Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 41


The merchant was an ordinary man with nothing else to offer but money. The opportunity was unattainable for him.

“Okay, 110 million it is.”


After that, the merchant didn’t hesitate. He had initially come to bid on items. Therefore, he directly took out 110 million in cash and handed it over to Leiyin, who also gave him the Gomu Gomu no Mi.

In this way, Leiyin obtained a large sum of money by a smart move.

It was said that the merchant who brought this [Gomu Gomu no Mi] home hadn’t been willing to eat it. Instead, he sold it to someone else at a much higher price.

After several twists and turns, it came into the hands of the Four Emperors [Red Hair] Shanks, and finally, it was known to have been eaten by a kid named Monkey D. Luffy.

However, that was a story for another day.

When the merchant left, Leiyin directly opened the system for drawing ninjutsu.

Leiyin chose the column “A-rank ninjutsu.”

System: Did you confirm the drawing?


Then, three large golden cards with the word “Shinobu” appeared on the ground, and Leiyin tapped the one on the left.

The card was slowly turned over.

Multiple Shadow Clone Technique (A-rank): This technique was an enhanced version of the B-rank Ninjutsu [Shadow Clone Technique]. This technique could split several shadow clones at once.

Leiyin couldn’t help but secretly rejoice. His recent luck was excellent.

This move was the ninjutsu he had always wanted. It was improved and evolved from the ninjutsu [Shadow Clone Technique] created by the Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju.

The most important thing was that the clones from this move were all stable!

It was like the Sun Wukong, who could summon thousands of monkey soldiers by blowing his breath into the monkey’s hair.

Imagine if he used this technique to summon thousands of battle-capable clone. Even if he couldn’t kill anyone, he could still scare people to death.

By the way, after obtaining the A-rank [Multiple Shadow Clone Technique], he was happy, but he still had things to do.

With this thought, Leiyin walked straight to the backstage of the auction hall.


When he arrived backstage, what caught his eye was an iron cage with many different kinds of people in it.

It went without saying that this illegal underground auction was mainly for human trafficking.

Wait a minute, during the fight, Leiyin heard “Donquixote Pirates,” could it be that the boss of this illegal organization was really Donquixote Doflamingo?

Just as Leiyin was thinking about it, there was a burst of cries for help from the people in the cages on both sides, “Brother, whoever you are, please get us out.”

“I’m begging you.”

“We really don’t want to be slaves.”

In addition to this burst of cries for help, Leiyin also saw the beautiful girl who had just been auctioned off for 5 million dollars locked in a cage on the far left near the door.

She was grasping the cage with both hands and looking at Leiyin with a longing face, hoping that he would lend her a helping hand.

Leiyin was really weak every time he saw a pleading face. He originally came to see if there was any valuable item that he could “seize,” exchange it for belly, and then extract ninjutsu to become stronger. He didn’t expect to encounter such a situation.

Forget it. They had begged him so he could only help them. He pulled out the [Kusanagi Sword] behind his back and attached lightning to it, “SWORD OF KUSANAGI – CHIDORI KATANA!”

The Kusanagi Sword was struck with a circular lightning bolt scattered in all directions, opening all the cages with one blow.

When Leiyin put the Kusanagi Sword back into its scabbard, the rescued slaves came from all directions.

“Sir, thank you so much!”

“We’re free!”

“You’re our hero!”

“You are our savior!”

On the other hand, Leiyin was frustrated, “Okay, you are safe now, so run away. If you get caught again, I won’t save you.”

The crowd bowed to Leiyin and then dispersed like birds.

Leiyin continued to search backstage for something valuable that hadn’t been auctioned off yet. However, he didn’t expect that this time, he would run into a tough challenge.

While Leiyin was searching, a group of men in suits ran out, and then a familiar figure emerged from among the men in suits.

He wore a fur-brimmed hat with two facial tattoos, a red cape, and an indigenous tribe dressed.

This is?!

Diamante, the top officers of the Donquixote Pirates?

Diamante was a superhuman with the ability of the Devil Fruit, Hira Hira no Mi. Every time others harmed the Donquixote Pirates, he would be furious.

He wouldn’t allow the officers to falter or hesitate, nor would he allow anyone to disobey the orders of Doflamingo.

Donquixote Doflamingo had good and bad backgrounds, with both government and private power.

He privately operated an illegal human auction house, provided slaves for the World Nobles and wealthy people. He also kidnapped creatures of all races.

In the underground world, he was involved in the weapons business. With his influence worldwide, he was an intermediary in the underworld broker under the codename “Joker.” He was secretly keeping an evil scientist, Caesar Clown, who produced an Artificial Zoan Devil Fruits called Smile and sold it to the Four Emperors, Kaido, behind the marine’s back.

There was no doubt that the officer of the Donquixote Pirates in charge here was Diamante.

The remnants of the men, who had just been beaten by Leiyin, must have reported to him about the situation here.

Diamante was furious at the news, “What kind of fool who has eaten the bear’s guts dares to make a scene in our Donquixote’s place?”

Therefore, he came with his menacing spirit to settle the score with Leiyin.

The two sides stood opposite each other. Diamante pulled out the sword at his waist and said, “Kid, you’re so impatient with life. How dare you make a fuss here? Do you know whose territory this is?”

Leiyin casually pulled out his ear, “Your boss must be that [Joker], right? I was hoping to meet him.”

Diamante was shocked at the words, “Do you know us?!”

Leiyin laughed, “You guys are yelling about Donquixote, and everyone knows it.”

Diamante waved his sword, “Kid, don’t talk nonsense. Not to mention our Master, even I can crush you to pieces!”


As soon as he said that, the sword in Diamante’s hand changed into the shape of a bull. It attacked Leiyin mercilessly, but Leiyin quickly blocked the attack with the Kusanagi Sword.

However, this was not the end of the story. The sword in the shape of a bull suddenly straightened and stabbed directly at Leiyin, who dodged the blow in a panic.

Leiyin hurriedly dodged and avoided the blow. If Leiyin had not been fast, he would have been stabbed.

As expected, he was the Donquixote Pirates’ strongest officers.

The attack still didn’t stop. After seeing that Leiyin had dodged, Diamante suddenly unleashed another strike, “VIPERA GLAIVE!”

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