Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 32


After all of Leiyin’s torment, Baker was afraid to mess with him.

They were both in the 6th Unit, and Baker was the leader of the 6th Unit. Although the two live under the same roof, Baker always welcomed Leiyin with a smile and called him “big brother” every time he saw Leiyin. This was because he was afraid of offending the somehow mysterious kid. He wasn’t like a Petty Officer at all; instead, he was like a Commander.

Like the other Chief Petty Officer or Petty Officer of the marine stationed in the area, Leiyin was only trained in target shooting or basic sword fighting. Leiyin was able to do daily training with the marine during the first few days, but he got bored after a short time.

For him, this kind of training was a waste of his life. So after a few days, he simply stopped training and started his practice. Even so, Ensign Baker didn’t even dare to fart.

Suddenly, one day, when Leiyin was practicing the [Rasengan] alone, a prompt came from the system: According to the system’s judgment, you had reached the level of entering a different time and space to hunt contracted beasts.

“Did you confirm to enter now?”

Oh, what a pleasant surprise. Leiyin didn’t even think about it; he just chose “Ok.”


In the next moment, Leiyin arrived at another world.

As he looked around, there were lofty mountains and mist, and it looked exactly like a fantasy world.

Not long after, Leiyin arrived at the foot of the highest peak, where a stone monument stood. There were three golden characters written on it, “The Sacred Mountains.”

The Sacred Mountains?

This couldn’t help but make Leiyin fell into deep thought. The three sage regions in Naruto were Mount Myoboku, Ryuchi Cave, and Shikkotsu Forest. They had never heard of [The Sacred Mountains].

As he thought about it, an unfriendly creature suddenly came out from behind the stone monument.

It was a three-meter long, white tiger with black stripes but looked somewhat like a cat. Later on, Leiyin found out that its name was [Tiger Cat Beast].

When it saw Leiyin, this [Tiger Cat Beast] wasn’t afraid and directly attacked Leiyin with claws that were sharper than razors.

Leiyin fell to the ground but didn’t panic. Instead, he smiled calmly and said, “Well, you’re a big cat with a bad temper which comes up and bites people whenever you feel displeased.”

After hearing this, the Tiger Cat Beast growled. It opened its bloody mouth and attacked Leiyin’s head. In a split second, Leiyin performed a [Flying Thunder God Slash] and disappeared, causing the Tiger Cat Beast to bite the ground.

When the Tiger Cat Beast discovered him, Leiyin had already appeared behind it. Leiyin looked at it and teased, “Hey, little kitten, if I could be easily bitten to death by you, I guess I wouldn’t be qualified enough to enter [The Sacred Mountains].”

When the Tiger Cat Beast heard this, it roared and shifted into four, surrounding Leiyin in four directions, East, West, North, and South.

Was this Kage Bunshin no Jutsu? Or Bunshin no Jutsu?

As expected of Naruto’s beast, it could actually do such a trick. Regardless of it, Leiyin’s eyes suddenly changed from their original form, “SHARINGAN, OPEN!”

In the next moment, two Tomoe were spinning back and forth in Leiyin’s eyes.

Without a word, the four Tiger Cat Beasts jumped at Leiyin from all directions…


Leiyin’s hands were flying up and down. He suddenly formed a seal, aiming it at one of the Tiger Cat Beasts, spitting out hot flames.

It turned out that the Tiger Cat Beast’s body was only an E-rank Bunshin no Jutsu, and Leiyin’s Sharingan could see through the real body at a glance. Therefore, he decisively attacked, causing the three bodies of the Tiger Cat Beast to disappear instantly. However, Leiyin didn’t expect that.

The attacked body actually spurted out water to extinguish Leiyin’s Great Fireball, which drove Leiyin more than ten meters away.

The [Water Release Technique] used by the Tiger Cat Beast wasn’t the C-rank [Wild Water Wave], but the higher B-rank [Water Dragon Bullet Technique]!

This couldn’t help but arouse Leiyin’s great interest.

When he saw that his technique wasn’t working, Leiyin gathered his chakra on his right fist and smashed it at the Tiger Cat Beast. As his fist was about to hit the Tiger Cat Beast, a formidable wall appeared in front of him. Leiyin’s fist was stopped on it, leaving only a fist print.

This was?

Earth Release – Earth-Style Wall?

This creature, not only could it use Water Release but also Earth Release.

It was getting more and more interesting.

As he looked at the hard wall made by the Tiger Cat Beast in front of him, Leiyin’s lips couldn’t help but curl into a smile.

The next moment, he pulled out the ninjato behind his back. He attached lightning to it, and the whole blade “bared,” “SWORD OF KUSANAGI – CHIDORI KATANA!”

When Leiyin struck again, the sword fell and split the earth wall, cutting into the Tiger Cat Beast’s body, causing blood to splatter all over its body. Instantly, the beast transformed into an adorable little tiger, as if it had never been slashed before. It was no different in size from a young domestic cat.


When Leiyin was surprised, the little tiger flew over to him. It jumped directly onto his shoulder and gently licked his cheek like a puppy. He thought the little creature would attack again, but it was clearly a gesture of goodwill.

Just as Leiyin was confused, another standing cat appeared.

To be precise, it was a leopard.

A standing leopard?

Leiyin looked at the leopard in front of him. It was standing like a man, wearing a robe like a costume, about 1.2 meters tall. The funny thing was that it was carrying a sword behind its back, which was only a little lower than his height, and it looked unobtrusive.

When he saw its appearance, Leiyin almost laughed out loud but still managed to hold back.

Leiyin and the leopard stood facing each other for a while.

After a long silence, the leopard finally spoke, “You are not an ordinary person. You actually defeated the Tiger Cat Beast.”

It shocked Leiyin to hear the leopard spoke, “Who are you?”

(Actually, it would be more accurate to ask, “What kind of leopard are you?”)

“I am the [Leopard Swordsman Sage] of the [The Sacred Mountains]. You can also call me the [Leopard Disperse Sage]. The [Master] has kept me waiting for you here for a long time.”

The Leopard Swordsman Sage? Master? 

“What are you talking about? What Master? What exactly is [The Sacred Mountains]? Also, what’s up with the cat?”

The [Leopard Swordsman Sage] didn’t answer him directly but drew his sword behind him, “I’ll tell you the answers to these questions when you defeat me.”

With that, the leopard rushed up to him.

Seeing that a fight was about to start, the little tiger jumped off Leiyin’s shoulder.

In response, Leiyin’s hands flew up and down, and a ninjutsu move came out suddenly.

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