Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 33



After Leiyin’s seal was completed, blazing flames spewed out.



Almost at the same time as Leiyin, following Leiyin’s outpouring of flame, the ground in front of the leopard turned into a huge earth dragon. The earth dragon opened its mouth wide and directly devoured the flame.

The [Leopard Swordsman Sage] rode above the earth dragon. With the earth dragon’s huge body, he looked down on Leiyin, as if he could swallow Leiyin at any time.

This [Earth Dragon Bullet Technique] was a B-rank Earth Release Technique. Leiyin didn’t expect that this seemingly unimpressive, even funny-looking leopard in front of him would actually be able to perform it.

In the face of the huge earth dragon in front of him, Leiyin was happy instead of fearful. He then said, “The creatures here are indeed capable of repeatedly surprising me.”

On hearing this, [Leopard Swordsman Sage] didn’t reply to Leiyin’s words. Instead, it waved its fingers lightly, causing the earth dragon’s mouth to open again. In a split second, the earth dragon spewed out storm-like mud bombs, mercilessly launched towards Leiyin.

A mud bullet slammed into the ground, piercing the ground without exaggeration. In an instant, a piece of ground was smashed into a sieve.

What the [Leopard Swordsman Sage] didn’t know was that long before the earth dragon spat out the mud bomb, Leiyin had already disappeared from the ground with [Flying Thunder God Slash].


When Leiyin reappeared, he had gathered a chakra ball in his hand. He held the chakra ball in his hand and blatantly hit the earth dragon’s head. It hit the dragon’s vital parts, causing severe damage, and disintegrated. The earth dragon, which was still raging, dissipated in a flash, and the leopard fell to the ground again.

“I can’t believe you can defeat the Tiger Cat Beast and easily disintegrate my [Earth Dragon Bullet]. You’re worthy of being someone that [Master] likes.”

“You always said Master from the beginning; who is this Master?”

At that moment, the leopard drew his sword behind him and said, “Wait until I test you again.”

In response to this, Leiyin also drew his ninjato while wrapping the lightning around it.

Dang dang dang …..

In the battle circle, the sound of the sword clashing was heard continuously. As the little tiger watched, the sword skills of the [Leopard Swordsman Sage] prevailed.

After dozens of rounds, the leopard suddenly slashed away, directly cutting Leiyin’s ninjato in two.


Suddenly, the battle stopped, and the atmosphere became awkward.

Leiyin threw the broken ninjato on the ground. He then gathered energy in his hands and dashed toward the leopard.

When the leopard saw the situation, it didn’t show weakness. Its hands formed seals, and in a split second, a rock fist appeared from the leopard’s chest.



The two forces collided with each other with a loud bang. Even the little tiger cat, who had been watching the battle from the side, was affected. Leiyin, the leopard, and the little tiger cat were thrown more than ten meters away by the aftershocks.

The Leopard Swordsman Sage and Leiyin drew even.

Leiyin stood up and dusted himself off, while the leopard looked at him and nodded his head in satisfaction, “You’re indeed, just like what Master thought. Kid, you’re qualified. Now, if there is anything you don’t understand, you can ask me questions.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the little tiger jumped onto Leiyin’s shoulder again.

Leiyin pointed at the little tiger and asked, “What’s going on with this little guy?”

The leopard inserted his sword into the scabbard behind his back and said, “It’s called the Tiger Cat Beast. It’s a legendary beast from ancient times. Usually, it lives in this form (little tiger form). However, when it encounters a special situation or battle, it will become gigantic, which is what it looks like when you first see it.”

The little tiger gently licked Leiyin’s cheek, while Leiyin tenderly touched its head. The leopard continued, “The nature of a Tiger Cat Beast is very loyal. It will recognize the first person who defeats it as its Master, and will never betray it.”

Upon hearing this, Leiyin looked at the little tiger and smiled.

“In other words, right now, this tiger is your contracted beast. When you need it, you can summon it out. The seal of summoning is [Tiger – Rat – Tiger].” The leopard said, showing Leiyin how to perform the summoning seal.

Leiyin stroked its head as he listened, “Then from now on, please show me more, Tiger Beast.”

The little tiger meowed adorably and smiled at Leiyin.

“This is an alternate dimension for you. The time spent here is static for the outside world. The Naruto World is most famous for its three rage regions, but this is also a rage region with a little known history. However, what I’m about to say may surprise you even more… “


“[The Sacred Mountains] has a higher status than the three sage regions. The sage who live here and the results of their practice are stronger than the three sage regions.”

Lei Yin said, “Is that so?”

“Well, it’s like Gamamaru of [Mount Myoboku], and the White Snake Sage of [Ryuchi Cave]. The one living in [The Sacred Mountains] is the Leopard Sage Clan.”

Leiyin asked, “The Leopard Sage Clan? So that [Master] you’re talking about is also a leopard?”

The Leopard Swordsman Sage stroked his chin and said, “That’s right… “

“So is he your leader, then?”

“Well, according to the words, yes.”

Leiyin understood now. Like Naruto Uzumaki at [Mount Myoboku], [The Sacred Mountains] was Leiyin’s training place! So, the next step was…

“Leopard Swordsman Sage, I want to practice [Sage Mode], so hurry up and take me to meet your [Master].”

Upon hearing that, the Leopard Swordsman Sage smiled, “Kid, you haven’t reached the level to practice [Sage Mode] yet. So wait until you come back next time. By then, you should be able to practice [Sage Mode].”

So that was it. Leiyin secretly thought to himself, what the system specified was that he could start [Sage Mode] when his level reached Jonin (Intermediate). It was obvious that right now, it wasn’t time.

In any case, now that he had a powerful contracted beast, the trip was worthwhile. However, the Leopard Swordsman Sage’s next words brightened him up.

“Our Leopard Swordsman Clan is good at the [Water Release] and [Earth Release] ninjutsu. I can teach that to you.”


“Well, next, I’ll show you how to perform seals for several techniques, so watch it carefully.”

With that, Leiyin opened the [Sharingan].

The Leopard Swordsman Sage demonstrated several ninjutsu such as [Earth Release – Earth Dragon Bullet], [Earth Release – Earth-Style Wall], [Earth Release – Earth Spear], [Water Release – Water Dragon Bullet ], and [Water Release – Water Formation Wall], and Leiyin memorized them all.

With that, the leopard taught Leiyin some of the Leopard Swordsman Clan’s secret sword techniques, and Leiyin memorized them one by one with the [Two Tomoe Sharingan].

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