Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 34


Then, the Leopard Swordsman Sage took off the sword behind him and placed it in Leiyin’s hand.

Leiyin received the sword with a surprised face.

This was?!

“This is one of the eleven [Kusanagi Sword]. Your ninjato was so worn out that I was able to cut it off in one go, so take this [Kusanagi Sword] as compensation.” The leopard said faintly.

The Kusanagi Sword in Naruto was a powerful weapon created by the Kusanagi Clan. It was more than tens of thousands of times stronger than an ordinary ninjato.

The Kusanagi sword wasn’t just a sword, but a variety of swords, eleven in all. Among the Naruto, three were given explicitly. 

One was Orochimaru’s, which could be extended and shortened at will by his secret technique. Another one was Itachi Uchiha’s Sword of Totsuka, which could be used with Susanoo. There was also one held by Sasuke Uchiha, which would become extremely sharp when used with the [Lightning Release] Chidori.

Leiyin looked at the newly obtained [Kusanagi Sword] in his hand with some disbelief. It was a straight-bodied, high-quality sword with a faint blue tinge to it, and it looked gorgeous.

It was…

Orochimaru’s [Kusanagi Sword]?

If it was compensation, wasn’t this gift too much?

It was as if the Leopard Swordsman Sage had seen what he was thinking, so it said, “There’s no need to be so surprised. The fact that you can make it to [The Sacred Mountains] means that you are destined to be a follower of our [Leopard Swordsman Clan]. So let this be a small gift from your master to you.”

Leiyin thought about it and didn’t decline, “Well, next time if we meet again, I’ll definitely become stronger.”

The Leopard Swordsman Sage said, “Well, I also believe that it will be like that.”

After saying goodbye to the tiger and the leopard, Leiyin took the [Kusanagi Sword] with him and returned to the One Piece World. 


When he returned to the One Piece World, Leiyin was still practicing in an open field.

It was just like what [Leopard Swordsman Sage] had said that the world here was still during his time in [The Sacred Mountains].

Leiyin opened the system again to check his personal information.


Gender: Male

Age: 16 years

Ninja rank: Chunin (Advanced)

Kekkei Genkai or Human Strength: Sharingan (Two Tomoe)

Ninjutsu: Lightning Release – Chidori Nagashi (A-rank), Sword of Kusanagi – Chidori Katana (B-rank), White Blade (D-rank as determined by the self-invented jutsu system), Rasengan (A-rank), Big Ball Rasengan (A-rank), Fire Release – Great Fireball (C-rank), Water Release – Wild Water Wave 

(C-rank), Lightning Release – Powerful Breath (C-rank), Flying Thunder God Slash (B-rank), Lion Combo (C-rank), Wind Release – Great Breakthrough (C-rank), Earth Release – Earth Dragon Bullet (B-rank), Earth Release – Earth-Style Wall (C-rank), Earth Release – Earth Spear (B-rank), Water Release – Water Dragon Bullet Technique (B-rank), Water Release – Water Formation Wall (B-rank) 

Inventory (tools, weapons): Scroll of Seals x 2, Kunai x 10, Kusanagi Sword (used by Orochimaru)

Contracted Beast: Tiger Beast

Sage Mode: Unenabled

Chakra Amount: 15,500/15,500]

After looking at his personal information, Leiyin was a little surprised at his growth rate. It wasn’t even half a year, and he already had so many ninjutsu. He had learned the [Sharingan], and he was about to advance to the [Jonin] rank. If he reached the Jonin (Intermediate), then he could practice the [Sage Mode].

Leiyin completely frightened Ensign Baker with his strength. Even if he didn’t do his daily training, Baker wouldn’t dare to say anything about Leiyin. However, in the marine’s officer system, there was more than just the rank of Ensign.

There was one person in the 6th Unit who was always absent, and within a few days, someone else found out.

This 6th Unit was part of the Second Squadron. The Second Squadron Leader, Lieutenant Lake, found out and questioned Ensign Baker, “What’s going on? Why is your unit short on one person?”

Baker gulped at the words, “He’s… He’s… “

Lieutenant Lake said, “What is it? What’s really going on?”

Baker’s eyes rolled back, and he immediately cried harder than he would have if his father had died, ” Lieutenant, you don’t know, this guy has been bullying me with his strength. He said he would stab me with his sword if he ever dared to interfere with him. “

Lake was furious at the news, “Who’s that lawless kid? What’s his name?”

Baker said, “He’s the new Petty Officer. His name is Leiyin.”

“He’s just a Petty Officer, and he dares to be so arrogant… “

Baker’s ploy to catch the thief was successful. Although it was wrong for Leiyin to be absent from training, Baker bullied Leiyin first, which was different from what Baker said.

As it was mentioned before, Baker was the local gangster in Loguetown. He had a backer behind him, and his backer was Lieutenant Lake. In other words, this Lieutenant Lake was his boss.

He didn’t tell the boss about Leiyin beating him up because he was afraid that Leiyin would take revenge and really scrape the fat off his body. After all, not everyone was capable of disappearing and appearing behind someone in an instant.

Not to mention that Baker wasn’t sure if Lake could do anything to Leiyin.

The reason why Baker said it out loud when Lake asked was so that even if Leiyin knew about Baker’s report, Baker wouldn’t be blamed. ‘It was because the leader wanted to know your whereabouts, not because I snitched.’ 

‘If I didn’t teach you a lesson, how could you say I’m a leader? Moreover, you were only a Petty Officer.’

Meanwhile, Leiyin didn’t know this and was still practicing in an empty field.


Leiyin stamped his hands, and a gust of wind blew toward the surface of the sea, creating a whirlpool on the calm surface.

‘Hmm, not bad.’ Leiyin secretly thought to himself. Now that he knew the ninjutsu of Wind Release, he would have wind chakra in his body. If he combined the wind chakra with [Rasengan] and used it, he would be able to use that jutsu…

While thinking about it, a group of uninvited guests found him.

It was Lieutenant Lake.

The fact that he could defeat a small team by himself showed that this guy had some power. So, to be on the safe side, Lake brought over 60 of his men here. He ready to take on Leiyin and show him how many eyes were on the horse’s head.

Seeing the leader arrived with a group of soldiers, Leiyin casually asked, ” Lieutenant Lake, what brings you to me?”

One of Lieutenant Junior Grade beside Lake stepped forward, “Leiyin, how dare you, not only assaulting your leader and fellow officers but also ignoring the marine law and missing training. Are you aware of your crime?”

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