Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 36


Why used a slaughtering knife to kill a chicken?

This was what Leiyin thought.

If he did it himself, then he could quickly finish Ryan off. Moreover, he also wanted to see the Tiger Cat Beast’s strength in this world and improve its combat experience.

When the marine saw the Tiger Cat Beast appearing out of nowhere, they were already scared to death. Lieutenant Commander Ryan temporarily stopped his attack.

This kid, what the hell was he? Did he have the Devil Fruit summoning ability?

While the crowd was silently speculating, the tiger roared and jumped at Ryan, “ROKUSHIKI – SORU!”

Ryan saw the situation was bad and used [Soru] to quickly dodge it, causing the tiger to jump in the air. However, even though Ryan used [Soru], Leiyin, who was watching the battle from the side, could clearly see his escape trajectory.

The reason was that Leiyin was now opening the Three Tomoe Sharingan.

Since Leiyin returned from his training at [The Sacred Mountains], he had learned the [Water Release] and [Earth Release] ninjutsu from the Leopard Swordsman Sage. His strength and his chakra amount had also increased a great deal. Combined with the training he had done over the past few days, Leiyin found that he could already open the Three Tomoe.

This was also the reason why Ryan’s [Soru] speed wasn’t particularly fast. Leiyin caught Ryan’s movements in his eyes to the fullest extent, “He’s over there!”

Leiyin pointed with his hand, and the Tiger Cat Beast didn’t hesitate at all. It directly released the B-rank [Water Dragon Bullet Technique] in the direction Leiyin pointed. By the time everyone saw it, Ryan had turned into a drowned chicken.

The tiger jumped on him again. However, to everyone’s surprise, Leiyin flipped his hands and unlocked the summoning technique. The tiger disappeared and went back to the Sacred Mountains.

Leiyin slowly walked over to Ryan, who was covered in water. He stood up in a heap, shaking the water off his body.

Seeing Leiyin’s terrifying strength, all the marines were silenced. Who still dared to come forward?

Ryan looked at the kid in front of him and showed a few scruples, “Who the hell are you, kid?”

“I’m not from the same dimension as you,” Leiyin said indifferently. This statement wasn’t wrong. Whether it was strength or origin, Leiyin wasn’t considered a person from the One Piece World.

Upon hearing this, Ryan’s pride was greatly provoked, and he growled, “Don’t be cocky, kid. I’ll kill you myself.”

However, Leiyin suddenly smiled and said, “You should save your energy because I have ten thousand ways to defeat you. If you want to try again, I am always ready to accompany you, Mr. Lieutenant Commander.”

When Leiyin said this, it didn’t seem like a joke at all. Everyone had seen the strength he had just shown, and this “devil-like magic” was simply not something ordinary people could handle.

Was that how a Petty Officer talking to a Lieutenant Commander?

Ever since Ryan joined the marine, he had been showered with praise and honor. So, how could he be insulted? Not to mention the fact that the opponent was a mere Petty Officer!

Lieutenant Commander Ryan was furious, “You… You… I’m going to kick you out of the marine!”

Leiyin still smiled faintly, “Suit yourself.”

With that, Ryan, in his anger, walked away with his men. On the other hand, Leiyin was still doing his training in the open field, as if nothing had happened.

Of course, what Ryan said wasn’t a joke. As the local Lieutenant Commander and the actual local authority, he still had such power.


“Petty Officer Leiyin, without regard to marine law, defying his superiors and assaulting his fellow officers. You are immediately expelled from the marine base by the law and will never be hired!”

The above words were Ryan’s statement and the punishment for Leiyin. This was a small matter. A Petty Officer was rebellious, so if he couldn’t fix the problem, how could he still be the Lieutenant Commander?

‘If I couldn’t beat you, I’d kick you out of the marine and ruin your career!’ 

Come to think of it; he was a marine Lieutenant Commander and the actual local authority. For such a thing happen to him? Of course, No way!

However, this expel was overruled by the Lieutenant.

This Lieutenant wasn’t just any Lieutenant, but Lieutenant of the Marine Headquarters. Not only was he a Lieutenant of the Marine Headquarters, but he was a Lieutenant sent by Vice Admiral Garp.

Now, everything was clear.

When Garp left, he didn’t leave Leiyin alone in Loguetown but assigned a Lieutenant to keep an eye on Leiyin so that he wouldn’t do anything too out of the ordinary. The local high-ranking officers in Loguetown didn’t know this at all. They only knew that the headquarters sent the Lieutenant to inspect Leiyin, which equivalent to a “supervisor.”

Garp didn’t realize that Leiyin was about to turn Loguetown into a riot.

However, the Lieutenant didn’t tell Garp about this. Instead, he just watched in silence what Leiyin was doing. This was because the Lieutenant thought that Leiyin was doing the right thing.


Inside the office of the Lieutenant Commander at Loguetown Marine Base.

Ryan righteously said to the captain, “Mr. T Bone, this guy has no regard for military law and assaulted his superiors. Does a person like this have to stay in the marine?”

Yes, this Lieutenant was T Bone, who later became known as “Ship Cutter”. He was a Lieutenant in the marine under Garp. He had a long horse face, looked a little scary, and lost one of his teeth.

However, he was a straightforward, righteous man whose motto was “do good deeds every day”. In the original story, he was the Lieutenant of the Marine who was sent to escort Nico Robin. However, he would become a Captain years later.

T Bone tapped the table with his index finger and said, “Do you think I don’t know that?”.


“He beat up Ensign Baker because Baker was bullying civilians in the street. He saw an injustice in his path and pulled a sword to help. He beat up Lieutenant Lake because Lake is Baker’s boss. They wanted to bully more people but didn’t expect their opponent to be so strong. That’s what happened, right, Lieutenant Commander Ryan.”

Ryan was speechless at the news.

Who was Garp? He was a Vice-Admiral with power comparable to that of Fleet Admiral, Sengoku the Buddha.

As the saying goes, “The seven officials under the government are family”.

T Bone was one of Garp’s men. Not to mention that T Bone was a Lieutenant, even if he was a Petty Officer, Lieutenant Commander Ryan had to listen to everything he said.

Ryan wasn’t a fool. There was definitely something wrong with the Marine Headquarters’ people protecting a Petty Officer. Ryan suddenly realized, and he asked T Bone weakly, “Mr. T Bone, who is this kid?”

“He’s the one Vice Admiral Garp had his eye on in this base…”

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