Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 42



Diamante’s attack wasn’t over yet. Just before Leiyin landed, his sword was suddenly extended, and the blade whistled away.

‘Was this ability of Hira Hira no Mi Devil Fruit? It was a sight to witness.’ Leiyin secretly thought. He then used the [Flying Thunder God Slash] to dodge the attack again.

“Kid, you’re quite something. You actually managed to avoid my sword twice.”

Diamante returned the sword to its shape and couldn’t help but say, “However, can you block this move of mine?”


Diamante pulled out a few confetti cannons from his pocket and fired a lot of paper upwards, reducing the light form to sharp balls of thorns in the air, “DEATH ENJAMBRE!”

These iron balls fell from the sky like a storm.

The people around them, including Diamante, all held up an iron umbrella to protect themselves from the rain.

Indeed, if these iron balls directly hit someone without an iron umbrella, there would be an unknown number of wounds on that person’s body. In severe cases, that person would bleed to death.

How about Leiyin?

When Diamante threw the paper sheet into the air, Leiyin had already completed the seal.

So, when the dense iron balls fell, a massive object appeared above Leiyin’s head to block them.


A summoned giant earth dragon completely blocked out these iron balls, not causing any harm to Leiyin.

“That… What is that?!”

The earth dragon rising from the ground alarmed the crowd around Diamante.

“Is this also the Devil Fruit ability?”

While people were startled, Leiyin gently waved his finger, making the earth dragon open its mouth and spit out a stream of mud bombs.

Everyone around was screaming and wailing. They were knocked down, or their bones were broken, or they were killed.

The only one who didn’t suffer any damage was Diamante, “LOCK!”

He used Hira Hira no Mi ability to make a cloak of steel, which was light, but actually had steel’s hardness.

Therefore, he wrapped this cloak around his entire body to block the mud shot by Leiyin’s [Earth Dragon].

When Leiyin saw all the people around Diamante fall, he smiled and said, “The guys who were getting in the way have finally stopped.”

“But… Damn…” Diamante said with gritted teeth as he watched Diamante.

His heart started to beat: Is this kid had the summon ability of Devil Fruit?

Nobody knew the answer.

So far, only Leiyin and Diamante were left on the field.

Neither of them was dead or dying!

When Diamante saw the strength that Leiyin had shown, he began to look at him squarely, “Kid, I admit that you have skills. However, if you have offended the Donquixote Pirates, you must die.”

Leiyin just laughed at the words, “That depends on whether you can defeat me.”

“Don’t be so smug. Take your death, kid!” With that, Diamante restored the sword to its original form and swung it around, “HANGETSU… GLAIVE!”

The sword was swung out, and a powerful air projectile stirred up on the ground. It was like cutting tofu, easily splitting the ground in two, and it drove straight at Leiyin.

This was the only skill that Leiyin knew Diamante hadn’t used up to this point in the battle.

From this, it could also be seen that Diamante wasn’t only a capable person but also a true swordsman.

However, when Leiyin saw this, he also wielded the [Kusanagi Sword] at the same time, issuing a powerful chopping attack to meet his opponent’s [Hangetsu Glaive].


Thus, the two strikes met and then violently collided, sending out a massive roar on the ground. The powerful shock wave directly shattered the hall into the open air.

It turned out that this “Sword of Kusanagi – Leopard Sword Wave” was the technique taught by the “Leopard Swordsman Sage” of the Sacred Mountains. It was so powerful that it could split the ground in two.

To some extent, Leiyin wasn’t only an excellent ninja but also a real swordsman.

The two sword techniques were indistinguishable.

However, after this series of high-intensity battles, Diamante was already panting for breath.

Almost all of his [Hira Hira no Mi] abilities and powerful swordsmanship had been used, and he was at the end of his rope.

However, Leiyin just stood there as if nothing had happened and looked at him calmly even after such a battle.

Let’s give him the final blow.

Leiyin thought, attaching chakra to his hands and feet. He then solidified his chakra gaze and dashed straight forward, “LION COMBO!”

Before Diamante could react, Leiyin had already kneed him into the air and then punched him to the ground. As a result of the blow, Diamante was fell unconscious.

Leiyin then picked him up on one shoulder and walked toward the warship.


“Mr. Leiyin, where have you been?”

“That’s right. We’ve been waiting here for you for four hours after the promised two hours.”

“And who’s this guy you’re carrying on your shoulder?”

Upon hearing this, Leiyin threw the unconscious Diamante on the deck, “Go get the Seastone Cuff and lock this guy…”.



“This… This guy is… The highest officer of the Donquixote Pirates… Diamante?!”

T Bone was the first to recognize him, with an incredulous look on his face, as if he had discovered a new continent.

The soldiers were filled with astonishment when they heard the news.

Who’s Donquixote Doflamingo?

At that time, he had not yet joined the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

Doflamingo, with a bounty of 340 million belly, was a superhuman with Devil Fruit ability.

He had three subdivisions, and his forces were almost everywhere in the four seas and on the Grand Line. He was also an extremely troublesome guy to the government.

If he was such an influential person, the top officials under him must not be easy to deal with. So, how could this kid capture him alive?

The soldiers were already impressed by Leiyin, but they were even more impressed by him now.

However, Leiyin’s next move caused even more astonishment to the soldiers, especially to T Bone.

Leiyin called T Bone alone into the captain’s cabin.

With a serious look on his face, Leiyin said to him, “Mr. T Bone, tell everyone that you were the one who captured Diamante.”

T Bone was puzzled, “Mr. Leiyin, how can I say this? I have to report to the Marine Headquarters about you capturing Diamante. With that, you can at least be promoted to Lieutenant, or even directly made a Commander….”

“Needless to say, if it goes that way, everyone will know. I don’t like to be too obvious. ‘People are afraid of fame, and pigs are afraid of strength.’ I just want to improve my strength quietly. You take the credit; just take it as a favor for me.” Leiyin faintly said.

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