested in a little girl a few years younger.

This fat Ensign was named Baker, a local gangster in Loguetown. It was said that he had deep backing in Loguetown. So, under his influence, he could rampage through the town, bullying men and women and being more aggressive than a crab.

In other words, Leiyin had offended one of the marine’s officers even before he became an official marine member.

When Baker woke up, Leiyin had already completed a series of enlistment procedures. He had become a Petty Officer and was assigned to the 6th Unit as a regular soldier.

Coincidentally, it was Ensign Baker who served as the 6th Unit’s leader.

It was only a matter of time before the enemies got together.

Regarding the fact that Leiyin had knocked him out with just one blow, Baker knew that this guy had some power, so he didn’t dare to fight him directly. Therefore, at the end of the night, he ordered his Unit’s soldiers to kill Leiyin.

While Leiyin was sleeping, Baker sent some men to creep up to Leiyin’s bedside. Baker gave them a sign, and they pushed him down on the bed. 

Leiyin suddenly woke up from his dream and saw several people’s unkind and fierce faces. At that time, Baker came up and looked at Leiyin with a smirk, “Kid, when you first came here, you dared to beat me up like that, so I can’t pretend that nothing happened.”

After that, those marines who pressed him down looked at him with a grin. On the other hand, Leiyin had an indifferent expression, “What do you want?”

Baker’s grin grew even darker as he said, “To welcome you, we’ll give you a good ‘treat’ this evening.”

A Chief Petty Officer said, “We’ll give you a good treat to loosen up your muscles.”

With that said, several people directly dragged Leiyin up. However, in a split second, Leiyin disappeared.

“Where’s the man?”

Amid people’s amazement, Leiyin had appeared behind Baker as he said, “What are you looking for? I’m right here, idiots.”

Baker turned around, and his voice was stuttering, “He’s… He’s here… Come on, get… get him!”

How could these people be a match for Lei Yin? He beat them up in less than a couple of seconds, making them fall to the ground and cry out in pain.

Baker was already dumbfounded as Leiyin made another move [Lion Combo]. He directly hit Baker’s nose and his mouth, spitting blood, knocking him to the ground. Leiyin pulled out his sword as he sat on Baker and put the sword on his fat neck.

Baker’s fat face visibly twitched twice, “Brother Leiyin, I was wrong, I…”

Leiyin smiled at him, “Mr. Ensign, who was the one who wanted to loosen my muscles just now?”

It was because Leiyin had just knocked him out and left him with an internal injury; Baker still had blood on his nose and mouth when he said, “Brother Leiyin. Oh no, sir, I have my eyes open, but I was blind…”

Leiyin smiled and said, “I wonder if I can scratch this sword on your fat body to make oil.”

Baker’s face was even more frightened, “Sir, I was wrong, please let me go…”

“Oh, so am I a lord now? What a terrifying thing.”

Baker was still pleading for mercy and wailing.

Leiyin stretched out his palm and lightly slapped Baker’s fat face twice, then suddenly his face changed, “Let me tell you, dead fat pig. From now on, behave yourself, or I will use this sword to scrape out two pounds of fatty oil from you.”

Baker was terrified and said, “Understood, Sir Leiyin, I got it…”

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