Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 38


The shark ate the entire lower half of the soldier’s body from the waist down. The upper half fell to the deck and twitched continuously.

The marines were mostly new recruits, but even veterans of the last few battles had their livers tremble when they saw this scene.

In response, T Bone once again drew his sword from his waist and raised it above his head, “Everyone! Bring on the courage of the marine! If you want to die, die like a man!”

The slogans were shouted impassionedly. Although it slightly boosted their morale, it still couldn’t get rid of their fear of death. After all, it was a shark swarm that surrounded the ship.

Even if it was T Bone, there was nothing he could do about it, right?


T Bone once again sent out his right-angled cut, which flashed blue light, and finished off the two sharks. Unlike humans, the sharks were naturally prone to bloodshed and violence, and the sight of their two friends being cut down enraged them even more.

T Bone knew this, so he swung his sword even harder to stop the sharks’ terrifying counterattack.


A sword more powerful than [Bone Soir], with the sound of breaking the air whistled out. It directly cut down the sharks on the right side of the ship. As a result, the seemingly powerful sword flew halfway to dissipate in the air.

It turned out that this move [Bone Odori] was T Bone’s big move. Now that he was still many years away from becoming a Captain, this move was still in training and couldn’t make the full state.

“Was it still not enough?” T Bone shook his head helplessly at this. “Looks like we’re really going to die here?”

T Bone had gone from being a passionate man to a man who looked death in the eye. It seemed that he was now the only person on the ship who wasn’t afraid of the shark swarm.

No, no, there was someone else.

A young man came forward and shouted to everyone, “You all hide in the cabin. I’ll handle this!”

It was Leiyin.

Some soldiers got angry when they heard it, “How can you still be joking in a situation like this!”

“That’s right. You’re only a mere Petty Officer, and you’re still talking big here!”

“Even Lieutenant T Bone couldn’t handle it, let alone you… “


As the soldiers on board the ship were talking, the sharks hit the ship even harder.

Suddenly, like the previous one, another shark lunged at the deck, opened its bloody mouth, and bit one of the marine soldiers. The soldier screamed in despair. In a split second, blood splattered everywhere, and the body turned in two!

Was it the same as last time?

No, that didn’t seem right.

This time, it was the shark whose body turned into two pieces.


When the crowd was paying attention, they saw Leiyin holding a Kusanagi Sword, and there were two shark bodies on the deck.

“Thank you…” The rescued soldier was still in shock and thanked Leiyin incessantly.

However, Leiyin didn’t look at him. Instead, he looked at the group of sharks and said, “Go back to the cabin.”

“Okay…” The rescued marine soldier was very obedient. He then ran in the direction of the ship’s cabin.

In response, T Bone also ordered, “All soldiers, let’s leave this matter to Leiyin, and hide in the cabin. Don’t be a burden to him.”

Leiyin finished off the shark with a single blow, which reminded T Bone that this guy had the power to defeat a Marine Lieutenant Commander, so he might be able to save the day.

However, it was a vicious and brutal group of sharks, not a group of loaches. Could Leiyin really handle it?

Although the soldiers were hiding in the cabin, they were watching the situation from the door.


On deck.

The shark smelled the blood and became even more violent, and they kept pouncing on the deck.

If Leiyin died, the whole ship would be dead, and if Leiyin could live, then the entire ship could live.

In other words, the soldiers’ life and death depended on Leiyin alone.

In the face of the crazy sharks, Leiyin waved his Kusanagi Sword and attached lightning to it, “SWORD OF KUSANAGI – CHIDORI KATANA!”

The sword’s blade, which was attached with lightning, made a sharp whistling sound in the air. As soon as the shark pounced on it, Leiyin cut it down mercilessly.

“As expected of a Kusanagi sword; it’s really sharp. As soon as it hits the shark, it can immediately cut it in two. A normal ninjato wouldn’t have the same effect.”

Come on, no matter how many you are; I would kill all of you!

In this way, Leiyin created a bloody storm on the warship. All the sharks that jumped on it were turned into two halves without exception.

Gradually, the sharks lost their will to fight and stopped attacking, as they saw that they couldn’t hurt Leiyin at all.

Leiyin’s face was unruffled, but the soldiers in the cabin were stunned at the sight of the shark’s half-broken body on the deck. With this, Leiyin had killed nearly half of the sharks onboard.

However, his attack was far from over.

The next moment, Leiyin stepped on the air as if he were on a staircase and ran to the surface of the sea.

Does he run to the surface of the sea?

What is this? Rokushiki – Geppo?

When did this kid learn how to do that? No one had taught him that.

At this point, T Bone in the cabin couldn’t help but stare.

It was true that no one had taught Leiyin. It turned out that when he was fighting against Lieutenant Commander Ryan in Loguetown, Leiyin opened his Three Tomoe Sharingan and “copied” all of Ryan’s [Rokushiki].

In the original Naruto story, Kakashi Hatake could copy thousands of ninjutsu with a single Sharingan eye. So, it was nothing for Leiyin, who had Sharingan as his Kekkei Genkai.

Thus, Leiyin used [Geppo] to run straight across to the sharks.

The sharks were also confused: The others couldn’t even avoid us, and you dared to rush through the sea?

The sharks were not afraid of Leiyin’s arrival. So, the Tiger Head Sharks came overwhelmingly toward Leiyin.

Leiyin stood on the surface of the sea as if he was walking on the ground. As he saw the blackness on the other side, he just smiled faintly. His hands then flew up and down, suddenly formed seals, and a ninjutsu move came out brazenly, “WATER RELEASE – WATER DRAGON BULLET TECHNIQUE!”

After saying that, the surrounding sea rises up into the sky, forming a giant water dragon in the air.

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