Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 35


Leiyin scratched his head, helplessly, “Well, it’s really boring to shoot at targets and assassinate people every day. You won’t get stronger with that.”

“What? How dare you defy the marine?”

“I’m not in contempt of the marine. That approach may work for you, but it doesn’t improve anything for me.”

Lieutenant Junior Grade was about to continue to argue, but Lieutenant Lake stopped him, “Leiyin, I know you’re good at two things, but do you know that you’re guilty of a serious breach of discipline?”

“Well… “Leiyin scratched his head; his heart was helpless. He initially joined the marine because he lost a fight against Garp. Moreover, Leiyin was a casual person who didn’t like to be controlled at all. He joined the marine to enter the Marineford to see the high-level fighters in the New World.

It wouldn’t be easy to get Leiyin to admit his guilt. Lieutenant Junior Grade, however, couldn’t help himself from pointing at Leiyin and shouting, “Lieutenant, this guy doesn’t have the slightest intention of repenting. So, let’s teach him a lesson!”

Lake thought for a moment, nodded his head, and expressed his acquiescence.

With the Lieutenant’s permission, the fifty or sixty soldiers drew their swords and rushed toward Leiyin like a tidal wave.

Leiyin smiled and thought to himself, “That’s good. Let’s try the ninjutsu I just learned.

His hands flew up and down, and he suddenly formed seals, “WATER RELEASE – WATER DRAGON BULLET TECHNIQUE!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, a water dragon’s head came out from Leiyin’s mouth. It then rushed past the soldiers at a speed to which they couldn’t react.

Looking at this outcome, Leiyin shook his head in dissatisfaction: If this move were used on the sea, it would have unleashed a much larger water dragon. Although Leiyin was not satisfied, all the soldiers who were drenched in the water had horrified expressions.

“This… What is this?”

“He… Was he really just a Petty Officer?”

“This guy, he has Devil Fruit ability!”

There was an immediate uproar among the downed soldiers, and Lieutenant Lake’s face had become very unpleasant. He wanted to teach the kid a lesson but didn’t expect to meet the king of hell!

When Lieutenant Lake saw the situation, he led the soldiers away hurriedly.

As mentioned earlier, the fat Ensign Baker was a local gangster. Not only because of his boss, Lieutenant Lake, who had a cousin named Ryan, who was a Lieutenant Commander in Loguetown but also because he was an officer of a branch.

In the One Piece World, the average branch officer or commander had almost absolute power in the area. They even held the power of life and death. The current Captain of the Loguetown, called Brown, was also a seniority simulator and didn’t have much power to fight.

The current Lieutenant Commander Ryan was utterly different. He joined the marine at the age of twenty-one and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander at twenty-three. After a mission, he became the second-in-command of Loguetown, capturing a man with 31 million belly bounty alive.

Brown, on the other hand, had been in the marine for more than thirty years. He had barely fought in any war and had only made it to the Captain’s position under his general seniority and a few personal connections.

Ryan was second in command, but his experience, strength, and courage far exceeded Captain Brown’s. Therefore, it was Ryan who was actually in charge of Loguetown.

In this world, it was still the one who had a thick arm and a hard fist who became the boss.

With his brother and his brother’s men being taken care of, where did you want him to put his face as the Lieutenant Commander in charge? Leiyin had turned against him.

If he didn’t teach Leiyin a lesson, he wouldn’t know who’s in charge in Loguetown!

The marine could have expelled him, but Ryan and Lake were too vengeful. If they let him go, where would they go for revenge?

Since he had obtained the Kusanagi Sword, Leiyin’s strength had improved even more. He spent the whole day training on his own and didn’t participate in marine training.


One day, Ryan, the real authority of Loguetown, came with some of his best men to trouble Leiyin.

Ryan had a huge body with powerful muscles and a bald head, making him look fierce and evil at first glance.

“Kid, you’re no ordinary person. You’re only a Petty Officer, but you beat up two of your supervisors in a row. Also, you beat up so many of their people.” Ryan stroked his bald head.

Leiyin put the Kusanagi Sword back into its scabbard and said indifferently, “What do you want then?”

“To kill you!”

With that, Ryan rushed up, and soldiers automatically made a clear space.


Ryan used the impulse to build up the power in his foot and kicked out into the void, creating a blue chop…

‘He was a Lieutenant Commander who knew the Rokushiki.’ Leiyin thought as his eyes had already changed shape .


After Leiyin opened his Sharingan, he quickly jumped to the side and dodged the strike. The tree behind him was cut in two by Ryan’s Rankyaku.

At this point, Leiyin realized that the strength that Ryan had displayed was no less than that of a marine officer from the headquarters or the “G Branch.”

When Ryan saw that the strike didn’t hurt Leiyin, he struck the ground, “ROKUSHIKI – GEPPO!”


Ryan stepped into the air and whistled at Leiyin while swinging his powerful right fist and slamming it down, “ROKUSHIKI – TEKKAI KENPO!”

This “Tekkai Kenpo” was an extension of the “Tekkai” move in the [Rokushiki]. In the original One Piece story, it was used by CP9’s Jabra.

It seems that Ryan was a master of the Rokushiki, and he was showing the best of his Rokushiki.

So what?

The power that Leiyin possessed was something that he had never imagined. In other words, right now, Ryan was no match for Leiyin at all.

The reason was simple: He could fight Garp for more than twenty rounds without being defeated. Also, he had defeated the Lieutenant Commander of the Headquarters head-on.

These two reasons were enough.

Therefore, Leiyin didn’t take this battle seriously.

As soon as he saw that Ryan [Tekkai] that was combined with [Geppo] coming, Leiyin formed his seal again, “EARTH RELEASE – EARTH-STYLE WALL!”

When Ryan’s fist came, suddenly, a hard wall of earth appeared on the ground, blocking Ryan’s strike.

Leiyin didn’t pay any attention to Ryan. Instead, he made three seals with both hands again, “TIGER – RAT – TIGER!”

Then he pressed down on the ground, and a giant, fierce creature appeared in front of Ryan.

When Ryan violently smashed the [Earth-Style Wall], he saw the giant creature.

Leiyin summoned the Tiger Cat Beast with his summoning technique.

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