Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 43


T Bone sniffed and asked, “Is this really the right thing to do to help you?”

Leiyin nodded affirmatively.

T Bone said, “All right. I’ll do my best, I promise.”


After a series of ups and downs during the journey, the ship finally arrived at its final destination, the Marine Headquarters in Marineford.

As soon as Leiyin arrived at the port, he felt a great sense of grandeur and magnificence.

He saw a huge fortress (the original one destroyed by the Battle of Marineford many years later). On the wall were two big words, “MARINE”, written by the Fleet Admiral of the Marine, Sengoku the Buddha.

Marineford was an island with a huge military fortress and a large town where marine’ families lived.

There were also numerous heavy artillery pieces and many naval vessels on the island.

Above the fort, there were offices and meeting rooms for the Fleet Admiral, Admiral, and Vice Admiral. Besides, there were trees, plants, flowers, and lawn space.

Around the fortress were the four massive towering posts with four flags of seagulls, the marine symbol.

After finally setting foot on the Marineford, T Bone went directly to Vice-Admiral Garp with Leiyin.

When he found Garp, Garp was wearing a dog mask, with tea and snacks on the side.

He was sunbathing in the courtyard where he lived, looking very relaxed. T Bone gave a respectful marine salute, “Lieutenant T Bone and Petty Officer Leiyin are here to report to the Vice-Admiral!”

Garp took off his dog head mask and looked at them with a smile, “Oh, you guys finally came.”

Leiyin looked at them blankly and said, “What’s the hurry? I don’t see anything serious at all…”

T Bone hit Leiyin with his hand, “Hey, this is Vice Admiral Garp, so be polite…..”

“It doesn’t matter,” Garp interrupted before T Bone could finish his sentence, “That’s just the way this kid is. I’m used to it when we met at the Shells Town.”

Garp was really an easy-going guy.

Later on, T Bone told Garp the truth about Leiyin having captured Diamante alive.

Garp got up from his chair in a flash, “Now, where is Diamante?”

T Bone said, “He is handcuffed with a Seastone Cuffs and still in jail on the ship, awaiting your disposal. Leiyin wants me to take the credit for this. However, I don’t think it’s quite right, so I’ve come to consult you….”

“Just do it!” Unexpectedly, Garp immediately agreed, “Say that you’re the one who captured Diamante alive.”

Hearing that from Garp, T Bone didn’t push the matter any further. T Bone then said, “So, what should we do with him now?”

“You go down first and give him to the Fleet Admiral directly.”

“As ordered!” T Bone gave a salute and went straight down.

After T Bone left, Garp came and patted Leiyin’s shoulder, “I didn’t expect that the two of us would get along. I also didn’t realize that you, kid, is a low-key person, hahaha.”

Leiyin spread out his hands, “Well, I just want to practice quietly for a while. I don’t want to be bothered by too many external factors.”

Garp said, “Yeah, the matter of arresting someone from the Donquixote Pirates, who is also a top officer, will definitely cause a small shock in the world. If people knew it was a 16-year-old Petty Officer’s work, it would definitely get the world’s attention. By then, you may not have a peaceful life.”

“By the way, where do you plan to place me? Do you want me to go into battle with ordinary soldiers? Or do you want just to make me an officer to command the unit?” Leiyin asked.

Garp laughed, “Neither.”


“With your current age and the strength you possess, the formal marine isn’t suitable for you yet. As you’ve said, you still need to practice a bit more, so I’ve been thinking about it. I should place you in the [Marine Academy].”

“Marine Academy?!”

Garp smiled evilly, “Yeah, when you get there; you have to work hard. If you behave well, I’ll introduce you to Hina, the flower in the Marine Academy, to be your girlfriend, how about that?”


Leiyin was full of frustration, “Old man, I know that you are a Vice Admiral in the marine, but can’t you be a little serious at your age?”


However, speaking of this Hina, she seemed to be very familiar. Leiyin secretly thought.

Right, come to think of it. This person was a superhuman with Ori Ori no Mi Devil Fruit ability, known as [Black Cage] Hina. Many years later, she would become a Captain in the Marine Headquarters.

Later, she would get promoted as a Rear Admiral in the Marine Headquarters. She was a true beauty. Unexpectedly, Hina was now also in the Marine Academy.

Suddenly, Leiyin thought of something else, and he asked Garp, “Old man, am I still in the Marine Academy as a Petty Officer then?”

Garp held up a finger, “You’re too strong to be in the cradle of future naval officers at such a low rank.”

“Really?” Leiyin asked.

“Well, I’m going to promote your rank.”

“What?” Leiyin looked at Garp with an expectant look.

Garp solemnly said, “I’m going to officially announce that Petty Officer Leiyin will join the Marine Academy as a Chief Petty Officer.”

Leiyin was depressed, “Huh? How can I still be Chief Petty Officer after all this time? Are you kidding me, old man?”

“I’m not joking. The marine order is like a mountain, and you’re going to report to the Marine Academy immediately tomorrow without fail.”

“Okay…okay…” Leiyin was dumbfounded.

As expected from Garp, he was still the same old comical man full of childishness.

Actually, Leiyin didn’t mind about the marine rank. Even if he were to name himself an Admiral now, what would be the use?

If he didn’t have the strength, even if he became a Fleet Admiral directly, he would still be controlled by others, and it would be useless.

Before Leiyin asked Garp, Leiyin had a bad premonition that Garp, that old man, was indeed very fond of fooling around and giving him a low rank.

In fact, Garp did this with good intentions. He understood that Leiyin was so powerful that he had already surpassed a Captain or even a Commodore’s strength. So he did it, firstly, to keep Leiyin away from the limelight.

He wanted Leiyin to keep a low profile and quietly enhance his strength. When he suddenly broke out someday, he would be on the top of the marine. Secondly, he didn’t want him to get too carried away.

Leiyin was only 16 years old. After all, he was young and energetic. It wasn’t always a good idea not to experience any storms.

If he were to give a Captain or even a Commodore, he could easily become a Vice Admiral or even an Admiral in the future.

Regardless of Garp’s usual carelessness, he was actually a genius. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been a Vice Admiral for so many years.

“By the way, kid, all the trainees in the Marine Academy have their dormitories. Yours is only a kilometer or so away from my residence. It was the one I specifically left for you, so you’ll be living there from now on.”

Perhaps in Garp’s heart, he already considered Leiyin as his grandson.

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