Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 45


By the looked of it, it was her. However, judging from the uniform, Gion was still a Real Admiral.

“Since you have a lot of classmates here, let me introduce myself. My name is Gion, and I’m your Vice Chief Instructor.

Your Head Instructor is the famous Mr. Zephyr, who has a lot to do in his daily life, so I’m usually in charge of your training and other daily activities.”

Zephyr was known as [Black Arm]. He was a former Admiral in the marine but retired to become the Marine Academy Head Instructor.

Most of the marine’s top officers, such as Admirals and other high ranking officers, were his students.

‘Unexpectedly, he was my Head Instructor.‘ Leiyin thought to himself. 

Gion said, “Leiyin, get in line and start the morning exercises.”


This Marine Headquarters wasn’t like the small Loguetown. Here, there were many elites, and Leiyin didn’t dare to be sloppy.

When Leiyin stood in the line, a girl was standing next to an empty seat.

It was another beautiful girl. Her eyes were feminine, and her lips were red. Her hair was pink, and her rugged figure made the most of her marine uniform.

She was a future Marine Captain and later promoted to Rear Admiral. She was now a Captain trainee in the Marine Academy.

Is this The [Black Cage] Hina?

As the old man said, this girl was also in the Marine Academy. Only when you saw her in person did you realize that her looks were even more attractive than people said.

While Leiyin was thinking, Hina suddenly stood on the empty seat. She then looked at Leiyin with disdain, which meant that she looked down on Leiyin, who was only a Chief Petty Officer. She even asked him not to stand with her.

Leiyin shook his head helplessly. I didn’t expect her to be quite cold. Forget it. There was nothing worth fighting against a woman.

“Come here. There’s an empty seat.” A gentle voice came, and Leiyin saw that it was another girl.

Another beautiful girl.

She had long, curly ocean-blue hair with big, bright eyes. Her figure was even comparable to Hina’s. She was considered an older sister, but her temperament was like a loli. She was currently an Ensign trainee in the Marine Academy.

Is this Former Admiral Zephyr’s most loyal student, Ain?

Leiyin looked at her and said, “thank you.” He then stood next to her while Ain smiled sweetly at him.


After morning exercises, Leiyin and Very Good ran thirty laps on the field, as ordered by Gion.

Very Good had a mushroom-shaped exploding head, heavy black eyes, and a wicked smile.

Leiyin still remembered that he was a superhuman with Beri Beri no Mi Devil Fruit. Years later, he would become a Captain in the marine.

At first, the two ran separately, but slowly Very Good ran to Leiyin’s side. As he ran, he still looked at Leiyin with an unkind face, “Hey, new kid, what’s your name?”


“Oh, whatever, Yin. I’m telling you, not only did I get punished with you today, but I also saw you making eye contact with our flower Ain there. You made me very upset.”

Leiyin smiled contemptuously, “Oh, so you’re interested in Ain.”

“Cut the crap. I’m telling you, she’s an Ensign trainee and Instructor Zephyr’s most trusted student. Besides, she’s beautiful. Look at yourself; you’re nothing but a Chief Petty Officer. Compare to her; you’re just an onion that came out of the ground?” Very Good was full of hurtful words.

Leiyin was already furious at the words and swung his fist directly at Very Good. Very Good avoided the attack by scattering with the ability of [Beri Beri no Mi].

As Leiyin was preparing ninjutsu, Very Good regained his form and said, “Kid, don’t be a bragger here. Do you dare to fight me in a public duel like a man?”

When Leiyin heard the words, he gave up the attack and looked at him, “Tell me, how do you want the duel to be?”

Very Good said, “After the afternoon training, we’ll go solo in the open field next to training field number six.”

Leiyin said, “Whoever doesn’t go is a wimp.”

“I’ll beat you up.”

Hmph.” Leiyin ignored him, then continued running.

When Leiyin came back from his punishment to run, he proceeded to attend training. Leiyin then realized that many of his classmates were later became famous in the marine.

Because Leiyin’s rank was so low, many of them sneered at him. However, Ain was gentle and kind, so she and Leiyin somehow felt like old friends immediately.

When they were doing physical training, they were sitting together. Leiyin saw a man dressed casually and strangely, pointed at him and asked Ain, “We are all wearing marine uniforms, why is he the only one wearing his clothes?”

Ain said, “Oh, that’s the strongest trainee in our Marine Academy. He’s also the highest-ranking officer trainee.

Leiyin took a closer look and saw that he had an “X” on his chin and chest. He had a hawk nose, a patch over his eyes, and a hat that looked like a medieval swordsman’s cap, making him look like an American swordsman.

On his right hung a four-bladed ax, while on the left, he had a sword. He also had a black mask on his face.

Is that?!

Leiyin couldn’t help but stare.

Ain continued, “His name is X Drake, the only Commander in the Marine Academy. Because the Marine Academy rules state that students above the rank of Lieutenant Commander are allowed to wear their civilian clothes, so he was the only one in the entire Marine Academy who dressed like this.”

Leiyin knew, of course, that Drake would become a Real Admiral and then defect to become a pirate. He was one of eleven Supernovas in the Sabaody Archipelago, with a bounty of 222 million belly.

However, that was a story for another time.

Leiyin saw another trainee doing pull-ups. He had silver hair, windproof goggles around his neck, and was carrying a handful of Seastone-tipped jitte behind his back.

Leiyin recognized him immediately.

Is that [White Hunter] Smoker?

Ain followed Leiyin’s gaze and said, “Oh, him. His name is Smoker, a Captain trainee. He’s the only one in the Marine Academy who has a Logia Devil Fruit ability [Moku Moku no Mi]. He’s almost always in the top three in every ranking examination, and he’s also powerful.”

After hearing Ain speak, Leiyin asked, “Ranking examination?”

Ain said, “Yeah, you don’t know? After two months, the ranking examination will take place. The more you win, the higher your ranking will be, and the more room you will have for advancement.”

Upon hearing Ain say this, Leiyin’s face was unruffled.

However, his heart was surging: This was an opportunity for him, and he must grasp it.

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