Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 44


Garp always wanted his two grandsons, Ace and Luffy, to become marine. However, one of them has already gone to sea to become a pirate.

The other one was always saying, “I am the man who is going to be the Pirates King,” so he couldn’t do anything about it.

If Garp remembered correctly, Leiyin was even older than Ace. Leiyin’s strength itself was unlimited, and seeing him now stepping down to become a marine, Garp’s heart couldn’t help but feel a bit relieved.

“This kid is not only strong but also very courageous, very much to my liking. He will definitely be a strong marine warrior in the future.” Looking at Leiyin’s back, Garp secretly thought to himself.

In the days to come, Leiyin called Garp “old man,” while Garp called Leiyin “kid.” Maybe in Leiyin’s heart, he also had already treated Garp as his grandfather.


When he arrived at his dorm, Leiyin found that Garp had put his heart into it. His dorm wasn’t huge, about 80 to 90 square meters, but it had a large courtyard with all sorts of equipment for exercise and general training items.

Garp also meant for Leiyin to devote himself to training and become a marine pillar in the future.

Leiyin could take his place, become an Admiral, or even the Fleet Admiral of the marine.

Leiyin wasn’t one to make a show of himself. So, as soon as he arrived at his residence, he immediately started itching to see the large courtyard for his training.

He had been thinking about developing S-rank ninjutsu, so he gathered [Rasengan] in his hand and injected attribute chakra into it.

“Hey, you know what? I heard that there was a gorgeous girl at the Marine Academy yesterday.”

As soon as Leiyin’s attention was focused, he was distracted by the sound from outside. It turned out to be a couple of marine soldiers who happened to be passing by the entrance to Leiyin’s yard while they were talking.

“Yeah, yeah, I heard that too. I heard that she failed to learn the [Kami-e] of the [Rokushiki] and has yet to join the Marine Academy. The headquarters even sent a Captain to instruct her personally.”

“A pretty girl? Isn’t it supposed to be Hina?”

“I’ve seen it. She’s prettier than Hina.”

“No, you are talking nonsense. Didn’t we see it together yesterday? She’s pretty, but still not as pretty as Hina.”

“You’re the one who talked nonsense. She’s prettier than Hina.”

“Actually, I think that Hina from the Marine Academy is the prettiest.”

“Haha, many of our brothers in the squadron also have crushes on her.”

“Hey, I really envy those male trainees who attend the Marine Academy. There are so many beautiful young girls around, unlike us who have to stand guard every day and charge into battle.”

“Hey, it’s infuriating when people are compared to each other.”

Although the soldiers were complaining, they still walked away, humming a tune.

Marineford was a place where the marine lived. It was as big as a country. There were quite a few marines stationed there; almost all of the world’s elite marine were here.

Often, one could meet a group of marines as soon as they left home. Not only that, but many of the marine’s families settled here.

The conversations Leiyin just overheard were coming from a small group of the marines.

Indeed, as they said, the Marine Academy was an academy for the future marine officers.

The life there wasn’t comparable to the life of a soldier who had to endure seniority and battle.

If one joined the Marine Academy, not only did they have a bright future, but they also enjoyed their youth there.

As he thought about it, the [Rasengan] in Leiyin’s hand actually faded away.


The next day, as soon as the sky turned white, Leiyin reported to the Marine Academy.

The Marine Academy was an academy that trained marine officers. Leiyin was expecting it to be big, but he found that it was a little bigger than he thought when he went there.

Leiyin didn’t expect that he would meet with some ridicule as soon as he went there.

What happened?

It was his clothes that betrayed him.

It turned out that the marine wore different uniforms for different ranks.

Seaman First Class and below wear the basic marine uniform and hat.

After being promoted to Petty Officer (Petty Officer Third Class), which meant reaching the rank of Non-Commissioned Marine Officers such as [Master Chief Petty Officer (Petty Officer First Class), Warrant Officer], one could choose to dress in various ways, even in civilian clothes.

However, it was still forbidden to wear clothes that weren’t suitable for the marine’s image.

Ensign and above were allowed to wear a coat with “Justice” written on the back and standard clothing.

More senior officers and admirals were allowed to wear the “Justice” coat with their civilian clothes.

Leiyin was ridiculed because he was still wearing the lowest rank uniform, the marine’s most basic uniform, and hat.

Leiyin came late to report on his first day, and the trainees were already lined up when he arrived.

“Chief Petty Officer Leiyin, three minutes late, thirty laps after morning exercise as a penalty!” The instructor said.

Hearing the words “Chief”, some of the trainees covered their mouths as if they heard a joke and tried not to laugh. There was one who laughed so hard that everyone could hear him.

“Very Good! Was that funny? Like him, you’re going to run thirty laps after morning exercise!” The instructor reprimanded loudly.

Upon hearing this, Very Good’s original smile immediately pulled down. Everyone immediately stopped laughing at the words.

Was it that funny?

It turned out that the trainees in the Marine Academy were either competent or had mastered the Rokushiki. The others were children of a high-ranking marine officer. 

The lowest rank among the trainees was the rank of Seaman. Just like that, they were described as strange by some of the more mischievous and bullying trainees.

If Seaman was the odd one, then Chief Petty Officer Leiyin was the strangest among the strangest.

A few of the Seamans trainees in the group was secretly delighted to see Leiyin.

He’s here, so we’re not at the bottom.

Leiyin didn’t care about the ridicule of the crowd, but what he did care about was the instructor who had just lectured him.

The instructor was somewhat mature and sexy. She was wearing a marine “Justice” coat and short pants, revealing two fair and hot thighs. She had a sword called [Konpira] at her waist.

She was known as the “Momousagi.” A few years later, she became a Vice Admiral in the marine. She was pursued 100 times by a man who was also a Vice Admiral, but she rejected him.

Later, she became a candidate for an Admiral.

Even Leiyin couldn’t help but look at her twice.

This is…

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